Power Electronics


Current Sensor

The ECSW series is a single-phase, ac window current sensor with adjustable over- and undercurrent trip points ranging 0.5A to 50A. Available with a fixed or adjustable trip delay of 0.15 sec to 50 sec, the current sensor eliminates the need for an external current transformer. The output relay is electrically latched after a fault or automatically reset. Remote resetting is done by removing input voltage.
SSAC Inc., Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Circle 305

Servo Amplifier

This SMA7110 series dc PWM servo amplifier provides a combination of high torque, quick response, and compact surface mount construction. Pin compatible with existing servo amplifiers, they are configured for velocity (rpm) mode or current (torque) mode. The models generate ±10A continuous, ±20A peak from +60Vdc to +170Vdc. It's available as a single module, stand-alone unit, or up to 4-axis on a single baseplate.
Glentek, El Segundo, Calif.
Circle 314

Dual PWM Controller

The FAN5236 dual synchronous switchmode power supply controller offers a complete solution for bus termination in high-speed memory systems using DDR-I, DDR-II, or HSTL interfaces. A buffered VREF output allows users to easily cascade multiple devices in addition to providing VDDQ core and VTT termination power. The VTT output of the FAN5236 sources and sinks up to 3A, tracking VDDQ/2 to within ±2%. The VREF output follows VTT within ±40mV.
Fairchild Semiconductor International, San Jose, Calif.
Circle 309

Digital Potentiometers

The CAT5111 and CAT5113 digital potentiometer ICs have 100-taps, or steps of resolution, and are controlled over a 3-wire, digital up/down increment interface. Use CAT5111 with a buffered wiper as a three-terminal voltage divider. Use non-buffered CAT5113 as a two-terminal variable resistor or as a three-terminal resistive divider. Both have 1% resolution and resistance value options of 10 kΩ or 100 kΩ.
Catalyst Semiconductor, Sunnyvale, Calif.
Circle 318

High Current Inductors

The HM65 series high-performance surface mount inductor, with a closed magnetic circuit, features a ferrite core with low losses that exhibit current capabilities up to 20A. The low-profile inductors are compatible with vapor phase and infrared reflow soldering. They feature inductance ratings 1µH to 10µH and 5A to 20A. The dc resistance ranges from 2.5mW to 13.5mW and operating temperatures range -25°C to +135°C.
BI Technologies, Fullerton, Calif.
Circle 306

Fan-Speed Regulator IC

The MAX6661 is a remote temperature sensor and intelligent closed-loop fan controller IC. Voltage-controlled fan speed reduces acoustic noise and maximizes fan reliability. An on-chip power device drives 5V and 12V fans rated up to 250mA. Housed in a 16-pin QSOP package, the IC measures the temperature of a common-collector PNP. The fan controller regulates fan speed with tachometer feedback and adjusts speed based on the remote-junction temperature. Bypass the auto fan-speed control by placing the fan under open-loop control.
Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, Calif.
Circle 315

New 3300V IGBTs

This 3300V, 800A single switch IGBT module with a 130 mm×140 mm footprint, and 3300V, 1200A single switch IGBT module with a 140 mm×190 mm footprint achieves 6000V isolation. The IGBT switches have a full 10 µs short-circuit withstand rating and are packaged in industry standard isolated module outlines. The IGBTs are intended for new applications in electric urban and high-speed rail systems and are ideal for industrial motor drives, power supplies, and power conversion products.
Dynex Semiconductor, Ottawa
Circle 308

Six-Phase Power Analyzer

The WT1600 six-phase power analyzer is used for design, electric motor evaluation, and power supplies. Its harmonic measurement function measures waveforms and analyzes results up to 100 orders. Numerical values, vector display, or bar graphs display results. Self-contained power measurement ranges 15mW to 150kW, with an accuracy of 0.1%. Input ranges 10mA to 50Arms and 1.5V to 1000Vrms. Individual input elements can measure 29 power parameters continuously and simultaneously with data update rate of 50 ms.
Yokogawa Corp. of America, Newnan, Ga.
Circle 310

Overmoulded Transducers

Overmolded transducers protect against high humidity. The LA 55-P/SP32 and LA 55-P/SP33, versions of the known LA 55-P and LA 55-P/SP1 closed-loop transducers, have this technology. These products meet requirements for price, high performance, compact size high EMC immunity, and isolation.
LEM U.S.A. Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.
Circle 322


The 1200V application specific intelligent power module (ASIPM) is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional discrete packages. Version 3 features an optimized high voltage IC (HVIC) and layout. It includes an integrated input rectifier, six IGBTs, freewheeling diodes and an HVIC in a compact package. IGBT ratings range 5A to 25A.
Powerex, Youngwood, Penn.
Circle 317

Copper Pin Fin Heatsinks

New UltraCool IV pin fin heatsinks cool surface mount devices dissipating loads of heat. Its structure provides a large surface area and optimal usage of airflows. The use of oxygen-free copper provides a thermal conductivity premium of 20% over pure aluminum and a 40% premium over other aluminum extrusion alloys. The footprint ranges 0.25 in.×0.25 in. to 1.5 in.×1.5 in. from an overall height of 0.15 in. to 0.8 in. Pin diameter ranges 0.06 in. to 0.125 in.
Cool Innovations, Concord, Ontario
Circle 325

