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NEW products | Sept 2009

Flexible Circuit Connectors

DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY for flexible printed circuit (FPC) and flat flex cable (FFC) connections, the FH family of flexible circuit connectors from Hirose Electric come in many different configurations, with contact pitches ranging from 1 mm to 0.3 mm. All versions feature a front flip-lock actuator and some offer side-retention tabs to increase FPC/FFC holding force and ensure proper alignment within the connector.

The FH12 ZIF connector is available with either a 0.5-mm or 1-mm pitch, top or bottom contact points, horizontal and vertical mounting, FPC thicknesses of 0.18 mm or 0.3 mm, and connector heights of 2, 2.4, and 4.85 mm. Offered in sizes from 4 to 50 contacts, the FH19C/19SC ZIF connector features a 0.5-mm pitch, a bottom contact point, horizontal mounting, an FPC thickness of 0.2 mm (FH19C) or 0.3 mm, (FH19SC), and a connector height of 0.9mm.

With a 0.3-mm pitch, the FH23 LIF connector offers a bottom contact point, horizontal mounting, an FPC thickness 0.2 mm, and a connector height of 1.25 mm, while the FH26 0.3-mm-pitch ZIF connector features a bottom contact point, horizontal mounting, an FPC thickness 0.2 mm, and a connector height of 1 mm.

Hirose Electric
Simi Valley, CA

Boost Converter Drives Up to 10 LEDs

WITH A 40-V integrated switch FET, the TPS61160A/61A boost converter from Texas Instruments drives up to 10 LEDs in series. The device runs at a 600-kHz fixed switching frequency to reduce output ripple, improve conversion efficiency, and enable the use of small external components. Input voltage range is 2.7 V to 18 V.

The default white LED current is set with the external sensor resistor, Rset, and feedback voltage is regulated to 200 mV, as shown in the typical application. During the operation, the LED current can be controlled by a PWM signal applied to the CTRL pin through which the duty cycle determines the feedback reference voltage. In PWM dimming mode, the part does not burst the LED current; therefore, it does not generate audible noise on the output capacitor.

Integrated open LED protection disables the device to prevent the output from exceeding the absolute maximum ratings during open LED conditions. The TPS61160A has 26-V open LED protection for six LEDs and the TPS61161A has 38-V open LED protection for 10 LEDs.

Other features include a 200-mV reference voltage with ±2% accuracy, built-in soft start, and up to 90% efficiency. The TPS61160A/61A is available in a 2 × 2-mm QFN package with thermal pad.

Texas Instruments
Dallas, TX

High-Bandwidth Differential Solder-In Probes

THE WAVELINK high-bandwidth differential solder-in probes from LeCroy Corporation are said to provide superior rise-time performance: 20 ps for a 2-GHz probe with a 20-GHz oscilloscope, which is the same as the oscilloscope-only rise time. Probe noise is 25 nV/✓Hz and ac loading at high bandwidth is 175 Ω minimum. This combination of performance is essential for accurately characterizing next-generation serial data signals, and is said to come closer in signal fidelity to cabled inputs than any other similar bandwidth oscilloscope probe.

The high-bandwidth WaveLink probes feature a transmission-line design with an attenuating tip, followed by an amplifier output to a differential transmission line connecting to the oscilloscope with a platform/cable assembly. Three amplifier/tip-module versions are available: the D1305 (13 GHz), D1605 (16 GHz), and D2005 (20 GHz). Each includes an amplifier for the rated bandwidth, two solder-in tips, 10 spare damping resistors, and a variety of clips and clamps to hold the solder-in tip or amplifier and prevent movement. In addition, there are two models of Platform/Cable Assemblies - WL-PLINK-A and WL-2.92MM. Each includes a mounting clamp, a probe holder, and a de-skew fixture.

The WL-PLINK-A connects to the ProLink probe inputs which are used for applications up to 16 GHz on all WaveMaster® 8 Zi oscilloscopes (and up to 18 GHz on the SDA18000 Serial Data Analyzers). The WL-2.92MM connects to the 2.92-mm inputs on the WaveMaster® 820Zi (20 GHz), 825Zi (25 GHz), and 830 Zi (30 GHz) oscilloscopes.

