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Li-Ion Charger IC

Intersil Technologies has announced the ISL9204, a fully integrated single-cell Li-ion battery charger, primarily targeting Bluetooth headset applications. The device's 28-V input voltage rating eliminates the overvoltage protection circuit normally required in low-input chargers. The charger is disabled when the input voltage exceeds the overvoltage protection threshold, and no external blocking diode is needed. This device is optimized for smaller cell capacities by setting the trickle charge threshold at 2.7 V (recommended by small cell manufacturers) and offering a charge current accuracy of 10% between 75 mA and 150 mA, while providing thermal monitoring charge current protection.

The ISL9204 performs the constant current/constant voltage charge function required by Li-ion batteries. The charge current and end-of-charge current are programmable with external resistors. The voltage accuracy is 1%. The ISL9204 is available now in an 8-lead DFN standard or lead-free package and is priced at $1.15 in 1000-unit quantities.
Intersil Technologies
Milpitas, Calif.


EMI Filters

AVX has expanded its offering of EMI Filters for I/O ports of telecommunication and network equipment. The EMI Filters are now available in 1206, 1809 and 1812 case sizes. The 2-kV-rated capacitors are ideal for ac terminations, as the EMI Filters are capable of withstanding high-voltage surges. The use of high-voltage chip capacitors allows the EMI Filters to conform to ANSI/IEEE Standard 802.3 and ANSI/IEEE Standard 803af, making the high-voltage chip Power-over-Ethernet approved. It also enables a rating of 1500 Vrms at 50 Hz or 60 Hz for 60 sec and 2250 Vdc for 60 sec. The filters can withstand a peak voltage of 2400 V.
Myrtle Beach, S.C.


Metal Oxide Varistors

Stackpole Electronics has introduced a single-layer metal oxide varistor for protection against high-current, high-energy transients. Designated the ZOV Series, these parts operate in voltages that range from 60 Vrms to 680 Vrms in standard sizes from 23 mm to 60 mm. It is ideal for service entrances (distribution panels) of buildings. The series is capable of handling up to 80 kA of current (for 0.4 µs) and more than 4100 W per device. Stackpole offers the series in various models: round (ZOVR), square (ZOV), and dual or triple stacked (ZOVS), which can achieve higher current and energy-handling capabilities. The ZOV is available with epoxy coating, rigid terminations or with metallized blocks, which make it ideal for soldering or pressure contacts.

Stackpole's ZOV Series has a flat to slightly positive temperature coefficient for its clamping voltage. It can be customized to meet the requirements of a unique application. Both the ZOV and the ZOVR Series are UL and CS approved. Samples and production quantities are available.
Stackpole Electronics
Raleigh, N.C.



International Rectifier (IR) has introduced the IRF6648, a 60-V DirectFET power MOSFET featuring a maximum on-state resistance of 7 mΩ (VGS = 10 V). With a QG of 36 nC and a QGD of 14 nC, these devices are ideal for isolated dc-dc converters. When the IRF6648 is used on the secondary side of a regulated 48-V input, 12-V output and 240-W isolated converter, the power density of 72 W/in2 can be increased an additional 15%. This is enabled by taking advantage of the dual-sided cooling capability of the DirectFET MOSFET packaging technology with the addition of a heatsink.

IR's patented DirectFET MOSFET packages present a whole new set of design advantages not previously delivered by standard plastic discrete packages. Their metal can construction enables dual-side cooling that doubles the current-handling capacity of high-frequency dc-dc buck converters powering advanced microprocessors. In addition, devices in the DirectFET package are compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS). The IRF6648 DirectFET MOSFET is available immediately. Pricing is $1.29 each in 10,000-unit quantities.
International Rectifier
El Segundo, Calif.

30-V Buck Chip Set

Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced a synchronous buck converter chip set designed specifically to optimize efficiency and space in notebooks using the latest Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning specifications. Utilizing Fairchild's PowerTrench MOSFET technology, the high-side MOSFET (FDS6298) and the low-side MOSFET (FDS6299S) form a chip set providing increased current density and improved efficiency in synchronous buck converter applications. In addition, the FDS6299S device's monolithic SyncFET technology eliminates the need for an external Schottky diode.