TO-262 Package

This low-profile through-hole assembly package option for the TOPSwitch product line of high power monolithic switcher ICs ranges in power up to 290W. The TO-262 package can be used for applications unable to accommodate the TO-220 package due to height restrictions above the p. c. board.
Power Integrations Inc., San Jose, Calif.
Circle 331

SMT Resistor

These surface-mount flip chip resistors use Bulk Metal® “Z” to provide long-term stability, low TCR, low noise, and tight tolerance. The VFC1506 uses a nickel-chromium foil to deliver precision performance in high-volume analog applications. It offers a TCR of <0.5 ppm/°C from 55°C to +175°C and is available from 10Ω to 25 kΩ, with tolerances from ±0.25% to ±0.01%. Current noise is <0.010mVrms/V.
Vishay Intertechnology Malvern, Penn.
Circle 302

Power Supply Interface

The PCIC mini compact power connector offers ac/dc input, signal, and output contacts in a package measuring about 0.5 in.(H)×1.8 in.(L). Input contacts carry 18A at a 30°C rise. Contact terminations include a right-angled solder, straight solder, and straight compliant press-fit. Additional options include an ac pass-through version.
Positronic Industries Inc., Springfield, Mo.
Circle 311

SMT Film Chips

The SMT PTS1206 film chip series offers the stability of platinum temperature-sensing elements in a 1206 surface mount chip. With resistance values of 100Ω and 1000Ω and tolerances as low as ±0.5%, the film chips have temperature coefficients of both 0.00375Ω/Ω/°C and 0.00385Ω/Ω/°C (+3750 ppm/°C and +3850ppm/°C); and operation ratings from -50°C to +125°C. It has a long-term stability of <0.1%; and response times of 0.2 sec in liquid and 2.2 sec (in still air).
IRC Advanced Film Div., Corpus Christi, Texas
Circle 304

DC Fan

The 70 mm×70 mm×15 mm dual ball bearing fan cools network servers and workstations helping to improve system performance by providing ample airflow over the entire processor. It's 1500 sq. mm smaller than 80 mm fans and operates at 4200 rpm, with 36.1 dBA, delivering up to 34.5 cfm. It offers auto restart, tach output, or locked rotor output with an L10 life data projected to be 70,000 hr.
JMC Products, Austin, Texas
Circle 319

Brushless DC 3-Phase Motor Drive IC

This 3-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor controller/driver IC features 3A DMOS outputs and on-chip commutation logic. Features include PWM current control, low RDS(on) DMOS outputs, synchronous rectification, 3V and 5V compatible logic voltage and slow, fast, and mixed-decay modes.
Allegro Microsystems Inc., Worcester, Mass.
Circle 323


The model 2335 wattmeter measures to 1 MHz with increased accuracy along with harmonic measurement. The model has two isolated channels of voltage and current along with an external current probe input. The current channel uses multi-element, noninductive shunts for each range — allowing precise phase matching of the two input channels and improved accuracy in the frequency and power factor range.
Powertek Inc., Fresh Meadows, N.Y.
Circle 333

Press Fit Receptacle

These PwrBlade® R/A press fit receptacle tails fit existing solder tail mounting hole diameter and pattern, allowing installation of the connector to the board. They offer flexibility by incorporating up to 20 power contacts or 148 signal contacts within an 8-in. maximum housing. Product applications include distributed power, SSI server power supply, and hot-swap redundant N+1 power distribution systems.
FCI, Etters, Penn.
Circle 321

Dual Op Amp

The NCP4300A is a monolithic IC with independent op amp and an op amp connecting the non-inverting input to a 2.60V fixed reference. It features 0.5mV (typ.) input offset, 210mA/op amp (at VCC=5.0 V) supply, 0.7 MHz unity gain-bandwidth, 0V to VCC=1.5V, and a 3.0V to 35V power supply range. Voltage reference has 1% voltage precision over temperature and sink capability up to 80 mA.
ON Semiconductor, Phoenix
Circle 332


Therma-Fin heatsinks utilize folded fin technology to maximize surface area — increasing the flow of heat from the component into the air. Capable of dissipating heat loads of up to 2kW, the aluminum or copper fins can be epoxied to the cooling plate or soldered/brazed to increase reliability and minimize thermal resistance. The base options include Therma-Base vapor chambers, copper bases, aluminum bases, and copper or aluminum bases with embedded heat pipes minimize spreading resistance at the heat source.
Thermacore International, Lancaster, Pa.
Circle 313

Low Dropout Regulators

The TC2014, TC2015, TC2054, TC2055, TC2185, and TC2186 LDOs feature extremely low dropout voltage (140mV at 150mA) and supply current (55µA) — dramatically extending battery life and improving system efficiency. The devices feature low output noise and a shutdown mode to reduce power consumption to as low as 0.05µA. The TC2014 and TC2054 have a maximum output current of 50mA, the TC2015 and TC2055 have a maximum output current of 100mA, and the TC2185 and TC2186 have a maximum output current of 150mA.
Microchip Technology Inc., Chandler, Ariz.
Circle 329

