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DIN Rail Mounting Transformer Brackets

This transformer mounting bracket is designed to fit a standard 35 mm DIN rail. Designated the DIN-497, this patent-pending bracket incorporates seven threaded 10-32 mounting holes for use with a channel frame or “L” brackets. Used in pairs, lamination stack heights range from 0.700 in. to 2.50 in. when using standard-sized “L” brackets. Each bracket is 3.75-in. high and 0.750-in. wide.
Prem Magnetics Inc., McHenry, Ill.
Circle 311

High Temperature Connectors

High temperature ILME connectors provide extra protection for applications in extreme temperature environments. The connectors are rated from -40°C to +180°C and identified by red diecast aluminum alloy housing enclosures. Connectors are available with four to 25 contacts and are constructed with anti-aging fluoro elastomer gaskets, providing durable and flexible seals. Additional features include locking devices with stainless steel levers, springs and pegs, and supplemental insulation inside the enclosures.
Mencom Corp., Gainesville, Ga.
Circle 313

Digital Programmable Potentiometers (DPPs)

This family of DPPs replaces mechanical potentiometers and trimmers over a broad spectrum of applications. One member of this family is the CAT521, an 8-bit DPP configured as a programmable voltage source in Dac-like applications. It has an output voltage range that includes both supply rails. The wiper setting, stored in nonvolatile NVRAM memory, retains the setting when powered down and reinstates it when power is restored. Two others, CAT522 and CAT523, are dual, 8-bit DPPs similar to the CAT521. The fourth is CAT524 a quad 8-bit DPP.
Catalyst Semiconductor, Sunnyvale, Calif.
Circle 307

Eurostyle Plug Terminal Blocks

The new Eurostyle plug terminal blocks may be unplugged without un-wiring for replacement of faulty or damaged electronics. Applications include automation, motion, and process controls. A pre-loaded stainless steel spring clamp enables securing the termination reliably. The plug and header system features a positive latching mechanism with an audible “click” that's resistant to vibration and prevents plug movement.
Molex Inc., Lisle, Ill.
Circle 312


The 4216 microtransformer series incorporates Mu-Metal shielding and meets MIL-PRF-27 Grade 5 specifications for effective performance in a military environment. It features a pri:sec turns ratio of 1:1 to 5.99:1, frequency response of -2db (400 Hz to 250 kHz), and a maximum distortion of 5%. Weighing less than 2 g, it operates effectively in environments reaching a peak temperature of 130°C. The microtransformers resist up to 98% relative humidity.
Datatronics Romoland, Romoland, Calif.
Circle 310

Aluminum Capacitor

These S Series surface mount aluminum capacitors are available in packages from 4 mm to 10 mm in diameter. The SMT “top hat” layout saves up to 40% board space. The SGV series parts are for general-purpose applications using a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. Available in capacitances ranging from 0.1µF to 1000µF with an operating voltage of 4Vdc to 50Vdc at ±20% tolerance, the SGV series offers a load life of 2000 hr at 85°C. SSV parts for general-purpose high temperature applications provide a temperature range from -40°C to +105°C. They're available from 0.1µF to 470µF with an operating voltage of 6.3Vdc to 50Vdc at ±20% tolerance offering a load life of 1000 hr at 105°C.
North American Capacitor, Indianapolis
Circle 306

Airflow Transducer

This airflow transducer simultaneously measures air velocity and air temperature in real time. It meets the needs of OEMs for high accuracy monitoring and controlling performance. The exclusive, temperature compensation algorithm allows accurate readings from 10°C to 60°C, greatly expanding applications requiring reliable measurements. The Series offers two accuracy ranges for air velocity — 8% of reading between 10°C and 60°C, and 5% of reading between 10°C and 60°C. For temperature, the accuracy is ±0.5°C between 10°C to 70°C.
Cambridge AccuSense, Shirley, Mass.
Circle 305

Heat Exchangers

Standard copper and stainless steel tube-fin heat exchangers are now compatible with EBM and Papst fans, providing design flexibility and reducing cost. The copper heat exchangers are ideal for applications using water, EGW, or other common coolant fluids. The stainless steel heat exchangers are for applications using deionized water, or corrosive liquids as the coolant. Both deliver ultra-efficient heat transfer and maximum reliability in liquid-to-air cooling loops.
Lytron Inc., Woburn, Mass.
Circle 301

