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OPEN ACCESS TECHNOLOGY International Inc. (OATI) will provide its webSmartEnergy distributed resource management system (DRMS) to Kansas City Power and Light (KPC&L) in their application for the U.S. Department of Energy's Smart Grid Demonstrations funds, DE-FOA-0000036. OATI's DRMS will be integrated into Kansas City's Green Impact Zone initiative.

The DRMS provides KCP&L, a subsidiary of the Great Plains Energy Services, Inc., (GPES) the required platform and applications for improving power-system reliability, economics, and environmental compliance by integrating demand response (DR) and distributed energy resources (DER) with power-system and energy-market operations. It brings together key functional components including customer and resource management, DR and DER dispatch and control, distribution grid monitoring and congestion management, and integration with system operations.

Built upon decades of power system experience and proven software components, webSmartEnergy DRMS provides a unique combination of capabilities to address the current and the emerging Smart Grid requirements, including high-penetration DR/DER including plug-in electric vehicles, provision of ancillary services from demand-side resources for balancing variable generation, environmental compliance tracking, and distribution congestion management.

The webSmartEnergy DRMS platform is designed with scalability for large deployments, is built on a modern web platform in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment, and supports industry standards for enterprise and business-to-business interoperability. It is also designed with capabilities for incremental deployment, while leveraging existing utility legacy systems and data, smart metering, and communications capabilities. webSmartEnergy DRMS adheres to stringent cyber security and information privacy measures, and is fully compliant with NERC CIP standards.

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