Thus, the probe architecture gives the user the flexibility to operate a single amplifier/tip module with either the ProLink (16 GHz) or 2.92 mm (up to 30 GHz) inputs on WaveMaster 8 Zi 20-30 GHz oscilloscopes.

Chestnut Ridge, NY

Compact switcher

THE VGS series compact internal switching power supplies from CUI's power division, V-Infinity, feature a no-load power consumption of less than 0.5 W. Available in 25-, 50-, 75-, and 100-W versions, the supplies are cooled via free-air convection and offer efficiencies of up to 89%.

Measuring 3.09 × 2.00 × 1.11 inches, the 25-W VGS-25 is the most compact supply in the line, and suits applications where energy consumption is a consideration, including industrial control, networking, automation, and test and measurement equipment.

The VGS series offers a universal input (88 to 264 Vac) and single output voltages of 3.3, 5, 12, 15, 24, and 48 Vdc. Other features include an LED indicator when power is on, 105°C long-life electrolytic capacitors, and an operating temperature range of -25° to 70°C with derating linearly from 100% load at 50°C.

Protections include short-circuit, overload, overvoltage, and brown-out (low ac input voltage). All models are approved to UL, cUL, and TUV safety standards and come with a three-year warranty. The VGS series is available now and starts at $34.22 per unit through Digi-Key. Contact CUI directly for OEM pricing.

Tualatin, OR

Microsize High-Voltage Power Supplies

THE D Series microsize/micropower power supplies from UltraVolt, Inc. offer low ripple (<0.02% peak to peak), tight line/load regulation, output current-limit protection, low noise, buffered voltage, and current monitoring. The devices suit a wide range of applications including avalanche photodiodes, electrostatic chucks, gas chromatography, high-voltage testing, image intensifiers, micro-channel plates, photomultiplier tubes, scanning electron microscopes, spectrometers, and more.

Output voltages range from 0 to 6 kV at up to 6 W of output power, with output current from 166 µA to 6 mA. The volume for the D Series modules is 2.22 in.3 for 1- to 4-kV, 1 to 4-W units, and 2.98 in3 for 1- to 4-kV, 6-W and 1- to 6-kV, 1- to 6-W units. Although bigger than the company's other recently launched microsize products, the D Series modules still represent a dramatic reduction in size over the AA Series, the companyís smallest standard line of high-voltage power supplies.

Ronkonkoma, NY

Smart Inverter Standby Systems

UNIPOWER CORPORATION'S Gravitas Sabre Series fully integrated smart inverter systems are preconfigured for a wide range of applications, particularly in telecom systems, network equipment, and critical industrial systems. The power systems facilitate installation with only three external connections: dc standby or battery, load, and utility — required for “out of the box” operation.

The systems are configured around hot-swap, high-density, high-efficiency pure sine-wave inverters with full N+1 redundancy capability. The smart inverter systems feature outputs of either 120 or 230 Vac and are scalable to 18 kVA from an input range of 40 to 58 Vdc. The inverters offer efficiency levels of 90% and operate in temperatures from -20° to 70°C.

The company has initially announced ten standard, “ship from stock” packages in the Gravitas Sabre Series, all including a static transfer switch module and a controller module for intelligent remote and local communications. The static transfer switch provides automatic instantaneous load transfer to enable secure and uninterrupted operation. The inverter packages provide either a single bulk ac output, or distributed ac output with or without a manual or maintenance switch.

Minneapolis, MN

Battery-Protection IC

THE MAX11080 high-voltage, 12-channel battery protection IC from Maxim Integrated Products is designed for high-cell-count Li-ion battery stacks. The device provides redundant cell monitoring to prevent Li-ion batteries from exploding (thermal runaway).

Up to 31 MAX11080s can be daisy-chained together to monitor as many as 372 cells, preventing cascading electrical failures and eliminating the use of expensive isolation components required by discrete solutions. The company claims the IC can reduce the cost of a typical hybrid car battery-management system by up to 80%.

The battery-protection IC simplifies the design of high-cell-count battery packs, featuring a proprietary capacitor-isolated daisy-chain interface to minimize component count and cost. The capacitor-based interface provides extremely low-cost isolation from one bank of batteries to the next, eliminating cascading electrical failures.

