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A series of topology-specific HEXFET power MOSFETs maximize efficiency in targeted, isolated, and buck dc-dc converters. As dc-dc converter output voltages approach the 1V mark, these MOSFETs increase efficiency. The 100V rated IRF7473 in an SO-8 package is intended for the primary stage of two-stage isolated converters with 48V input, 1.6V output at 60A. It's optimized for low device on-resistance and low gate charge. Peak efficiency ratings as high as 90% can be achieved when the IRF7473 is matched with the new IRF7822 synchronous rectification MOSFET. These 40V-rated MOSFETs in the SO-8 package are designed to work with a 28V bus in notebook computers.

International Rectifier, El Segundo, Calif.
Circle 316

Toroidal Cores

METGLAS® core materials have been expanded with the MICROLITE XP toroidal core product line. These small, high-performance cores provide better thermal management and extend the reliability of power sources. They're made of amorphous alloys, which are non-crystalline in nature. The cores operate cooler and have lower core losses than those made of conventional crystalline materials, such as powdered iron, ferrite, or sendust. The energy-efficient properties reduce the size of power sources for applications in the electronics industry.

Honeywell Metglas Morristown, N.J.
Circle 306

Intelligent Power Modules

This module is available in ratings from 50A~300A at 600V and 50A~150A at 1200V. The two styles cover a range of 10 variations. New packaging incorporates an aluminum nitride substrate for superior thermal characteristics and techniques to minimize the internal inductance. The S-Dash family targets higher performance motor drives, servo drives, and compact inverters between 5 hp and 40 hp.

Powerex, Youngwood, Pa.
Circle 308

4000W PFC Module

This 7700 Series power module contains components needed to perform boost-type power factor correction in a switching power supply. The module includes a bridge rectifier with SCRs for inrush current limiting, an ultrafast boost diode, power MOSFET and an NTC thermistor with power handling capabilities of 1500W to 4000W.

BI Technologies Fullerton, Calif.
Circle 314

Shielded Header

The Millipac2 Hard Metric Interconnection System adds a 5+1 row shielded header right-angle module, available with standard and customized loading patterns. Integrated top shields and available customized loadings offer different module types, per IEC specification, from 55 to 125 positions. All modules are interchangeable and intermateable with all current Hard Metric and CompactPCI® modules.

FCI, Etters, Pa.
Circle 319

10W DC-DC Converters

The AM 10 SI series of high performance converters supplies up to 10W output in an industry standard 2-in×1-in. footprint with a low profile (0.49 in.). These converters use a self-synchronous rectifier to offer more than 88% efficiency (5V output). Lower heat levels generated by this topology result in space, weight, and cost savings. Weighing less than 20g, these dc-dc converters have two input ranges: 19Vdc to 72Vdc and 36Vdc to 75Vdc, both with a single output. The modules have industry standard pinout and voltage accuracy of 1% at full load over the operating temperature range -25°C to +85°C. The dc-dc converter modules are optimized for free convection cooling and are compliant with non-temperature controlled environments.

Alcatel Converters Plano, Texas
Circle 317

Terminal Blocks

This tool-less PIVOT BLOCK terminates using a simple lever pivot on the terminal block, forcing the wire into the IDC contact. Insulation displacement contacts (IDC) eliminate the need for wire stripping and crimping. The blocks are used in security systems, HVAC equipment, process controls, and power supplies. The contacts are on a 3.5-mm centerline pitch available in 2-16 positions. The blocks accept solid and stranded wire from 22 AWG to 24 AWG and mate with 3.5-mm horizontal or vertical terminal block headers. Contacts are rated at 5A each with a maximum voltage rating of 250Vac. Contact resistance is rated at 5 mΩ.

Tyco Electronics Harrisburg, Pa.
Circle 318

Self-leaded, Fixed-Clip Power Inductor

The new surface mount flat-coil power inductor is intended for high-current applications in dc-dc converters. Providing a low profile (6 mm or 0.236 in. max.) for easy SMT mounting, the inductor has a newly designed base with lock-in metal clips and a mini-coat on the spring coil enhancing its robustness. The self-leaded, fixed-clip power inductor series features six inductance values from 0.90 µH to 4.95 µH with dc resistance from 1.75 mΩ to 12.40 mΩ, and provides a high current application up to 20Adc. Operating temperatures are 0°C to 100°C.

