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Issued October 19, 2010

United States Patent 7,817,422

A heat sink for directly cooling at least one electronic device package is provided. The electronic device package has an upper contact surface and a lower contact surface. The heat sink comprises a cooling piece formed of at least one thermally conductive material. The cooling piece defines multiple inlet manifolds configured to receive a coolant and multiple outlet manifolds configured to exhaust the coolant. The inlet and outlet manifolds are interleaved. The cooling piece further defines multiple millichannels configured to receive the coolant from the inlet manifolds and to deliver the coolant to the outlet manifolds. The millichannels and inlet and outlet manifolds are further configured to directly cool one of the upper and lower contact surface of the electronic device package by direct contact with the coolant, such that the heat sink comprises an integral heat sink.

Inventors: Gunturi; Satish Sivarama (Albany, NY), Balasubramaniam; Mahadevan (Ballston Lake, NY), Mallina; Ramakrishna Venkata (Clifton Park, NY), Beaupre; Richard Alfred (Pittsfield, MA), Yan; Le (Schenectady, NY), Zhang; Richard S. (Rexford, NY), Stevanovic; Ljubisa Dragoljub (Clifton Park, NY), Pautsch; Adam Gregory (Rexford, NY), Solovitz; Stephen Adam (Portland, OR)

Assignee: General Electric Company (Niskayuna, NY)

Appl. No.: 12/193,441

Filed: August 18, 2008


Issued October 19, 2010

United States Patent 7,816,833

A method and device for using radial relative displacement between a magnet and coil to generate electricity from fluid motion. The device includes a support structural component, a movable magnetic structure, a rotating structural component, and bearings. The movable magnetic structure is coupled to the support structural component. The rotating structural component rotates relative to the support structural component. The bearings are coupled to or disposed with the rotating structural component. The rotation of the rotating structural component results in forces applied by the bearings on the movable magnetic structure and movement of the movable magnetic structure.

Inventors: Nair; Balakrishnan (Sandy, UT)

Assignee: Oscilla Power Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT)

Appl. No.: 12/622,637

Filed: November 20, 2009


Issued October 19, 2010

United States Patent 7,816,814

A bi-directional power converter for cryogenic operation is based on a bi-directional cryo-MOSFET switch. Cryogenic power electronics lends itself easily to bi-directional topologies, and brings higher efficiencies, further reductions in switching speed, higher-frequency operation, reduction in size and weight of associated transformers and inductors, and reductions in overall size and weight. In addition, cryogenic power electronics operating around liquid nitrogen temperatures are easily integrated with superconducting motors, motor drives, and transformers, all of which can reduce size and weight of shipboard power systems, allowing for greater payload.

Inventors: Hennessy; Michael J. (Ballston Lake, NY), Mueller; Eduard K. (Ballston Lake, NY), Neal; Richard Ross (Ballston Lake, NY)

Appl. No.: 11/894,068

Filed: August 20, 2007


Issued October 19, 2010

United States Patent 7,815,820

An electromagnetic interference shielding composite is provided. The electromagnetic interference shielding composite comprises: a high permittivity polymer having a permittivity of at least about 5; a plurality of magnetic particles dispersed within the high permittivity polymer; and a plurality of dielectric particles dispersed within the high permittivity polymer. In another embodiment, an article comprising a device susceptible to electromagnetic radiation and a shielding material disposed to shield the device from electromagnetic radiation is provided. The shielding material comprises a high permittivity polymer, a plurality of magnetic particles dispersed within the high permittivity polymer, and plurality of dielectric particles dispersed within the high permittivity polymer.

Inventors: Tan; Daniel Qi (Rexford, NY), Cao; Yang (Niskayuna, NY), Irwin; Patricia Chapman (Altamont, NY)

Assignee: General Electric Company (Niskayuna, NY)

Appl. No.: 11/863,831

Filed: October 18, 2007


Issued October 12, 2010

United States Patent 7,813,153

An inverter (1) for feeding electric power into a utility grid (7) or into a load contains direct voltage inputs (2, 3), one first intermediate circuit (8) connected there to and comprising two series connected capacitors (C1, C2) that are connected together at a ground terminal (14), two alternating voltage outputs (5, 6) of which one at least is provided with a grid choke (L1) and one bridge section (10). The inverter (1) contains only two switches (S1, S2), which are disposed in the bridge section (10) and are to be switched at high frequency, as well as between the first intermediate circuit (8) and the bridge section (10), a second intermediate circuit (9) to selectively boost or buck the direct voltage and intended for supplying said bridge section (10) with positive and negative voltage, said second intermediate circuit comprising an internal freewheeling (D5, D6) to maintain the currents flowing through the grid choke (L1) in opposite directions.

Inventors: Zacharias; Peter (Kassel, DE), Friebe; Jens (Norten-Hardenberg, DE), Blumenstein; Felix (Hessisch Lichtenau, DE), Gerlach; Ann-Katrin (Kassel, DE), Scheuermann; Jan (Niedenstein, DE), Zin; Matthias (Jesberg, DE)

Assignee: SMA Solar Technology AG (Niestetal, DE)

Appl. No.: 12/221,082

Filed: July 31, 2008


Issued October 19, 2010

United States Patent RE41,831

A communication circuit, Ethernet controller card, and method comprises K digital-to-analog converters each receiving a corresponding digital control signal and each providing a corresponding analog control signal, wherein K is at least two; K voltage-to-current converters each providing a corresponding bi-level transmit signal component in accordance with a respective one of the corresponding analog control signals; and wherein the corresponding bi-level transmit signal components of each of the K voltage-to-current converters are combined to produce a J-level transmit signal, wherein J=K+1.

Inventors: Sutardja; Sehat (Los Altos Hills, CA), Roo; Pierte (Sunnyvale, CA)

Assignee: Marvell International Ltd. (Hamilton, BM)

Appl. No.: 11/284,395

Filed: November 21, 2005

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