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No screwdrivers needed! TOCOS America introduces a new line of Trimmer Potentiometers with Fingertip Knobs for quick and easy adjustment. All have Cermet Elements and are Sealed to withstand cleaning processes and harsh environments. Single-turn and Multi-turn models available.
TOCOS America, Inc., Schaumburg, IL
Circle 251

ZiMARC advanced thermal packaging solutions for power electronic devices manage heat and provide structural strength. Products include ActiBraze® bonded copper on AlN/alumina/silicon nitride/others; as well as HTCC, solid via, refractory, thick/thin film, direct plated metals, and Au/Sn solders.
ZiMARC, div. Alberta Research Council
Circle 254

2-in-1 Transformer From Transtek Magnetics

  • New technology for CCFL inverters
  • Symmetrical structure in primary and secondary with multi-slots for high-voltage distribution and inductance adjustment
  • Effectively controls two outputs
  • Efficient, compact, lower costs
  • Product available for delivery.
  • Various models available.
    Transtek Magnetics
    Circle 250

Precision Current Transducers for Isolated Current Measurement

Models from 150A to 25kA, dc to 100kHz (-3dB). For current regulation, power supply test, power efficiency measurement. Absolute accuracy, voltage isolated, low noise, high output signal, long-term stability.
GMW Associates
Circle 253

Companies depend on Ansoft Corporation when designing power electronics and drive systems. Whether it's electrical, thermal, electromagnetic, electromechanical, circuit, control, or system design, our software solutions inspire our customers to design and deliver technology that is powerful, more reliable, and less costly than their competitors.
Ansoft Corp.
Circle 249

Next Generation CPU Cooler

The SkyJet60 offers a thermal resistance of 0.39°C/W with TIM. Designed for the Intel® Pentium® 4, to 75 watts, the SkyJet features an extruded aluminum radial fin design, with patented Dual-Pass Airflow architecture — all in an affordable package.
JMC Products
Circle 252


Power Electronics Product Marketplace

Designers of power supplies, motor drives, and other power electronic systems should direct their attention to these items. Whether your system handles microwatts or megawatts, these listings include products that will improve your designs. Power Electronics Technology also provides monthly product and technology information uniquely tailored for the power electronics industry. For more information, just circle the number on the Inquiry Card or contact the company via its Web site or phone number.

Heads Up

Through its Product Sections and feature articles PETech magazine brings you up-to-date on power electronics technologies. Here's a sample of what's coming up in September:

  • 3W Switcher IC Challenges Linear AC Adapter Designs
  • Filter Components Cut Power Supply Radiation Emissions and Output Noise
  • CSTBT Outperforms Conventional IGBTs
  • Multiple Surge Protection Devices Mitigate EMI

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