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Linear Hall-Effect Sensors

Allegro's new A138xELHLT-T and A138xLLHLT-T linear Hall-effect sensors provide the accuracy and flexibility of fully programmable linears. The one-time programmable, read-only memory contained in these analog sensors allows users to optimize the devices in a finished sensor assembly. Users can adjust the sensitivity of these devices around one of four predetermined nominal values: 2.5 mV/G, 3.1 mV/G, 5 mV/G and 7 mV/G.

The A138xELHLT-T is available in miniature packaging TO-92 (three-lead, single in-line package) or SOT-23W (three-lead, surface mount). In quantities of 1000, the A138xELHLT-T is $1.01 each and the A138xLLHLT-T is $1.07 each.
Allegro Microsystems
Worcester, Mass.


Common-Mode Chokes

C&D Technologies' 5000 series of surface-mount common-mode chokes provide line filtering for power converter designers who want to reduce unwanted common mode noise in EMC-sensitive applications. The series offers inductance values ranging from 0.47 mH to 4.7 mH and a dc current rating of up to 700 mA. Able to attenuate at frequencies of up to 100 MHz, these devices are suited for use in low-current dc input-switching power supplies and telecom applications. Dimensions are 7 mm × 5.9 mm × 4.4 mm, with an industry-standard pad layout. All package materials are UL94 V-0 rated. Unit pricing for the 5000 Series is $0.45 each for 100 pieces.
C&D Technologies
Mansfield, Mass


Fractional Charge Pumps

Catalyst Semiconductor's CAT3643 three-channel and CAT3644 four-channel Quad-Mode charge pumps drive three and four LEDs, respectively, at up to 92% efficiency. The Quad-Mode architecture delivers the efficiency levels of inductor-based LED drivers while eliminating the associated high-profile inductors and unwanted EMI. The Quad-Mode architecture adds 1.33x-mode with only two flying capacitors without the need for the additional capacitor and associated extra two pins.

In 10,000-piece quantities, pricing for the CAT3643 is $0.88 each for the XQFN, $0.64 for the TDFN and $0.68 for the TQFN. The CAT3644 is priced at $0.94 each for the TQFN.
Catalyst Semiconductor
Santa Clara, Calif.


Micromotor Tester

Magtrol's Micro Dyne System is designed for testing micro, low-torque motors (resolving to 0.0004 mN-m on a 2-mN-m scale). This system has a maximum kinetic power rating of 4 W and a maximum speed rating of 100,000 rpm. The tester is sold as a complete, out-of-the-box motor testing system, and includes a hysteresis dynamometer, a motor fixture (accommodating motors from 5 mm to 30 mm in diameter), electronics unit (an all-in-one dynamometer controller, wattmeter, power relay and USB interface), M-TEST 5.0 motor testing software, calibration software, connection cables and calibration weights.
Buffalo, N.Y.


Ballast Control IC

International Rectifier's IRS2168D fully integrated and protected high-voltage integrated circuit for advanced electronic linear fluorescent lamp ballasts also integrates power factor correction (PFC), ballast control and a 600-V half-bridge driver. It features a wide-range input-voltage PFC to simplify complex multilamp circuits and provides a fault counter on the current-sense pin for multilamp ballasts and cycle-by-cycle protection on the PFC side for high reliability. The IRS2168D's PFC circuitry provides a high power factor of 0.995, low total harmonic distortion of less than 10% and dc bus regulation within a tolerance of ±2.5%.

Housed in a compact 16-lead SO package, pricing is $1.33 each in 10,000-unit quantities.
International Rectifier
El Segundo, Calif.


High-Torque Motor

Animatics' OEM SM2315DT Series of SmartMotors features an 8-pole compact rotor design with higher copper filling factor compared to conventional techniques. The design achieves a higher energy density as well as better efficiency that results in more torque capacity in the same physical package size. SmartMotors incorporate a Servo motor, amplifier and motion controller into the same integral frame. The SM2315DT features low cost and high continuous and peak output torques. It delivers as much as 112 oz-in. of peak torque while maintaining as much as 57 oz-in. of continuous torque with a maximum speed capability of 4700 rpm. The entire line of OEM Series SmartMotors is priced competitively for high-quantity, OEM applications. The motor is packaged in the standard NEMA 23 frame dimensions.
Santa Clara, Calif.