Pulse, San Diego, Calif.
Circle 315

Analog ASIC Development Board

The AN10DS40 is an analog development and evaluation board for field programmable analog arrays (FPAAs), which incorporates an onboard microcontroller demonstrating FPAA functionality. It also provides an FPAA with 20 configurable analog cells and a serial interface for PC connection with the use of the AnadigmDesigner CAD package. Onboard connectors, interfaces, and status LEDs simplify development and testing.

Anadigm, Chandler, Ariz.
Circle 324

DC/DC Controller

The LTC1778, a No RSENSE current-mode, is a synchronous step-down dc-dc controller. It uses valley current control architecture to deliver very low duty cycles without requiring a sense resistor. The device features an input voltage range from 4V to 36V, and an output voltage range of 0.8V to 90% of VIN. Output currents as high as 20A are achieved, making the LTC1778 an ideal choice for distributed power supplies.

Linear Technology Corp. Milpitas, Calif.
Circle 305

Battery Charger IC

The VIPer12A off-line battery charger combines wide range VDD operation with sophisticated control and protection features. It integrates a dedicated current-mode PWM control circuit with an on-chip high voltage power MOSFET, making a compact solution for off-line battery charger applications from 1W to 10W (1W to 5W for wide-range 115V to 230V input). The control circuit accepts a range of auxiliary supply voltages from 8V to 40V, and there's an automatic undervoltage lockout, with hysteresis. The ability to start-up from zero auxiliary voltage using an automatically controlled current source from the line voltage and burst mode operation for light loads, make the device ideally suited to battery charging applications.

STMicroelectronics Lexington, Mass.
Circle 309

30W, 48V DC-DC Modules

This series of dc-dc power modules with a nominal 48Vdc input (36V to 72V) offer a full range of outputs including 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, ±5V, ±12V, and ±15V, in 7.5W, 15W, and 30W packages. These modules (80%, typical) provide regulated outputs (±1% load regulation), and input/output isolation ranging from 500Vdc to 3000Vdc. The units feature self-resetting output short circuit protection and remote on/off control. The units operate at a switching frequency of 300 kHz and meet EN55022 Class A conductive EMI standards. They're also available in 5V, 12V, and 24V.

Premier Magnetics Lake Forest, Calif.
Circle 310

Power Supply Controller

This dual power supply controller supports hot swap and voltage sequencing of add-in cards in high-availability systems. The TPS2306 power manager can be programmed to sequence the power-up or -down of two voltage rails in any order. It also provides system protection and design flexibility for applications based on high-performance backplanes in networking, data storage, telecommunications, and industrial control.

Texas Instruments, Dallas
Circle 322

1W DC-DC Converters

These isolated miniature 1W dc-dc converters are ideal for distributed power systems, telecom equipment, and data-com equipment. This IM low-power series is available in 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, and 48V outputs and 5V, 9V, 12V, and 15V inputs. Operation requires no external components, and the housing uses a 0.768-in×0.38-in×0.23-in. single inline package or 0.803-in×0.402-in×0.248-in. dual inline package style.

Sensitron Semiconductor Deer Park, N.Y.
Circle 328

1U, 150W AC-DC Supply

The NLP150L series of 150W ac-dc open-frame power supplies features models fitting on a 1U high shelf. Single-output versions have 3.3V or 5.1V outputs at up to 22A, with free air convection cooling; when cooled by 300LFM forced air they can be up-rated to 30A. Triple-output and quad-output versions are also available. These power supplies meet the EN61000-3-2 standard.

Artesyn Technologies, Inc. Boca Raton, Fla.
Circle 301

Switched Capacitor Voltage Converters

The CMOS MAX1720 and NCP1729 switched capacitor voltage inverters, available in a TSOP-6 package, are low-frequency devices that invert and double an input voltage ranging from 1.15V to 5.5V with a conversion efficiency rating greater than 99% and a power conversion efficiency of 96%. These inverters require two low-cost capacitors for voltage inverter functions and two diodes and three capacitors for voltage doubling functions. The operating current consumption for the MAX1720 is 67µA and 122µA for the NCP1729.