The company's high-voltage, small-geometry BiCMOS process enables the industry's highest voltage tolerance (80 V), ESD performance of ±2 kV (Human Body Model), hot-swap capability, and reliable performance over a wide temperature range. To protect against battery thermal runaway, the MAX11080's overvoltage detection guarantees less than ±25 mV error over the full AEC-Q100 Type 2 temperature range (-40° to 105°C).

Additionally, the MAX11080 claims a 10x reduction in power consumption (80 µA, operating mode) to conserve battery life. A unique built-in shutdown feature reduces consumption to an ultra-low 2-µA leakage, allowing the pack to be stored for many years with very little battery drain.

Sunnyvale, CA

High-Performance Connectors

THE PATC-1000 Series high-performance connectors from AMETEK SCP offer excellent high-temperature and high-pressure performance, and withstand harsh operating conditions. The PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone) connectors are said to have a number of advantages compared with conventional metal, ceramic, and glass connectors, including a reduction in weight and an improvement in chemical resistance to support a broad range of operating conditions.

Performance characteristics can be tailored to specific applications, while achieving equivalent or improved mechanical behavior versus conventional metal connectors. In addition, they offer greater design and prototyping flexibility and typically don't require secondary operations such as coatings, post machining, and final assembly.

The PATC-1000 connectors are configurable with single or multiple high-density contacts. They have outstanding long-term creep and fatigue resistance over a broad temperature range; low flammability and smoke emission characteristics, and good electrical properties.

The hermetically sealed connectors are helium-leak tested to less than 10 to 8 sccm. They are suited for demanding applications such as down-hole tools, oil- and gas-well completion systems, and aerospace and military applications.

Ametek SCP
Westerly, RI

100-V Input DC-DC Controller

THE LT3758 is a high-input-voltage dc-dc controller from Linear Technology that is capable of generating either positive or negative regulated output voltages, to suit boost, flyback, SEPIC, and inverting power-supply applications. The device has two voltage-feedback error amplifiers and reference voltages: one set is for positive output voltages and the other is for negative output voltages, with both operating from a single feedback pin.

The dc-dc controller operates from an input voltage range of 5.5 to 100 V, capable for withstanding high-input voltage transients. The device can achieve efficiencies up to 96% and is well-suited for harsh industrial, automotive, medical, and telecom applications. With a programmable fixed or synchronizable operating frequency from 100 kHz to 1 MHz, designers can choose a wide range of inductors and capacitors to optimize size, performance, and cost.

The controller drives an external N-channel MOSFET from an internally regulated 7.2-V supply. Programmable soft-start enables control of the output voltage turn-on time. In addition, the device features a programmable input undervoltage lockout with hysteresis, along with output overvoltage and overcurrent protection.

Available in thermally enhanced MSOP-10 and 3- × 3-mm DFN-10 packages with extended and industrial temperature ranges from ñ40° to 125°C, the dc-dc controllers are priced from $2.35 each for 1,000 pieces.

Linear Technology
Milipitas, CA

Thermally Conductive Grease

THE LORD TC-501 thermally conductive grease, dubbed the Intelligent Grease, from Lord Corporation was developed as a no-pump-out material to replace greases used as thermal interface materials (TIMs) between the heat spreader and the heat sink (commonly known as TIM2). The TC-501 silicone TIM provides high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance for applications in which superior heat dissipation is required.

Created in response to a need expressed by the company's customers for a product that does not pump out, TC-501 grease can be used in a variety of applications. According to the company, most greases eventually pump out, limiting their use in microelectronic packages. The TC-501, however, is said to expand the application space for greases to a variety of packages that cannot go through a cure profile required normally by non-grease TIMs.

OEMs and contract manufacturers can implement this new patent-pending technology in demanding applications. TC-501 is expected to significantly improve reliability resulting in reduced costs.

Cary, NC

15-W DC-DC Converters

THE FULLY isolated PXA and PXB Series dc-dc converters from TDK-Lambda provide a maximum output power of 15 W from a 1- × 1-inch footprint. Designed for applications ranging from communications to factory automation equipment, the converters are available in open-frame (PXA) and shielded metal-case (PXB) versions.

