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With only a month to go, exhibitors for power electronic systems are preparing to unveil the best PowerSystems World Conference to date. If you haven't already planned to attend the PCIM/HFPC 2001 International Power Electronic Systems Show September 9-13 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., consider the show's 250 innovative exhibits, newly unveiled product solutions, technical sessions by industry leaders, and professional courses for career advancement. As exhibitors at PCIM/HFPC 2001, these key industry supporters invite you to come and see new and innovative approaches developed to supply solutions to your power challenges.

Conference highlights include presentations from General Electric Corporate Research & Development, International Rectifier, American Power Conversion, and Kreiss Johnson Technologies.

PCIM Power Electronic Systems magazine is featuring this Product Showcase to give you a sampling of the products on display at PCIM/HFPC 2001. Come see these and other product manufacturers and applications engineers at the PowerSystems World Exhibit Hall.


Hirose's MCN51 (UL/C-UL/CSA) offers 27A per pin in a high density and true press-fit connector. MCN51 will intermate with competing products but is designed to provide a more reliable contact and retention with the PCB.

Hirose Electric, USA
2688 Westhills Court
Simi Valley, CA 93065
Phone (805) 522-7958
Fax (805) 522-3217
Booth: 1729
Circle 282


Cooper Bussmann Inc. now presents an IGBT inverter unit concept package of a formed laminated buss bar integrating capacitors, IGBTs, and special power electronic fuses. The advantages of this inverter unit include reduced space requirements and lower component inductance contributions.

Cooper Bussmann Inc.
Phone (636) 527-1414
Fax (636) 527-1480
Booth: 1613
Circle 281


MICRO-FAZE is a non-wax-based, dry-to-the-touch thermal grease film. Available in thermally conductive and electrically insulating forms, Micro-faze offers thermal pad convenience with thermal grease performance. Micro-faze works at any temperature, requires minimum force for total surface wetting, and can be die cut.

AOS Thermal Compounds
22 Meridian Road, Suite 6
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Phone (732) 389-5514 • Fax (732) 389-6380
Booth: 1625
Circle 280


Powersem offers ECO-PAC 2 module packages with super fast 1-phase and 3-phase rectifier bridges. With 80A and 2000V standard and easy PC-board insertion — optional screw terminal tops — ECO-PAC 2 is ideal for soft start capacitor charging etc., applications.

Power Components Corp.
231 Union Street/ PO Box 59
S. Weymouth, MA 02190
Phone (800) 368-3443
Fax (781) 340-6021
E-mail: [email protected]
Booth: 1630
Circle 285


Powersem's ECO-PAC1 advanced module packaging offers Trench-Gate IGBT/MOSFET circuit technology with excellent heat transfer. Screw terminal tops available. Modules offer low power dissipation/low-medium voltages ideal for motor control, inverter and welding applications.

Power Components Corp.
231 Union Street/ PO Box 59
S. Weymouth, MA 02190
Phone (800) 368-3443
Fax (781) 340-6021
E-mail: [email protected]
Booth: 1630
Circle 284


Powersem offers the reliable/efficient ECO-PAC2 module packages with optional screw terminal tops containing dual SCR/Hybrid, plus IGBT/MOSFET technology circuits. High power density — 100A and 1700V are standard for motor control, AC soft start etc., applications.

Power Components Corp.
231 Union Street/ PO Box 59
S. Weymouth, MA 02190
Phone (800) 368-3443
Fax (781) 340-6021
E-mail: [email protected]
Booth: 1630
Circle 283


Powersem offers a unique ECO-PAC 1 single power-factor-correction module circuit that includes a fast 1-phase rectifier with ultra-fast boost chopper. NPT/IGBT offers low saturation voltage and is standard PFC IC useable. RBSOA with short circuit capability.

Power Components Corp.
231 Union Street/ PO Box 59
S. Weymouth, MA 02190
Phone (800) 368-3443
Fax (781) 340-6021
E-mail: [email protected]
Booth: 1630
Circle 286


This 150+ page databook has specifications for thousands of transformers, inductors, SMT products, Toroids, Chokes, Common Mode Chokes, Drum cores, E-Klips and MIL Spec Inductors. Toll-free engineering assistance, free samples.

Renco Electronics, Inc.
595 International Place
Rockledge, Florida 32955
Phone: 321-637-1000 • Fax: 321-637-1600
Engineering Hot Line — 800-645-5828
Web: www.rencousa.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Booth: 1805
Circle 287


Fabfin® is a high performance heatsink available in a wide range of sizes, made from aluminum fins of varying heights and thicknesses, attached by a patented swaging process to an aluminum baseplate. No glue is used in the process.

R-Theta Inc.
Phone (905) 795-0077
Fax (905) 795-2508
Booth: 1711
Circle 288


Standex Electronics ST series toroidal chip inductor is an ultra-low profile surface-mount toroidal high efficiency inductor.

  • Height as low as 1.2 mm
  • Current to 3A
  • DCR as low as .028Ω
  • Ferrite and powder cores available

See us at the PCIM show at booth 1615.

Standex Electronics Inc.
4538 Camberwell Road
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 45209
Phone (513) 871-3777
Fax (513) 871-3779
[email protected]
Booth: 1615
Circle 289


VMI's latest standard high-voltage power supply is designed primarily for portable x-ray applications. It features programmable filament and cathode voltages as well as output voltage and current monitors. With a 7Vdc to 12Vdc input voltage, it generates a cathode output voltage of -10KV to -40KV at 100uA and a filament current of 10 to 200mA at 2V. This power supply is manufactured by using innovative assembly techniques and surface mount components. It's reliable, compact, and rugged.

Voltage Multipliers
Phone (559) 651-1402 • Fax (559) 651-0740
Booth: 1514
Circle 290


Advertise with us Advertise in the September issue of PCIM Power Electronic Systems and your products will be seen by 40,000 power electronic design engineers who buy or specify your products. Contact your sales representatives today to reserve your space.

Western U.S.
Shelly Kelly
Phone: (310) 547-1777
E-mail: [email protected]

Eastern U.S.
Melissa Rettig
Phone: (805) 641-0655
E-mail: [email protected]

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