Power Electronics

Next-Gen Cooling Software

TOUTED AS the first major product developed in the last decade for electronics thermal analysis, the 6SigmaET electronic cooling software from Future Facilities provides capabilities unmatched by previous-generation products, such as building the model entirely from intelligent objects to speed up model creation, enable automatic gridding, and simplify post-processing. The software was developed from scratch by industry-leading software designers with years of experience on the application of CFD to electronics cooling.

The 6SigmaET software supports the recent trend of redefining the form factor of electronic products by erasing the traditional boundaries between the box, rack, and room. With 6SigmaET, for example, board-level design can be accomplished in the context of the data center as the final application.

The next-generation design also claims to overcome the limitations of other competing cooling software that struggles with complex geometries. 6SigmaET solves the conduction equations required to accurately simulate rotated or angled geometries such as angled DIMMs. It also provides an updated user interface that reduces learning time and the time required to perform nearly all basic modeling and reporting tasks.

Advanced multi-grid solver technology makes the solution-process faster and more robust. 6SigmaET bases reporting on intelligent objects in the model, such as electronic components, rather than abstract, geometric constructs, greatly reducing the time needed to obtain information for design evaluation or characterization.
Future Facilities
San Jose, CA


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