Cross-Flow Heat Exchangers

The HXc line of heat exchangers, developed for heat dissipation requirements of 1500W and above, includes six models: HXc-1500, HXc-1800, HXc-2000, HXc-2250, HXc-2500, and HXc-3000. The HXc-1500 achieves a thermal performance of 107 W/°C, while the HXc-3000 boasts 213 W/°C. This series is constructed from aluminum and optional epoxy coated plates. Its cross-flow system is designed for high efficiency and minimum space requirements.
Thermacore, Lancaster, Pa.
Circle 315

300V Ultra-Fast Diodes

These 300V ultra-fast recovery epitaxial diodes (FREDs) include an 8A (8ETH03), 15A (15ETH03), and 30A (30EPHO3, 30CPH03). Optimized for 48V switchmode power supplies, these diodes feature 50% lower reverse recovery current (IRRM), lower forward conduction losses (lowerVF), and lower reverse recovery time (TRR) compared with 400V devices.
International Rectifier, El Segundo, Calif.
Circle 303

Mini Film Capacitors

This miniature film dielectric capacitor offers more current and voltage in an electrolytic-sized package, making it suitable for decoupling in high power converter designs. With a shelf life 10 times greater than an average capacitor, they are nonpolar for mistake-proof installation and safety. You can specify capacitance to 35pF, voltages of 500Vdc to 1500Vdc, and RMS current to 22.6A.
Electronic Concepts Inc., Eatontown, N.J.
Circle 318

Three-Termination Capacitor

The low ESL of this KGM series three-termination capacitor allows it to perform high attenuation at high frequencies. The capacitors offer small size and a high rated dc current. Available in sizes 0805, 1206, and 1812, in single layer or multilayer designs, the voltages include 25V, 35V, and 50V in currents of 2A or 4A. The capacitance range is 22pF to 0.1µF. It's ideal for noise filtering applications on dc power lines.
KOA Speer Electronics Inc., Bradford, Pa.
Circle 317

High-Isolation Voltage Transformers

These high-isolation voltage switchmode transformers are engineered and tested for corona inception/extinction voltages up to 15,000Vrms at 60 Hz and ac Hipot tested at voltages up to 20,000Vrms at 60 Hz up to 1 min. They are rated up to 400VA total power at 40°C. Input frequency ranges from 20 kHz to 500 kHz, and input voltages range 48Vrms to 100Vrms.
Bicron Electronics Co., Canaan, Conn.
Circle 319

Solid-State Relays

Providing superior surge survival, these solid-state relays (SSRs) increase performance — especially in industrial environments. Superior surge survival uses a three-tier approach to being factory-hardened, using a more rugged internal snubber circuit to attenuate most industrial noise and a high noise immunity circuit. By using a fast responding circuit, the SV can survive a high energy, non-repetitive power line surge, and then continue normal operation. These dc-activated relays accept a wide range of dc logic inputs from 4Vdc to 32Vdc. A “current limited” input will easily integrate with externally powered circuits.
Cii Continental Industries International, Leesburg, Va.
Circle 316

High Current Inductors

The El23L and EH125C series surface mount fixed inductors have an approximate footprint of 12.5 mm sq. Both are suited for dc-dc converter applications in voltage regulator modules, portable computers, and embedded computing systems. The E123L is available in 1 µH to 9.1 µH values with a 3-mm profile and a maximum direct current rating of 11A at 1 µH. The EH125C is available in 0.6 µH and 1 µH values and extends the maximum current rating to 23A with 1.5mW at 0.6 µH.
Toko America Inc., Mt. Prospect, Ill.
Circle 302

IGBT Connector and Cable Assembly

This connector and cable assembly attaches to the spade terminals on IGBT power modules, connecting the IGBT to a p. c. board. Suitable for two Faston tabs 2.8 mm × 0.5 mm, the female connectors are made with built-in integrated locking clips. Three grid spacings for the tabs are available in 4.0 mm, 4.7 mm, and 6.0 mm. Wires are 20 AWG stranded and rated for 250V with a standard length of 56 mm. Color coded red, black, grey, and white, the wires are separated by a spacer and terminated in a 4-pin p. c. board mount connector.
2E SysCom Inc., Waltham, Mass.
Circle 304

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