Overvoltage Protection Products

The thyristor integrated surge protector (TISP®) gated surge suppressor products assure compliance for high voltage subscriber line interface circuits (SLICs). They meet international standards and are capable of generating ringing voltages of up to 85Vrms and dual supply SLICs with battery voltages up to ±90V. The buffered gate design of the TISP devices reduces the loading on the SLIC supply during overvoltages caused by power cross and induction.
Bourns Inc., Riverside, Calif.
Circle 307

PPS Film Chip Capacitors

These chip capacitors contain a new PPS dielectric. They feature low dielectric absorption, superior thermal shock resistance, and constant capacitance values in 1206 and 1210 sizes. The series is compatible with flow and reflow soldering techniques and offer low ESR and ESL values. Capacitance values range 1nF to 100nF with tolerances to ±2%. Rated voltage ranges 16Vdc to 50Vdc, with temperatures -55°C to 125°C.
AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Circle 303

Improved X2 Cap.

The latest version of the series PHE840 X2 capacitors offers a smaller size and maximum values increased to 10µF. Applications for the highest capacitor values include motor drives, power inverters and high power SMPS. The smaller sizes allow critical footprint savings in any electronic device requiring X2 capacitors.
Evox/Rifa Inc. Lincolnshire, Ill.
Circle 334

Phase-Change Thermal Interface Material

The Hi-Flow 225UT is a non-reinforced, phase-change composite, in square or rectangular die-cut parts on a continuous roll of polyester carrier liner. HF225UT flows at 55°C and requires a moderate 10 psi to 20 psi to fully wet-out the interface. It meets thermal requirements and provides a cost-efficient heat-sink solution.
The Berquist Co., Minneapolis
Circle 326

Miniature Current Sensing Resistors

The 1E (0402) and 1J (0603) flat chip resistors have low ohm resistance ranges including 0.51Ω ~ 10Ω, 0.2Ω ~ 0.47Ω and 0.1Ω ~ 0.18Ω. The 1E has a power rating of 63mW and the 1J has a power rating of 100mW. SR73 series resistors are constructed of a thick-film resistor element and anti-leaching nickel barrier terminations with 90/10 solder plating (standard). The current sensing resistor tolerances are ±5%, ±2% and ±1.0% with TCRs of ±100 to ±1000ppm/°C max.
KOA Speer Electronics, Bradford, Pa.
Circle 330

Thermal Interface Material

The T-pcm HP105 is a phase-change thermal interface material with low thermal impedance. The 0.005-in. thick, non-electrically conductive film is naturally tacky at room temperature. The material softens and flows at 50°C, filling the microscopic irregularities of the component and thermal solution — reducing thermal interface resistance. The thermal impedance is 0.024°C-in.2/W (0.33 C-cm2/W) at 10 psi and 0.017°C-in.2/W (0.11°C-in.2/W) at 50 psi. No additional adhesive or preheating of the heat sinks is required for assembly. It's supplied in rolls with a red top tabbed liner for easy application.
Thermagon, Cleveland
Circle 312

NBT Power Transformer

These power transformers use narrow bandwidth technology (NBT) to attenuate differential and common-mode noise, eliminating the need for external circuits or low pass filters. NBT toroidal transformers provide harmonic cancellation on the power line beyond any specified frequency. Typical cutoff frequency starts at 1 kHz (with no resonance effect) at a slope of -20 dB/decade to -70 dB at 500 kHz, and -50 dB between 2 MHz and 1 GHz.
Plitron, Toronto
Circle 301

Multipole Connector

The SB120 multipole connector has spring-loaded, silver-plated contacts that create a self-wiping action during mating and unmating. This self-wiping design resists arcing by keeping the conductive surfaces clean and free of corrosion. This compact, hermaphroditic connector is rated at 120A, 600V and supports continuous ac- and dc-operation. The single piece housing meets all UL94 V-Ø requirements for flame resistance.
Anderson Power Products, Sterling, Mass.
Circle 324

Ultra Low Leakage Diodes

The CMXD6001 ultra low leakage switching diode offers three devices packaged in the six-lead SOT-26 case. With a leakage current of 500 pA max, it's energy efficient, providing reduced power consumption when extended battery life is essential. The devices are also available in an SOT-23 package as a single diode, dual common anode, dual common cathode, and dual in series configurations, as well as in a single diode SOD-323 and SOD-523 package.
Central Semiconductor, Hauppauge, N.Y.
Circle 328

Compact 3-Phase Bridge Rectifier

The 200MT40KB compact, high current, 3-phase input bridge rectifier has improved forward voltage drop characteristics for more efficiency, and higher current capability. This bridge rectifier is intended for industrial applications where space is at a premium. It's rated at 400V blocking voltage and 200A output at 85°C and is fully compatible with the industry-standard INT-A-Pak module package. The rugged device contains six glass-passivated diode chips direct-bonded to a solid copper baseplate.
International Rectifier El Segundo, Calif.
Circle 340

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