The FDS6298 and FDS6299S offer benefits as a matched pair that is well suited for high current point-of-load (POL) converters in such applications as high-end communications equipment. The high-side MOSFET features a QG of 9 nC at a VGS of 4.5 V and a QGD of 3 nC at VGS of 4.5 V. The low-side device has an RDS(ON) of 3.9 mΩ maximum for a VGS of 10 V to reduce dc losses. These products are available in a lead-free SO-8 package that meets or exceeds the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020B and are compliant with the European Union requirements now in effect. The devices are priced in 1000-unit quantities at $0.62 for the FDS6298 and $1.18 for the FDS6299S.
Fairchild Semiconductor
San Jose, Calif.


Carrier Stored Trench Gate Bipolar Transistor IGBT

Powerex has now added its Carrier Stored Trench Gate Bipolar Transistor (CSTBT) IGBT technology to a family of high-current 1700-V devices. These devices are targeted for high-power inverter applications. The CSTBT technology has made possible the introduction of the CM1200DC-34N (1700-V/1200-A) dual module in the package previously used for a single 1200-A device. The new CM1800HC-34N (1800 A/1700 V) and CM2400HC-34N (2400 A/1700 V) also use this compact package, which allows a 30% reduction in area. Samples of the devices, housed in the 130-mm × 140-mm package, are priced from $900 to $1800 in quantities of 10.
Youngwood, Pa.


DC-DC Converters

Wall Industries has released the JF Series of dc-dc converters. These converters have input ranges of 18 Vdc to 36 Vdc or 36 Vdc to 75 Vdc. They provide single outputs of 3.3 Vdc, 5 Vdc, 12 Vdc or 15 Vdc and deliver up to 15 W of power with efficiencies upwards of 88%.

The JF Series uses open printed-circuit board (PCB) construction. PCB mounting is accomplished by either through-hole or surface mount. Additional features include remote on/off, 610% output trim, 61% voltage accuracy, 0.2% line load regulation, 2250-Vdc input-to-output isolation and no minimum load requirements. The MTBF is 8.1 × 105 hours. The JF Series measures 1.10 in. × 0.94 in. 3 0.335 in. and is priced at $14.49 in OEM quantities.
Wall Industries
Exeter, N.H.


12-V Rectifier

Cherokee International has announced its CAR1212 front end intended for low-profile, 12-V distributed power architecture applications, such as networking equipment. Packaged in a small, 1U-high footprint and measuring 1.61 in. × 4 in. × 11.2 in., the unit has an ultrahigh power density of 17 W/cu in., and can deliver 104 A. This unit supports 12-V bus architectures that power point-of-load converters for low- to mid-power datacom systems.

Protection features on the rectifier include input overvoltage and undervoltage, as well as output overvoltage, overtemperature and overcurrent. In addition, an automatic fan speed control feature optimizes noise levels in sensitive office-environment applications. This model is also available with full I2C communications. The CAR1212 modules are priced at $235 in OEM quantities. Samples are also available.
Cherokee International
Tustin, Calif.


100-mA VLDO Regulator

Linear Technology has announced an industrial-grade version of the LT3020 LDO that operates from -40°C to 125°C. The new LT3020 is a 100-mA very low dropout (VLDO) voltage regulator with input voltage from 0.9 V to 10 V, and a VLDO voltage of only 150 mV at full load. Fixed output voltages include 1.2 V, 1.5 V and 1.8 V, with an adjustable option ranging from 0.2 V to 9.5 V. In handheld products, the device operates across the entire voltage range of both single-cell alkaline and NiMH (1.4-V to 0.9-V) batteries and low-voltage processor cores. The device also offers micropower operation with only 120 µA of quiescent current and less than 3 µA in shutdown.

Other LT3020 features include flat typical line regulation and 0.2% typical load regulation from 1 mA to 100 mA of load. Internal protection circuitry includes reverse-battery protection, current limiting, thermal limiting with hysteresis and reverse-current protection.

The LT3020 regulator is available in a 3-mm × 3-mm × 0.75-mm 8-lead DFN package with an exposed pad as well as an 8-lead MSOP package. Both the LT3020IDD/-1.x (8-lead DFN) and the LT3020IMS8/-1.x (MSOP-8) are available for $1.60 each in 1000-piece quantities.
Linear Technology
Milpitas, Calif.


Battery Fuel Gage

Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS2745, a low-cost Li+ battery monitor with an I2C interface. Typical applications for the DS2745 include cellular phones. Mounted on either the host side or the battery-pack side of the application, the DS2745 provides current, accumulated current, voltage and temperature measurements necessary to monitor battery capacity. Assuming a 15-ΩV sense resistor, the current-sense range is ±3.4 A with a 1 LSB resolution of 104 A.

