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World's Lowest Profile SMT Power Inductor

The RL-7000 Series under 1 mm high has the smallest possible footprint (4.2 × 6.4 mm). Patented design uses ferrite shielding for complete suppression of EMI with up to 2.5 Amps of saturation current handling.

Renco Electronics Inc.
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The PSCAD Version 4 Power System

PSCAD (Power Systems Computer-Aided Design) is used by utilities, electrical equipment manufacturers, engineering consultants, and research organizations in 60 countries around the world to design and simulate all types of power systems including power electronics and controls.

Manitoba HVDC Research Centre
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FREE Thermostats

Selco is your source for temperature protection and control. Just consider the many applications in which our state-of-the-art thermostats are found. Commercial food equipment. Refrigeration. HVAC. Power supplies. Water conditioning. Motors. Small appliances. Vending. Automotive. Spas. Off-the-shelf delivery is available.

Selco Products Company
800-257-3526 ext. 111
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ICAP/4Windows circuit simulator with power supply templates from ON Semiconductor. Everything you need to make your power supply design job easier. Order a CD at no cost. Call Intusoft (310) 329-3295 or ON Semiconductor (800) 344-3860. http://www.intusoft.com or http://www.onsemi.com/switchmode.

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CSA-1 Current Sensor

Isolated indication of current by magnetic field measurement

  • Hall effect Integrated Circuit
  • Die or SOIC-8 package
  • Single +5V supply
  • ±30A (modified by geometry)
  • 2.5V ±2.0V output signal. DC, ac & pulse
  • <6µs response time

GMW Associates
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Power Electronics Product Marketplace

Designers of power supplies, motor drives, and other power electronic systems should direct their attention to these items. Whether your system handles microwatts or megawatts, these listings include products that will improve your designs. PETech also provides monthly product and technology information uniquely tailored for the power electronics industry. For more information, just circle the number on the Inquiry Card or contact the company via its Web site or phone number.

New SMD Low Profile Shielded Power Inductors

These inductors are available in 7 sizes from 3.8 mm to 9.8 mm sq. with a height of 1.8 mm to 5.0 mm. and are designed for SMD IR-re-flow soldering. They provide high-energy storage up to 10 Watts. A typical application is for Power Supply Filters. Pkg. is T&R. Key Specs:

  • Inductance from 1 uH to 470 uH
  • Low DCR from 0.02 to 1.8 Ohms
  • High current from 100 to 3.5mA

Frontier Electronics
(805) 522-9998 FAX (805) 522-9989
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X2 Capacitors - Sample Kit

STK Electronics offers the MPX series for Class X2, interference suppression and across the line applications, featuring metallized polypropylene dielectric. MPX has 12 agency approvals with cap values from .0047 - 2.2uF & 250/275vac rating. For qualified OEM's, STK Electronics offers a complete sample kit for designers.

STK Electronics Inc.
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STK Electronics MP890/MP89 series features polypropylene film and dual metallized electrodes providing high peak current carrying (dV/dt) capabilities. Voltages range from 600 to 3000 vdc and 275 to 750vac, capacitance values range from .01uF to 4.7uF, T/C is -200 ±100 ppm and DF is 0.1% max. Ideal for applications with high current, high frequency and high requirements.

STK Electronics Inc.
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Announcing a Dynamic New Development in Business-to-Business Advertising

The staff of Power Electronics Technology magazine is pleased to announce a unique online publishing format. The PETech E-Zine is an electronic, interactive monthly magazine with a similar look of the print publication. Comprised of many of the same authoritative and insightful articles, the PETech E-Zine provides recipients with an enhanced interactive experience, combining text, images, animation, audio and video in a single, rich-media document. With just one click, readers can link to advertisers' web sites, e-mail editors, and more.

For advertising oportunities, contact:
Western U.S. and Central States
Shelley Kelly
310-547-1777; [email protected]
Eastern U.S. and Canada
Theresa Laughlin
661-588-7002; [email protected]

CD Reference System

Eastern Components Inc., an authorized distributor for major magnetic core manufacturers is offering this complete Magnetic Core CD Reference System which includes catalogs, design tools and application notes — a must for any magnetic cores user.

Eastern Components, Inc.
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New from Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.

Analog Power IC Selection Guide — contact us to receive this new brochure!

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. is a leading supplier of advanced mixed-signal power semiconductors and Hall-effect sensors targeted toward the computer/office, automotive, industrial, telecommunication and consumer markets.

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.
115 Northeast Cutoff
Worcester, MA 01606
Tel: (508) 853-5000 • Fax: (508) 853-3353

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Cellular Communications Equipment Bus Bar

Designed as the prefect power distribution solutions, this bus bar is used in cellular communications equipment. Designed to fit perfectly into a cabinet, our bus bars reduce any chance for wiring errors via clearly marked labels and isolated input and outputs tabs and pins. Contact and Eldre Engineer today for more information.

Eldre Corporation
E-mail: [email protected]
Circle 269 or visit freeproductinfo.net/pet

Catalog Ads

To help promote your company's product catalogs and brochures, PETech magazine has a special catalog section. Send us your 50 words of copy describing the contents of your catalog or brochure, along with a 3 × 5 color glossy photo of your catalog. We will edit the copy to fit into a 1/6 page ad for this section. Contact your account executive for submission details.

Rates: 1× at $870 7× at $630 13× at $485

Advertise in the June issue and your products will be seen by 40,000 power electronic design engineers who buy or specify your products!

Contact Your Sales Representative to Reserve Your Space Today.

West and Central States
Shelley Kelly
(310) 547-1777
[email protected]

East Coast and Canada
Theresa Laughlin
(661) 588-7002
[email protected]

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