Dual Stepdown Converter

Linear Technology's LT3508 is a dual-channel current-mode PWM stepdown dc-dc converter with two internal 40-V, 2-A power switches. Each channel delivers 1.4-A output current with efficiencies up to 89%. The input range is 3.7 V to 36 V. The IC's minimum input voltage of 3.7 V enables it to operate from a supply below 4 V, making it suited for meeting automotive cold-crank requirements. The device's 40-V maximum capability enables it to withstand transients, common in load-dump conditions. Its 250-kHz to 2.5-MHz switching frequency is user programmable.

Both of the LT3508's converters are synchronized to either a common external clock input or to its internal oscillator and maintain a 180-degree phase offset between channels. The internal 0.80-V reference is suited for low-voltage DSPs and microcontrollers. The chip is available in either a thermally enhanced 4-mm × 4-mm QFN-24 (LT3508EUF) or TSSOP-16E (LT3508EFE). Pricing starts at $3.35 each for the LT3508EUF and $3.50 for the LT3508EFE in 1000-piece quantities.
Linear Technology
Milpitas, Calif.


High-Frequency IGBTs

Rated at 1200 V, the NFM-Series of IGBTs from Powerex offers low loss and hard switching at 20 kHz to 30 kHz. Duals are available from 100 A to 300 A in a 108-mm × 62-mm mounting-hole package, while singles are available in the higher current range of 400 A to 600 A with the same mounting. NFM-Series is targeted for power supplies for medical equipment and other high-frequency H-Bridge power applications. Sample quantities are available in prices ranging from $65 to $151, depending on the rating.
Youngwood, Pa.


Fuse Modules

Ferraz Shawmut's 600-V ULTRASAFE Fuse Modules are suited for use with 45-mm-wide IEC contactors. These three-pole fuse modules offer finger-safe fuse changes with additional features not found on other Class CC and midget Ultrasafe fuse holders. The modules were designed to replace circuit breakers in motor starters for superior short-circuit current ratings, and each module includes an auxiliary contact option for increased user protection.

The auxiliary is wired to an adjacent contactor, and the contactor drops the load upon opening the fuse extractor handle. Each module also features compact bus bars for line-side terminations. The fuse modules incorporate Ultrasafe features, such as IP20 protection, easy operating fuse extraction handles and optional open fuse indicator lights.
Ferraz Shawmut
Newburyport, Mass.



ON Semiconductor's NTK313xx power MOSFETs are offered in SOT-723 packages and optimized for portable applications. The NTK3134N is a 20-V, 890-mA n-channel MOSFET, and the NTK3139P is a -20-V, -780-mA, p-channel MOSFET. Both devices have low RDSON values for over 200 mA operating current and 1.5-V gate voltage to allow direct control from a power management ASIC or other controllers. The devices are ideal for load/power switching applications and small signal interface switching. Featuring integrated electrostatic discharge protection, the devices minimize the need for special handling and assembly processes. Both devices are currently in production and available for $0.13 for 10,000-unit quantities.
ON Semiconductor
Pheonix, Ariz.


Power Management ICs

Micrel's MIC2810 is a highly efficient, flexible power management IC that provides three output voltages and a power-on reset (POR) in a 3-mm × 3-mm MLF-16 package. The solution is ideal for use in portable applications as well as complex programmable logic devices from a 3.3-V or 5-V rail in general-purpose applications.

The IC features an input range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V. Output 1 is a high-frequency, high-efficiency dc-dc switching regulator for up to 600 mA, while outputs 2 and 3 are low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs). One of the LDOs can be directly connected to the output of a dc-dc converter or to the main power rail.

The MIC2810 operates with small ceramic output capacitors for stability, reducing solution footprint and cost. The dc-dc converter provides virtually no noise in light-load mode and just 75 µVRMS output noise in LOWQTM mode. The solution operates at 2-MHz PWM in normal mode, more than 93% efficiency and uses a 2.2-µF output capacitor and a 2.2-µH inductor for stability. The POR circuit monitors all three output voltages.

The MIC2810 is currently available in volume and pricing starts at $2.25 for 1000 pieces.
San Jose, Calif.


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