Battery voltage is measured through a dedicated voltage-sense input and reported in a 2-byte register with 11-bit (4.88-mV) resolution. On-chip temperature measurement is reported in a 2-byte register with a resolution of 0.125°C. A standard I2C interface with a software-programmable address gives the controlling microprocessor access to all data and status registers in the DS2745. The device consumes 70 µA when active and 1 µA in sleep mode. The DS2745 is available in an 8-pin microMAX package. Suggested resale pricing is $0.98 each.
Dallas Semiconductor
Dallas, Texas


Active Load-Share Controller

National Semiconductor has introduced the LM5080 load-share controller IC for balancing currents from parallel power supplies in a variety of distributed power applications. The device implements the average program method of active load-share control, which adjusts the output voltage of individual power supplies either up or down to deliver nearly equal currents to a common load. This technique gives improved stability and output voltage tolerance.

The LM5080 supports two common applications for load-share controllers: external control, in which the load-share circuit balances currents between separate power modules; and internal control, where the load-share circuit is integrated into the voltage regulation loop of each power converter module or circuit. Additional features include an input voltage range of 3 V to 15 V, a single-wire current share bus, and no requirements for precision or matched external resistors. Available now, the LM5080 is priced at $0.60 each in 1000-unit quantities.
National Semiconductor
Santa Clara, Calif.


PCB Trimming Potentiometers

Providing design engineers with an economical means of fine-tuning circuits, TT electronics' BI Technologies recently developed a 3-mm single-turn potentiometer with extended resistance range. Designated the Model 22 trimmer, the sealed surface-mount, cermet-trimming potentiometer features an extended resistance range from 10 Ω to 2 MΩ.

The Model 22 single-turn trimming potentiometers have a standard resistance tolerance to ±20% and absolute TCR values to ±100 ppm/°C, with power ratings to 0.125 W at 70°C. Operating temperature range is -55°C to 125°C, and the devices are RoHS compliant. Available in J-hook and side-mount packaging, typical pricing for the Model 22 potentiometers starts at $0.62 each in quantities of 5000 and $0.59 each in quantities of 10,000.
BI Technologies
Fullerton, Calif.


Engineering Mathematics Software

Maplesoft has announced the availability of Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple. This Maplesoft release is the first electronic, interactive version of Advanced Engineering Mathematics, which provides complete coverage of all major areas of engineering mathematics. A Solution Manual that contains full solutions to many exercises in the e-book is also available.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple is currently available for a special introductory price of $99. Maple 10 is also available directly from the Maplesoft web store.
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


48-V Battery System

Saft has launched the Intensium 3 high-energy 48-V Li-ion battery system for telecom power backup applications. The system is a compact, modular, zero-maintenance industrial Li-ion battery solution that delivers 2.2 kWh of safe, reliable backup power in a s tandard 19-in. 3U rack-mounted, hot-pluggable unit.

The Intensium 3 design places a major emphasis on safety with a three-level redundant safety design in case of component failure or abusive conditions. This includes an electronic board at the battery system level, a separate electronic board at the 7-cell pack level and current breaking devices on every single cell. Contact Saft for pricing and availability.


AC-DC Medical Converters

Power supply specialist XP Power has introduced a low-cost, space-saving 15-W ac-dc converter with a footprint of 2.75 in. × 1.89 in. It saves 20% board space over equivalent parts from other manufacturers and is designed to eliminate the need for external power supplies in many applications. The CU15-M is an open-frame switcher with 4000 Vac input-to-output isolation. It is printed-circuit board (PCB) mounted and is less than 1 in. high. The power supply delivers single outputs from 3.3 Vdc to 24 Vdc (adjustable ±5%) from an 85-Vac to 264-Vac input. The CU15-M is available from stock. Special output voltages are available to order. Pricing is from $21 each based on 1000 pieces.
XP Power
Littleton, Mass.


30-W DC-DC Modules

The recently announced product family, designated PMG/PCMG30, from MTM Power Modules are primary switched power modules featuring dc input voltage. The modules offer an input range of 20 Vdc to 72 Vdc and, due to the different types available in this series, allow efficient solutions in various application fields. They are available with single, dual or triple outputs, and offer the same dimensions and pinning as the standard ac-dc and low-voltage modules of the same wattage range, allowing customers to design only one layout for standard ac, low-voltage and dc inputs.

