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PMBus Compliant DC-DC Module

OPTIMIZED FOR 5V INTERMEDIATE bus voltages and other applications requiring a tightly regulated 5V supply, Ericsson Power Modules' BMR454 0002/004 is the latest variant of the 3E* world's first digitally controlled, PMBus compliant, BMR454 DC/DC module that was launched last year.

Benefiting from Ericsson's firmware-specific and dynamic dead-time optimization, the BMR454 0002/004 has a typical efficiency of 94% at 50% load and 93.5% at 100% load. Thanks to digitally controlled dead-time optimization combined with a highly efficient

power-train, the BMR454 0002/004's flat efficiency curve reduces power losses to an absolute minimum, making it possible to pack as much power into an eight-brick format, as would normally only be possible. Ericsson's BMR454 0002/004 delivers 38A at 5V, or a maximum output power of 190W across its operational range of 36V to 75V.

To minimize power losses at application level, through the PMBus the output voltage can be dynamically widely adjusted in the range of 3.0 to 6.7V, accommodating intermediate bus voltages to the most optimized condition required by point-of-load, or FPGA, ASIC and others, without unwanted energy losses in the conversion process. For fixed voltage applications, the BMR454 0002/004's output voltage can be set externally by an additional resistor, and a pre-trimmed 3.3V output version, BMR454 0002/003 is also available. This version delivers 3.3V/40A, 132W.

Offering a power density figure of more than 14W/cm2 (93W/in2), the BMR454 is pin- compatible with the quarter-brick BMR453 (5V output version coming soon), making it simple for designers to upgrade to higher power when upgrading boards with new functionalities. The most important application areas for the BMR454 0002/004 are 48V Information and Communication Technology applications such as radio base stations, servers, routers, and also a broad range of systems powered by 48V DC migrating to a 5V intermediate bus voltage, or straightforward conversion from 48V system bus voltage to load, eliminating an unnecessary point-of-load device in the conversion chain.

To ease BMR454 0002/004 evaluation and pre-configuration, an evaluation kit embedding a USB-to-PMBus interface, heavy-duty input and output sockets, with room for three digitally controlled 3E point-of-load units, and 3E Silver Edition software is also available.

In OEM quantities, the BMR454 0002/004 are priced at $37 per unit.
Ericsson Inc.
Stockholm, Sweden


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