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United States Patent 7,940,540

Issued May 10, 2011

A method and apparatus for adaptively configuring an array of voltage transformation modules is disclosed. The aggregate voltage transformation ratio of the adaptive array is adjusted to digitally regulate the output voltage for a wide range of input voltages. An integrated adaptive array having a plurality of input cells, a plurality of output cells, or a plurality of both is also disclosed. The input and output cells may be adaptively configured to provide an adjustable transformer turns ratio for the adaptive array or in the case of an integrated VTM, an adjustable voltage transformation ratio for the integrated VTM. A controller is used to configure the cells and provide digital regulation of the output. A converter having input cells configured as a complementary pair, which are switched out of phase, reduces common mode current and noise.

Inventors: Vinciarelli; Patrizio (Boston, MA)

Assignee: VLT, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)

Appl. No.: 12/472,933

Filed: May 27, 2009


Issued May 10, 2011

United States Patent 7,940,539

Single-phase full bridge boost converter systems and methods are provided. One system includes a direct-quatrature (D-Q) control system configured to generate a control voltage (v.sub.con) including direct-phase and quadrature-phase voltage components. The system also includes a comparator configured to compare v.sub.con to a carrier waveform voltage, generate switching commands based on the comparison, and transmit the switching commands to a current switch. Another system includes a boost converter including multiple switches coupled to a load and an AC voltage source. The switches are configured to provide charging current to the load in response to receiving switching commands. A D-Q control system configured to receive and delay an i.sub.a value, and issue switching commands based on the i.sub.a and delayed i.sub.a value is also included.

Inventors: Esmaili; Gholamreza (Torrance, CA), Kajouke; Lateef A. (San Pedro, CA)

Assignee: GM Global Technology Operations LLC (Detroit, MI)

Appl. No.: 12/047,142

Filed: March 12, 2008


Issued May 10, 2011

United States Patent 7,940,533

A step-down voltage converter (100) for generating an output voltage (VOUT) from an input voltage (VIN) is provided. The converter (100) includes a switch (111) having a first terminal (112) and a second terminal (114), wherein the second terminal (114) is electrically coupled with the output voltage (VOUT). Also included is a rectifier (117) having a first terminal (118) and a second terminal (120), wherein the second terminal (120) is electrically coupled with the output voltage (VOUT). A first inductor (124) electrically couples the first terminal (112) of the switch (111) with the input voltage (VIN). A second inductor (126) magnetically coupled with the first inductor (124) electrically couples the first terminal (118) of the rectifier (117) with a voltage reference (128).

Inventors: Mansfield; William M. (Boulder, CO), Lindemann; Stig (Aarhus N, DK)

Assignee: Micro Motion, Inc. (Boulder, CO)

Appl. No.: 11/994,387

Filed: July 26, 2005


Issued May 10, 2011

United States Patent 7,940,03

An embodiment of the invention relates to an apparatus including a power semiconductor device and a processor coupled thereto. The processor is configured to provide a control signal to the power semiconductor device to regulate an output characteristic of the apparatus. The processor models an internal characteristic of the power semiconductor device and alters the control signal if the modeled internal characteristic crosses a threshold value. In an exemplary embodiment, the internal characteristic is a channel temperature of a MOSFET. A sensor such as a thermistor is coupled to or included within the processor to sense a parameter separate from the power semiconductor device, such as a processor temperature.

Inventors: Pelz; Georg (Ebersberg, DE), Lenz; Michael (Zorneding, DE), Kunze; Matthias (Neubiberg, DE)

Assignee: Infineon Technologies Austria AG (Villach, AT)

Appl. No.: 12/123,105

Filed: May 19, 2008


Issued May 10, 2011

United States Patent 7,940,030

A DC-DC converter including: a switch, having a control terminal receiving a control signal, and a conduction terminal supplying a current; a load, coupled to the conduction terminal of the switch and selectively receiving the current; a control circuit, receiving a clock signal and generating the control signal in synchronism with the clock signal; an overcurrent sensor, coupled to the switch so as to monitor an electrical quantity correlated to the current and to output a protection signal in presence of overcurrent; moreover including overcurrent-protection circuitry, receiving the protection signal and the clock signal and generating a disabling signal for the control circuit if delay between an overcurrent detection and the clock signal is shorter than a detection time.

Inventors: Cannella; Eliana (Mascalucia, IT), Marino; Filippo (Tremestieri Etneo, IT)

Assignee: STMicroelectronics S.r.l. (Agrate Brianza (MI), IT)

Appl. No.: 12/181,477

Filed: July 29, 2008


Issued May 10, 2011

United States Patent 7,939,962

The invention relates to a power supply system for several user systems onboard an aircraft. This system comprises at least two power supply electronics (10, 11) and means of connecting these at least two power supply electronics to at least two user systems (12, 13, 14, 15), characterised in that these connecting means comprise a network of connecting contactors (16, 17; 32, 33) from each power supply electronics with at least two user systems not performing similar functions but technologically compatible such that these power supply electronics supply these user systems at different times.

Inventors: Foch; Etienne (Toulouse, FR), Bisson; Gaetan (Toulouse, FR), Maussion; Pascal (Toulouse, FR), Pietrzak-David; Maria (Montastruc la Conseillere, FR), Fadel; Maurice (Toulouse, FR)

Assignee: Airbus France (Toulouse, FR) Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Paris, FR)

Appl. No.: 11/689,821

Filed: March 22, 2007


Issued May 10, 2011

United States Patent 7,941,259

Vehicular drive system which is small-sized and/or improved in its fuel economy. A power distributing mechanism 16, which is provided with a differential-state switching device in the form of a switching clutch C0 and a switching brake B0, is switchable by the switching device between a differential state (continuously-variable shifting state) in which the mechanism is operable as an electrically controlled continuously variable transmission, and a fixed-speed-ratio shifting state in which the mechanism is operable as a transmission having a fixed speed ratio or ratios. The power distributing mechanism 16 is placed in the fixed-speed-ratio shifting state during a high-speed running of the vehicle or a high-speed operation of engine 8, so that the output of the engine 8 is transmitted to drive wheels 38 primarily through a mechanical power transmitting path, whereby fuel economy of the vehicle is improved owing to reduction of a loss of conversion of a mechanical energy into an electric energy. The mechanism 16 is also placed in the fixed-speed-ratio shifting state during a high-output operation of the engine 8, so that the required electric reaction of first electric motor M1 can be reduced, whereby the required size of the first electric motor M1, and the required size of the drive system 10 including the electric motor M1 can be reduced.

Inventors: Tabata; Atsushi (Okazaki, JP), Taga; Yutaka (Aichi-gun, JP)

Assignee: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha (Toyota-shi, JP)

Appl. No.: 12/269,633

Filed: November 12, 2008

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