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Premo and Nagares Join To Produce Smart-Grid Interface EMC Modules for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

NAGARES GROUP, a Spanish company that delivers electronic solutions to the automotive market, and PREMO, a technology leader for inductive and EMC components, have agreed to join technologies to develop and produce smart-grid interface EMC modules for future electric and hybrid vehicle applications.

“This agreement with PREMO, a global player across multiple industries, provides us with an experienced and strong partner in the field of power inductors and transducer sensors,” said Alfredo Perez, project manager of NAGARES Group.

“In combination with PREMO's experience as a worldwide supplier, we are well positioned to anticipate the challenges of the market and exceed the EMC requirements for any kind of electric and hybrid vehicle components and systems.”

“With NAGARES, we have a valuable partner which is a well known and well respected supplier in the automotive industry,” said Ezequiel Navarro, CEO of PREMO. “NAGARES' experience and capabilities will enable us to make the best use of our know-how and our innovations in this sector of the industry.

“Inductors and magnetic components are key technologies to assure EMC compatibility with electric and hybrid vehicles, the answer to increasing emissions and limited natural resources.”

The cooperative effort between the two Spanish companies will bring create a powerful union offering much experience in the automotive sector from a supplier point of view. Both companies consider the R&D as strategic within their particular business plans, investing more than 8% of their yearly sales.

Three different production facilities (Spain, Tangiers, and China) and about 800 people will develop and manufacture more than 8 million complete electronic modules and 80 million inductive components. These are planned to be delivered to 80 countries globally and to 50 different companies: automotive manufacturers, tier ones, and secondary suppliers.

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