Power Electronics


SMT In-Line Headers

The CardBus SMT In-Line Header line conforms to PCMCIA CardBus standards and EMI metal shields. Its separate header allows application with SMT assembly with an interlocking eject mechanism, meeting the needs of the data, instrumentation, medical, telecom, and set top box market segments.
FCI, Etters, Pennsylvania
Circle 307

Programmable Battery Analyzer

The 7400 is a programmable battery analyzer, reconditioner, and charger. It features Quicktest to test the battery in 3 min. Sixteen service programs support routine and complex tasks. It can service four batteries simultaneously and handles Li-ion/Polymer, NiMH, NiCd and lead-acid chemistries.
Cadex Electronics Inc.,
Richmond, BC, Canada
Circle 302

DC-DC Converter Chipset

The LT1681 and LTC1698, for isolated applications, form a dc-dc converter chipset for converting backplane power in the 36V to 72V input range to 60W output at 3.3V or 5V. This chipset minimizes the need to derate output power at elevated ambient temperature.
Linear Technology Inc., Milpitas, Calif.
Circle 308

AC/DC Clamp-On Meters

The models 511, 512, and 514 are general-purpose professional clamp-on meters that measure ac current to 1000A, ac and dc Volts to 600V, ohms, continuity, frequency (using the V or A measurement), and have a diode test function. Model 514 also uses Hall sensor technology that provides both dc and ac current measurements to 1000A. The Model 511 has average sensing whereas the 512 and 514 provide true rms measurements. The meters are built with a rugged case that withstands tough handling, full ranges and compliance to international safety and quality standards.
AEMC Instruments Foxborough, Mass.
Circle 323

P-Channel MOSFET

This IXTH 24P20 P-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET, has a continuous drain current rating of 24A, VDS rating of 200V and, RDS(on) is 0.15Ω. Housed in a TO-247 package, it has a PD rating of 300W at Tc=25°C. Turn-on and turn-off times are 36 ns and 68 ns, respectively. It has very low Qg(on) of 150 nC. An inductance of less than 5 nH, makes it suitable for use in very fast switching applications. Its body diode can carry full regenerative currents, mitigating the need for an fast diode.
IXYS Corporation, Santa Clara, Calif.
Circle 325

Low Power Supervisory ICs

The FM809, FM810, and FM1233 supervisory ICs feature a precision comparator and a reset generator to monitor the supply line (VCC) of microcontroller- and microprocessor-based systems. The ICs typically consume 2μA and are ideal for battery-based applications. They represent three families with reset threshold voltages in the 2.63V to 4.63V range accommoding various system voltages viz. 5V, 3.3V, 3V, and 2.7V. The FM1233 family features bidirectional reset support with on chip de-bounce circuit.
Fairchild Semiconductor San Jose, Calif.
Circle 306

High Isolation Voltage Transformers

The Series B8496 high isolation voltage transformers are designed for use in switchmode power supplies for IGBT and GTO motor drive applications using up to 1500Vdc bus voltages. The working voltage isolation is 2100Vrms. They are designed and tested for partial discharge or corona inception/extinction greater than 2400Vrms at 60 Hz. AC HiPot is tested at 9600Vrms, 60 Hz for 5 sec. Both tests together significantly reduce the chance of insulation system defects. Four models are available with either 48Vrms or 100Vrms input and either both 15Vdc and 18Vdc output or only 17Vdc (from users supplied full wave center tap bridge rectifier). They are rated at 30VA, 20 KHz to 30 KHz at 40°C and measure 1.53 in. sq by 1.4 in. high.
Bicron Electronics Co.
Canaan, Conn.
Circle 318

TO-220 Power Amplifiers

The PA35 is a monolithic 1.7A power amplifier, configured with a voltage follower generating up to 3.4A output. Housed in a TO-220 package, it operates on 5V to 40V single supplies, and ±2.5V to ±20V split supplies. The PA34 uses the same TO-220 package, but is internally configured as a 2.5A power amplifier with current sense and VBOOST. The PA34 and PA35 have output swings that drive within 2.8V and 1.4V of supply, respectively. Both amplifier models operate off total supply voltages as low as 5V. The PA35 and PA34 include internal current limit circuitry for protection on the output stage.
Apex Microtechnology
Tucson, Arizona
Circle 304

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