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Power Wafer Inductor

The LP01704 Power Wafer inductor series is 1-mm high and is 20% thinner than other low-profile power inductors. All 16 models have inductance values from 1 pH to 330 pH and rms current ratings up to 3.6A. The footprint is 6.6 mm × 5.5 mm.
Coilcraft, Cary, Ill.
Circle 301

Current Sense Resistor

This current sensor offers a low-profile surface mount alternative for bulky through-hole designs. Its resistance is suited for high-current applications up to 35A, featuring inductance ratings <0.2 nH. Constructed of copper on alumina, it's available in 1206, 2010, and 2512 sizes.
IRC, Corpus Christi, Texas
Circle 313

Surface Mount Inductors

The SMT35A surface mount toroid inductor series uses a core and package. The series is suited for power supply applications where minimization of power losses via smaller sized components is the goal. Its high-efficiency core minimizes core losses and enables the inductor to function at higher frequency.
Gowanda Electronics, Gowanda, N.Y.
Circle 312

Tantalum Capacitors

This TC series of small, high-capacitance tantalum capacitors are for use in portable electronic equipment. The devices are ideal for low-voltage systems. Offered in A- and P-cases, the P-case dimensions are 2-mm long, 1.25-mm wide, and 1.2-mm high. The A-case dimensions are 3.2-mm long, 1.6-mm wide, and 1.6-mm high. Capacitance ranges from 1 μF to 47 μF and rated voltages range from 4Vdc to 20Vdc. Available with ±10% and ±20% capacitance tolerance, operating temperatures range — 55°C to +125°C.
Rohm Electronics, San Diego
Circle 320

Flyback Transformers

These flyback transformers act as controllers for ac-dc switchmode power supply applications, and reduce size and component count by 25%. The transformer meets the IRIS-series integrated switcher application requirements. The flyback transformer stores energy when the primary switch is on, then transfers the energy to the outputs when the switch is off. The transformer is more like an inductor with secondary windings attached.
Precision Inc., Minneapolis
Circle 317

MLCC Prototype Kits

This application-specific engineering prototype kit provides designers with high-voltage multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) used in modem and networking products. It features 1808- and 1812-size capacitors in values from 100 pF to 2200 pF with ratings of 250Vac and 3000Vdc. These components are certified to IEC 60950, Y3 compliant to EN 132400, IEC 60384-14, and UL recognized for use in IT equipment per UL 1950.
Johanson Dielectrics Inc., Sylmar, Calif.
Circle 315

SMD Power Chokes

This low-cost and low-profile line of SMD power chokes offers a height of only 3.3 mm to 8 mm. They're ideal for small power conditioners and filter applications, and their flat surfaces make them consistent with pick and place requirements. They can be provided as shielded (CSS/CST Series) or non-shielded (CSN/CH Series) with inductance and current ranging from 0.33 μH (16A) to 1000 μH (0.1 A).
Frontier Electronics, Simi Valley, Calif.
Circle 311

Pulsed Power Capacitors

This line of pulsed power multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (in sizes 1825, 3040, 3640, and 7565) provides discharge energy at elevated voltages. They're manufactured using a proprietary dielectric formulation, which has a positive voltage coefficient and a high dielectric constant. It provides for low internal losses, allowing maximum energy delivery.
NOVACAP, Valencia, Calif.
Circle 316

Interference Suppression Capacitors

This MPX series features a metallized polypropylene film dielectric designed for interference suppression and across the line applications. It has 12 agency safety approvals including UL, CSA, VDE, and nine other European approvals. Capacitive values range from 0.0047µF to 22µF at 275Vac/250Vac with radial leads and encapsulated in a UL94VO plastic case. It's ideal for line bypass, antenna coupling, switching power supplies, and across the line application. Tape and reel is available for all ratings with lead spacings of 10 mm and 15 mm.
STK Electronic Tech., Cazenovia, N.Y.
Circle 327

Shielded Power Inductors

These PM7032S, PM5022S, PM12565S, PM3316S, and PM1608S surface-mount power inductors have magnetic shielding to reduce radiation emission and protect circuit functionality. They feature low dc resistance and a ferrite core, with inductance ranges of 1 μH to 1000 μH, dc current range of 2.2A to 6.2A, and a temperature range of -20°C to 105°C. Low-profile configurations are from 2.92 mm to 7.6 mm.
J. W. Miller, Gardena, Calif.
Circle 324

High-Voltage Flyback Transformer

The 4283-1200 high-voltage flyback transformer provides an economic means of powering a portable application requiring up to 2000Vrms. It can be custom configured and is virtually corona free. It provides primary-to-secondary isolation of up to 12 kVdc, and is ideal for electrically unstable or harsh environments.
Datatronics Romoland, Romoland, Calif.
Circle 310

Surface-Mount Inductor

The Coiltronics SD Series of shielded drum core inductors features the SD12, with a component height at 1.2 mm. The footprint is 5.2 mm sq. It's for use in dc-dc converters, output inductors, and filters. With high power output, inductor values range from .47uH at 3.19A to 1000uH at 0.86A. Higher current ratings are available in profiles of 1.8 mm (SD18), 2.0 mm (SD20), and 2.5 mm (SC25) with the same footprint.
Cooper Electronic Tech., Boynton Beach, Fla.
Circle 325

Snap-in Al Electrolytic

These 381LR, 105°C ultra-high ripple snap-in capacitors handle more than 25% higher ripple current in the same or smaller can size compared to typical, 105°C capacitors. They're 470 μF, 450V, and 35-mm diameter by 50-mm length. They handle 2.5A of 120 Hz ripple at 105°C.
Cornell Dubilier, Liberty, S.C.
Circle 302

Blocking Capacitors

These dc blocking capacitors are intended for applications from 10 KHz to 50 GHz. With two capacitors in parallel, they have excellent insertion loss across a broadband frequency range. The monolithic part is designed for high-volume pick and place, and it's tape, reel, and solder reflow compatible.
Presidio Components, San Diego
Circle 318

High-Power Tubular Resistors

These high-power tubular resistors offer fast delivery and economical pricing. They're wirewound on ceramic tubes and enamel coated for durability. Ranges include fixed, tapped, and adjustable, 25W to 225W, 0.1Ω to 1.5Ω, ±20ppm to 400ppm/°C, with 1% to 5% tolerances. Applications include power products, motor controls, dummy loads, load banks, bleeder/bias circuits, and shunt resistors.
1ohm Corp., Scarborough, Ontario
Circle 326

Metallized-Film Capacitors

This series of low-inductance metallized-film power capacitors is for dc-linking, voltage conversion, frequency conversion, and impulse discharge applications. The GLI Series is used in traction and industrial drives, UPSs, and other power electronics applications, offering a life expectancy of 100,000 hr at 60°C at voltages from 700V to 2150V (dc) and from 200V to 500V (ac).
Vishay Intertechnology, Malvern, Pa.
Circle 321

Planar Transformers

The 30W planar transformer offers a size and weight reduction of up to 60% in dc power supplies or in discrete power supply systems. Primary applications include telecom, industrial control, or automotive and heavy equipment applications where high-package density is required. Operating frequency range is from 150 kHz to 750 kHz, and the temperature range is -40°C to +130°C.
Pulse, San Diego
Circle 319

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