The PXA is available in single-output models with nominal inputs of 24 V and 48 Vdc in 2:1 and wide 4:1 versions. The PXB Series comes in both single- and dual-output models with nominal inputs of 12 Vdc in a 2:1 version and inputs of 24 V and 48 Vdc in 2:1 and wide 4:1 versions.

Available single-output voltages for the PXA and PXB series include 3.3, 5, and 12 V, and 15 Vdc, while the dual-output models provide ±5-, ±12-, and ±15-Vdc. Efficiency is up to 88%, and remote on/off and output adjustment (trim - single output models) features are standard. All models integrate overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection. Operating temperature range is -40° to 85°C.

The PXA is available in through-hole or SMD mounting formats while the PXB comes in a through-hole format. All models are CE-Marked and are certified to UL/CSA/EN60950-1 safety standards as well as meeting the rigorous MIL-STD-810F thermal shock and vibration specifications. The dc-dc converters are available now and priced from $28.00 each in 500-unit quantities.

San Diego, CA

Segmented Metallized Film Capacitors

FEATURING A construction based on advanced segmented metallized-film technology, the polyester (PET) film Type 9114 capacitors and polypropylene (PP) film Type 9014 film capacitors from Tecate Industries eliminate the risk of short-circuit failure. The components are supplied with voltage options of 250 and 450 Vdc, and 450 Vdc/220 Vac.

The RoHS-compliant, non-inductive passive components boast exceptional self-healing properties to support long product life, and feature a flame-retardant epoxy-resin coating. Designed to function in a broad array of active filter circuits, the segmented metallized film capacitors provide high capacitance stability and excellent dielectric absorption.

Applications include converters and switchmode power supplies for laptops, desktop PCs, and industrial equipment. A wide range of capacitance values and case sizes are available to provide engineers with maximum design flexibility.

The Type 9114 capacitors feature 17 capacitance options ranging from 0.1 to 10 µF and in sizes from 5.5 (W) × 12.5 (L) × 9.0 (H) mm to 17.5 (W) × 31.0 (L) × 26.5 (H) mm. With a high dv/dt value, the Type 9014 capacitors are available in 11 capacitance options ranging from 0.15 to 3.3 µF.

Both the versions are rated for an operating temperature range of -40° to 85°C with full rated voltage applied. Capacitance tolerances are ±5%, ±10%, and ±20%. Dielectric strength is 1.6 Vr for 2 sec and dissipation factor is 1.0% max at 1 KHz (25°C).

Tecate Group
San Deigo, CA

UL489 Miniature Molded-Case Circuit Breakers

AVAILABLE WITH ratings up to 20 A in the C trip curve, a line of UL489 ac miniature molded-case circuit breakers from Altech are claimed to offer the industry's highest 14-kA short-circuit interrupting functionality. The breakers suit various applications including low-inrush motors, appliances, lighting, wiring protection, transformers, power supplies, and industrial controls.

The UL489 circuit breakers measure 17.5-mm wide and are available in 1-pole versions. Designed for easy DIN-rail mounting, the protection devices feature a user-friendly positive trip indicator (green/red), and are HVACR 40°C rated. All circuit breakers in the UL489 product line are CE certified and RoHS compliant.

Flemington, NJ

25-V DirectFET With Lowest On-State Resistance

THE IRF6718 DirectFET® MOSFET from International Rectifier is a 25-V device that is claimed to offer the industry's lowest on-state resistance RDS(on) — 0.5 mΩ (typ) at 10 V (Vgs) — and is optimized for dc switch applications such as active ORing, hot swap, and electronic fuse (E-fuse). The MOSFET features the company's latest-generation silicon technology in a new large-can DirectFET package to deliver the low RDS(on) performance from a package that is said to have a 60% smaller footprint and an 85% lower profile than a D2PAK.

The device significantly reduces conduction losses associated with the pass element to improve the efficiency of the entire system. In addition, the IRF6718 provides an improved safe operating area capability for E-fuse and hot-swap circuits. The device is Pb-free and RoHS compliant.

The IRF6718 is an expansion of IR's 25-V DirectFET family targeting dc switch applications. Pricing for the IRF6718L2TR1PbF begins at $1.50 each in 10,000-unit quantities. Production orders are available immediately. Prices are subject to change.

International Rectifier
El Segundo, CA

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