ON Semiconductor, Phoenix
Circle 307

200V, 1000V MOSFETs

The Power MOS 7 product line includes 200V and 1000V MOSFETs offering up to 60% lower total gate charge (Qg) for lower switching losses and up to 30% reduction in on-resistance (RDS(on)) for lower conduction losses. These devices enable smaller, more efficient, and more reliable power conversion. This utilizes a patented metal on polysilicon gate structure for an internal chip gate resistance one to two orders of magnitude lower than comparable standard polysilicon gate devices — lowering switching losses.

Advanced Power Technology Bend, Ore.
Circle 302

Heat Sinks

Therma-Fin heat sinks use folded fin technology, increasing the surface area to more efficiently disperse heat. The technology increases the flow of heat from the component into the air providing a system cooling solution. Aluminum or copper fins can be epoxied to the cooling plate or soldered/brazed to increase reliability and minimize thermal resistance. Base options include vapor chambers, copper bases, aluminum bases, and copper or aluminum bases with embedded heat pipes.

Thermacore, Lancaster, Pa.
Circle 321

Power Transformers

These power and double protection power transformers for UL 1411, UL 1310, and UL 544 include a choice of p. c. board pins, solder leg mounts lead wire connections, and mating cords plus any technical/specification assistance required. They are available to CSA, SAA, VDE, BSI and 13 UL standards; in standard core sizes EI-28 to EI-86; 120V, 220Vac to 240Vac primary input. Outputs run from 0.4VA min. to 100VA max.

Shogyo International Corporation, Plainview, N.Y.
Circle 320

High-Speed Amplifiers

These five new products combine rail-to-rail output (RRO) performance with low power and low cost, offering a range of performance levels, from 75 MHz at 0.5mA to 7.3 MHz for a 70mA supply. The amplifiers use a bipolar design, typically providing 10 times more bandwidth and slew rate than CMOS amplifiers in the same supply current class. A proprietary gain stage allows the amplifiers to achieve as much as a 50% higher slew rate (50V/ms for the KM4110) — with a low supply current (0.5mA).

Fairchild Semiconductor San Jose, Calif.
Circle 304

RF Chokes

This extensive line of bobbin core RF chokes include the 1110, 1120, 1130, and 1140 Series. These feature high current capacity and wide inductance range. The chokes reduce EMI while providing high performance and reliability. Performance specifications include an inductance range from 1 µH to 15,000 µH, an operating temperature range of -55°C to +105°C, and a dielectric voltage strength of 2500Vrms. They're manufactured with an epoxy coated ferrite bobbin core and VW-1 rated shrink tubing to cover the winding. The devices are self-leaded and feature low DCR, plus fixed-lead spacing with a center hole for mechanical mounting.

J.W. Miller, Gardena, Calif.
Circle 323

Copper Core Radial Fin Heat Sinks

The patent pending radial folded fin heat sinks generate a 360° airflow resulting in higher volumetric efficiency and lower fan noise. Features include a high fin count and hollow copper core that minimizes weight without decreasing performance. A spring clip ensures easy mounting to standard microprocessor sockets, including Sockets 462 and 370. A dual tab clip helps meet challenging shock and vibration requirements. You can use the heat sinks in SECC2 and PGA microprocessors.

Molex Thermal Acoustic Products Lisle, Ill.
Circle 325

Intelligent Power Module

This low-cost integrated solution for high volume inverters for motor controls used in commercial and consumer products. Designated as Dual In-Line Package Intelligent Power Module (DIP IPM), this integrated solution consists of a 3-phase IGBT bridge with the associated free wheel diodes along with a low-voltage ASIC for driving the lower IGBTs and a HVIC, including level shifting, to eliminate the need for external optocoupler isolation while driving the high-side IGBTs. The targeted applications include inverter ratings of 100W to 2200W for use in washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioning, and other small motor control applications. The DIP competes with and replaces discrete devices. A single DIP can replace 10 parts required to implement a discrete solution.

Powerex, Youngwood, Pa.
Circle 326

Mini Optocouplers/Isolators

The Mini Flat Pack optocoupler/isolator is intended for signal transmission isolation between systems of different potentials and impedances. The new models IS121, IS181, IS357, and IS2701-1 are available on tape and reel SMT. This Mini Flat device consists of an infrared light emitting diode and NPN silicon phototransistor in a space-efficient package. Electrical features include CTR selections from 50% to 600% maximum and a 3.75kVrms, 5.3kV Pk isolation voltage capability.

Isocom Components, Inc, Allen, Texas
Circle 327

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