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Power Integrations Releases New Version of PI Expert Power-Supply Design Software

POWER INTEGRATIONS HAS LAUNCHED VERSION 7.1.5 of its popular PI Expert power-supply design software. The software is available as a free download from the Power Integrations Web site.

The revision of the design tool includes a number of enhancements, including:

  • Improved support for the company's HiperPLC controller IC for offline resonant converters. The software permits the designer to choose from a variety of magnetic core materials and sizes for both LLC and PFC stages. The design spreadsheet allows for transformer design optimization to improve efficiency.
  • Accurate calculation of the external resistor (REXT) required to reduce no-load consumption in designs using PI's LinkSwitch-II and LinkSwitch-CV product families in flyback topologies.
  • Expands the Help feature to include traditional Chinese language support.

“Design engineers are increasingly challenged to optimize their power-supply circuitry for efficiency, performance, and size,” said Peter Vaughan, director of applications engineering at Power Integrations. “New efficiency standards are very demanding and do not allow any margin for less-than-optimal circuit design and component selection.

“We are constantly refining PI Expert to ensure that it addresses the latest industry demands, allowing design engineers to deliver efficient power supplies that are right first time.”

PI Expert Suite v7.1.5 is available now on the Power Integrations Web site at www.powerint.com/pi-expert.

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