The vacuum-encapsulated devices offer an isolation of 3.3 kVrms and comply with the up-to-date European standards for CE conformity marking. Further features are rugged design, SMD technology, automatic 100% final testing and 100% burn-in-testing. The series PMG/PCMG30 offers 30-W constant output power, is short-circuit protected and needs no ground load. The single and dual versions are UL 60950 and UL 508 approved. Dimensions are 90.5 mm × 65.5 mm × 33.5 mm for PCB-mounting for the PMG and 120 mm × 65.5 mm × 33.0 mm for chassis mounting for the PCMG. Contact MTM Power for pricing information.
MTM Power
Mellenbach, Germany


Voltage Data Loggers

Sentinel Voltage Data Loggers from AEMC Instruments are a new line of loggers that record True RMS measurements of ac voltage parameters. The voltage loggers provide isolated differential three-phase inputs and measure up to 600 V. Voltage loggers are equipped with extended recording mode, which allows the operator to record over a long period of time by reducing the stored sample resolution of the oldest data and maintaining matching resolution for the newest data. This process continues until the recording is manually stopped. The loggers are able to store up to 480,000 points (1 MB) and 64 samples per cycle. Other storage modes include first in, first out (FIFO) and stop when full. The voltage loggers are supplied with voltage leads and clips. Also included is DataView software for data storage, analysis and report generation. Unit pricing starts at $695.
AEMC Instruments
Foxborough, Mass.


Boost and Buck-Boost Modules

Texas Instruments has announced two nonisolated dc-dc power modules. The PTN04050A is a 6-W, buck-boost, positive-to-negative converter with a wide-range input voltage of 2.9 V to 7 V and an adjustable wide output voltage of -3.3 V to -15 V. The PTN04050C is a 12-W boost module that features a 2.95-V to 5.5-V input voltage range and an adjustable wide output voltage of 5 V to 15 V. Efficiencies are 84% for the PTN04050C and 88% for the PTN04050A. The PTN04050A is suited for industrial controls. Target applications for the PTN-04050C include telecom equipment.

The PTN04050A and PTN04050C power modules are offered in surface-mount and through-hole packages measuring 22 mm × 12.4 mm × 8.3 mm. The modules are priced starting from $8 in quantities of 1000.
Texas Instruments


Size 0203 Chip Resistor

State of the Art (SOTA), a manufacturer of MIL-PRF-55342, space level and other high-reliability chip resistors, has announced the availability of a new 0203 (0.020-in. × 0.030-in.) size chip resistor on alumina. The new configuration provides a doubling of the voltage rating, from 15 V to 30 V on the same footprint, as compared to SOTA's 0302 chip. The power-handling capability is comparable at 40 mW. The resistors are offered with gold, topside terminations for wire bonding, are MIL-PRF-38534 compliant and provide high-frequency performance. Customers may choose from a wide variety of hi-rel screening options, including burn-in, offered by SOTA, or may provide their own testing specification. Pricing for the 0203 Series resistors starts at under $1 each in production quantities.
State of the Art
State College, Pa.


Commercial Wire

Tyco Electronics has introduced the next member of its Raychem FlexLite commercial wire family, FlexLite MT wire. FlexLite MT hookup wire, available in a range of 10 AWG to 28 AWG, complements previous offerings featuring a tough thin-wall insulation. With an average wall thickness of 0.15 mm, FlexLite MT wire (UL style 10916) has a UL-rated operating temperature of up to 150°C and is suitable for general-purpose use, including appliances, electronics, and electrical equipment that require a 600-V rating. As today's applications become increasingly more compact and portable, FlexLite MT wire is designed to provide a lightweight solution, as well as excellent mechanical and chemical resistance by using a modified fluoropolymer insulation. This insulation also makes the wire easy to handle and compatible with automated stripping and terminating equipment.

In order to better meet consumer specifications, in addition to the standard tin-plated copper conductor construction, FlexLite MT commercial wire can be made with other conductors upon request and is available in all colors.
Tyco Electronics
Harrisburg, Pa.


Quadruple Output DC-DC Converter

Beta Dyne has announced its lineup of dc-dc converters. The BD16000 is a 15-W, four-output, low-noise dc-dc converter that accepts an input of 18 V to 36 V and provides a 3.3-V output at 1 A, a 5-V output at 1.5 A, a 12-V output at 200 mA and a -5-V output at 250 mA. The converter features a 2-to-1 input voltage range, input-to-output isolation, soft-start, an input Pi filter, short-circuit protection, 380-kHz switching frequency, flyback topology and four low-dropout linear regulators to minimize output noise. Furthermore, the converter can be synchronized to a system clock greater than 390 kHz and a TTL pulse width of 15 ns to 150 ns.

