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No screwdrivers needed! TOCOS America introduces a new line of Trimmer Potentiometers with Fingertip Knobs for quick and easy adjustment. All have Cermet Elements and are Sealed to withstand cleaning processes and harsh environments. Single-turn and Multi-turn models available.
TOCOS America, Inc., Schaumburg, IL
Circle 269 or visit freeproductinfo.net/pet

Buy MELCOR Heatsinks Online

MELCOR offers high fin density, bonded fin and extruded fin heat sinks with optional fan brackets and machined or solderable finishes. Custom designs, machining and protective coatings (anodize, chromate) available. ISO 9001. Email: [email protected], 609-393-4178/Fax: 609-393-9461.
Circle 270 or visit freeproductinfo.net/pet


  • Regulated, 0 to 100% Programmable
  • Ripple as low as 0.0005%!
  • High Stability, 25ppm/°C
  • Internal Reference, Voltage Monitor
  • Miniature Shielded Case, 1 cu in.!
  • High Performance, Cost Effective

EMCO High Voltage Corporation
(800) 546-3680
Circle 272 or visit

Power Semiconductor Cooling

Dau incorporates heatpipe technology for total cooling of power semiconductors in all shapes, sizes, and power densities including conventional IGBT's, new CSTBT structures, and emerging IGCT platforms. Dau assemblies are extremely flexible and provide overall size reduction, high reliability, and cost effectiveness.
Dau Ltd.
Circle 268 or visit freeproductinfo.net/pet


Power Electronics Product Marketplace Designers of power supplies, motor drives, and other power electronic systems should direct their attention to these items. Whether your system handles microwatts or megawatts, these listings include products that will improve your designs. Power Electronics Technology also provides monthly product and technology information uniquely tailored for the power electronics industry. For more information, just circle the number on the Inquiry Card or contact the company via its Web site or phone number.


For the following power electronics industry coverage online, visit us on the Web at powerelectronics.com. Check out what we've been highlighting on our Web site!

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Through its Product Sections and feature articles Power Electronics Technology magazine brings you up-to-date on power electronics technologies. Here's a sample of what's coming up in our December issue:

  • EMC considerations for the design of dc-dc converters. Higher current demands and higher operational speeds are placing greater demands on EMI suppression in dc-dc converters.
  • Three-phase motor controller IC drives fractional HP motors — with details of circuit implementation and its key features for fractional horsepower motors up to 50V.
  • The latest industry news.
  • New power electronics products.

Check out our December special report section on Power Semiconductors:

  • Power Trench MOSFET package with exposed drain pad improves performance.
  • New MOSFET package lowers losses for synchronous rectifiers.
  • Trench Schottky diodes improve efficiency, current sharing, and Tjmax.
  • Smaller, thinner surface-mount devices respond to the need for smaller packages.

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