Power Electronics

Power Management

Managing power on a semiconductor chip or a power-supply board has never been trivial. That task becomes increasingly harder as voltage requirements drop and current consumption rises. Over and above, today's typical system boards are demanding multiple voltages to power the needs of myriad devices. In response to the daunting challenges facing power electronic design engineers, PETech has included this special power management supplement, which focuses on the emerging dc-dc converter trends.

As it explores new developments in dc-dc conversion, this special supplement provides valuable insight into the emerging hurdles and solutions to overcome them. In addition to presenting the benefits to digital PWM controller vs. analog and disclosing new efforts to scale new heights in power MOSFETs, five executive viewpoints shed light on the changing role of power semiconductor suppliers and dc-dc converter module manufacturers. Plus, an expert looks at the pros and cons of emerging power system architectures. Furthermore, this supplement offers features that unfold the new bi-phase PWM controller for upcoming VRM applications, and presents the use of building blocks in the design of multi-output solutions. Others confront the design of thermally efficient isolated 16th-brick dc-dc converters, and power management solution for a digital still camera.

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