The converter comes packaged in a 2-in. × 2-in. × 0.395-in. coated-metal case that provides six-sided EMI shielding. Pricing for the BD16000 starts at $87.70 each.
Beta Dyne
Bridgewater, Mass.


Windowed Watchdog IC

EM Microelectronic, an electronic systems company of the Swatch Group, has introduced the EM6151, a highly integrated microprocessor voltage supervisory IC with programmable reset threshold voltages and a watchdog timer with programmable time-window and system-enable output.

For maximum flexibility, this circuit is available in several versions, allowing for different ratios of the opened/closed window of the watchdog and power-saving function compatible with CAN-bus sleep mode. A low-power product, the EM6151 draws only 35-µA quiescent current. Watchdog functions are used to ensure that system microprocessors or controllers do not operate erroneously as a result of the power supply voltage being out of specified operating range, which is especially critical during system power-up and power-down sequencing.

The EM6151 features a time-windowed watchdog function that recognizes far more faults than the standard watchdogs used with microprocessors. The EM6151 windowed watchdog IC is available in a compact 8-pin SO-8 package. Contact EM Microelectronic for pricing information.
EM Microelectronic
Colorado Springs, Colo.


Programmable NiCd/NiMH Charger

Cell-Con, a manufacturer of all types of battery charging systems and battery assemblies, has announced the availability of a new 65-W line of cost-effective, factory-programmable NiCd/NiMH battery chargers for packs consisting of 3 to 20 cells (capacities up to 12 Ah). Chargers can be programmed to terminate charging via negative delta voltage, zero delta voltage and time/temperature methods. Each phase of charging has a programmable backup safety timer.

Input is 90 Vac to 264 Vac at 47 Hz to 63 Hz with charge rates between 1.8 A and 4.5 A, depending upon exact model. Safety approvals include UL (pending) and CE 60601-1. These chargers contain integral LED status indicators. The unit package is 5.30 in. × 3.15 in. × 1.75 in. and weighs 0.75 lb. Available in two-wire and three-wire configurations, single piece pricing starts at $125.
Exton, Pa.


Double-Sided Cooling Power MOSFETs

Vishay Intertechnology has announced the first two power MOSFETs to be offered in its innovative PolarPAK package, which uses double-sided cooling to reduce thermal resistance, package resistance and package inductance for a more efficient, faster switching power MOSFET. The first PolarPAK power MOSFETs are the 30-V n-channel SiE802DF and SiE800DF. Optimized for the low-side control switch in synchronous rectification dc-dc converters, the SiE802DF offers exceptionally low on-resistance of 1.9 mΩ maximum at a 10-V gate-drive voltage (2.6 mΩ maximum at 4.5 V) and can handle current levels up to 60 A. The SiE800DF — optimized to work as the low duty-cycle, high-side MOSFET in synchronous dc-dc converter designs — features a very low typical gate charge QG of 12 nC, with on-resistance of 7.2 mΩ maximum at 10 V and 11.5 mΩ at 4.5 V.

The PolarPAK power MOSFETs, with the same dimensions of the standard SO-8 package, dissipate 1°C/W from their top surface and 1°C/W from their bottom surface. The package measures 5 mm × 6 mm × 0.8 mm.

Pricing in quantities of 10,000 starts at $1 per piece for the SiE802DF and $0.80 per piece for the SiE800DF.
Vishay Intertechnology
Malvern, Pa.


5-A DC-DC Controller

The ADP1864 is Analog Devices' first constant frequency, current-mode, stepdown dc-dc controller. The device is well suited for 5-A distributed power systems, including medical instrumentation. The ADP1864 works particularly well for point-of-load systems that supply digital signal processors and embedded floating-point processors' I/Os.

The device's 14-V input range provides design flexibility. It is well suited for low-cost 12-V power-supply wall bricks or systems requiring more than 10-V input voltages. Using Analog Devices' in-package trim techniques, the on-board reference accuracy reduces the overall system regulation error budget to 5% over temperature. The switching frequency is 580 kHz, and the load line regulation is 1 mV/A. Additional features include internal soft-start, short-circuit protection, output overvoltage protection, input undervoltage protection and programmable current limit.

The ADP1864 is housed in a 6-lead thin-small-outline-transistor package and priced at $1.05 each in quantities of 1000.
Analog Devices
Norwood, Mass.


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