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New Products

Highly Integrated Switches

Available in low-cost 8-pin plastic DIP and surface-mount packages, the six new part types of the DPA-switch family of integrated circuits lower power converter system cost and simplify dc-dc power conversion designs in a range of applications, including Power over Ethernet (PoE) powered devices compliant to IEEE standard 802.3af. They enable a cost-effective scalable solution capable of delivering up to 100 W of continuous output power and are suitable for PDs over the full PoE power range (0.44 W to 12.95 W.)
Power Integrations, San Jose, Calif.
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Surface-Mount PPTC Components

Multifuse surface-mount Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) components feature three new product families designed to protect electronic equipment from overcurrent events. The MF-NSMF-1206 footprint product family holds current 0.12 A to 1.5 A, the MF-MSMF-1812 footprint product family holds current 0.10 A to 2.6 A, and the MF-SMDF-2018 footprint product family holds current 0.30 A to 2 A. They are rated to the same values as the existing MF-MSMD (1812) product family, so changing to the smaller component won't result in any downgrade in performance. Suitable for protecting electronic circuitry from surge currents up to 100 A, they have a lower thermal mass than previous designs.
Bourns Inc., Riverside, Calif.
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Integrated Power Switches

FSDM0565R, FSDM07652R and FSDM0365RN integrated power switches feature low standby power and low EMI for improved performance in video system applications. In compliance with the IEA's “1-W Initiative,” PowerSaver FPS components achieve low standby power using an integrated high-voltage startup regulator in conjunction with advanced burst mode standby operation. They use a precision, fixed-frequency oscillator, and frequency modulation for the FSDM0365RN to limit EMI.
Fairchild Semiconductor, San Jose, Calif.
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DC-DC Converter

The LT3466 is a dual full-function step-up dc-dc converter designed to drive up to 20 white LEDs from a Li-Ion battery. Its high-efficiency, current mode and fixed-frequency operation ensure uniform LED brightness, low noise and maximum battery life, while on-chip Schottky diodes eliminate the cost and space requirements of external diodes. It contains two independent converters capable of driving asymmetric LED strings (up to 10 in series per converter) from an input voltage of 2.7 V to 24 V, delivering efficiencies up to 81%. The LT3466's 3-mm × 3-mm DFN package and tiny externals provide a compact footprint.
Linear Technology, Milpitas, Calif.
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Nonvolatile DACPOT

The S9518E DACPOT comes in an Ultra-Chip Scale Package (UCSP) with a 1.5-mm × 2.1-mm footprint. The UCSP products offer the highest level of hermeticity with the industry-standard designation of moisture sensitivity level 1 (MSL-1). Available lead-free, it has debounced up and down switch inputs with “clickless” transition between settings.
Summit Microelectronics, San Jose, Calif.
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PWM Controller

The MAX5069 is a dual-output, high-frequency current-mode PWM controller for isolated telecom dc-dc or universal off-line input ac-dc power supplies. It allows the design of half-bridge, full-bridge and push-pull power supplies. Its switching frequency is programmable from 50 kHz to 2.5 MHz using an external-programming resistor. The switching frequency is internally trimmed to ±4.5% accuracy, eliminating the need to oversize the magnetic components.
Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, Calif.
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Open-Air Resistors

OARS Series surface-mount resistors feature a resistive element with an open-air flow-through design that keeps the resistor's hot spot safely off the PC board and allows air to circulate around it. They are rated for 1 W at 85°C (2 W at 25°C) and 50 V continuous with resistance values from 0.002 Ω to 0.05 Ω, with tolerances down to ±1%. They feature TCRs as low as +20ppm/°C and inductance values in the single-digit nH range.
TT electronics, Boone, N.C.
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High-Voltage Single-Ended Converter

The LM5020 high-voltage, single-ended converter contains all the functions required to implement control, drive and regulation in flyback and forward power supplies. Packaged in a 4-mm × 4-mm thermally enhanced chip-scale package, it integrates a 100-V start-up bias regulator, a current-mode PWM controller, 1.5-A power MOSFET driver and precision high-frequency control circuitry, making it a compact and efficient solution for many Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) powered device applications.
National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, Calif.
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Integrated PWM Controllers

The NCP1030 and NCP1031 miniature high-voltage monolithic switching regulators feature both a power switch and a start-up circuit. They simplify the generation of low-power and secondary-side bias supply voltages often required by dc-dc converters and/or 48-V telecom systems by mitigating space and component-selection issues. They're also suitable for emerging applications, including 42-V automotive systems and POE devices such as IP phones and wireless access points.
ON Semiconductor, Phoenix
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Self-Heating Sensor Chip

These new heater/sensors can be used in applications from microelectronics to biomedical engineering. Potential applications include determination of thermal resistance of IC chips, variable optical attenuation of arrayed waveguide gratings, and thermal management in miniature chambers. Available with two design options, the TM365 has two thermal sensors in close proximity to the heater for stringent temperature control, and the TM364 features a single sensor design with moderate temperature control.
State of the Art Inc., State College, Pa.
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DC-DC Controllers

TPS40020 and TPS40021 single-chip controllers minimize diode conduction losses associated with high-side and synchronous rectifier N-channel MOSFET transitions. They combine Predictive Gate Drive technology with an integrated charge pump to enable a regulated 5-V gate drive for added performance. They also enhance operation with programmable power-supply features such as soft-start and high-side short-circuit protection.
Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas
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200-V Switching MOSFET

The n-channel Si7820DN TrenchFET power MOSFET is the smallest 200-V device on the market suited for power switching. The PowerPAK 1212-8 package measures 3.3 mm × 3.3 mm with a low 1.07-mm height profile. Power dissipation is 3.8 W, and typical thermal resistance is 1.9°C/W. On-resistance is 240 mΩ with a typical gate charge of 12.1 nC (VGS=10 V).
Siliconix, Santa Clara, Calif.
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Power System

The -48-V/+24-V Infinity FMS power system is a 23-in. rack-mounted power system designed to support two modular rectifier families. Suitable for North American wireless applications, its components address many power applications, providing solutions to a system's existing power requirements with low initial cost and managed future growth. The modularity reduces the need for training, parts inventory and management.
Tyco Electronics, Dallas
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Zener Diode Series

The new BZX584Cxx-02 series Zener diode series is available in the SOD-523 (SC79) plastic package, which features dimensions of 1.2 mm × 0.8 mm with a 0.6-mm height profile. Rated for a voltage range of 2.4 V to 15 V, it's designed for space-sensitive voltage-regulation applications in portable communications and computing devices. It also features a high power dissipation value of 200 mW.
Vishay Intertechnology Inc., Malvern, Pa.
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