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New Products

HV Connector

The new SBS50 finger-proof connector has a 2-pole housing. It minimizes contact with live contacts, per UL 1977 and UL 60950 regulations, for systems operating over 50V. Its design also allows operators greater ease when connecting and disconnecting. Along with flat wipe contact technology, it makes hot plugging and unplugging easy and safe while using minimal real estate.
Anderson Power Products, Sterling, Mass.,
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Endura ISL6605 synchronous-rectified buck converter IC offers integration with high performance in a small package. Applications include core power for Intel® and AMD® microprocessors, high-frequency low-profile and high-current low-voltage dc-dc converters, and synchronous rectification for isolated supplies. It drives two N-channel power MOSFETs in a synchronous-rectified buck converter topology.
Intersil Corp., Milpitas, Calif.
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Rectifier-IGBT Modules

The MTP power switch family of isolated modules is insulated with a ceramic aluminum nitride layer for improved junction-to-case thermal resistance, enabling seven times better thermal conductivity than alumina substrates used in competing devices. These 600V- and 1200V-rated modules combine high-speed IGBTs with optimized diodes to form single-package, space, and assembly cost-saving alternatives to discrete solutions. They're designed for high-current industrial power supplies used in high-frequency arc welding machines and UPS.
International Rectifier, El Segundo, Calif.
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Pulse Capacitors

Increased capacitance values are available for the EPSR Series 50kV pulse capacitors. Offering up to 3000-pF capacitance for a single 50kV pulse unit, they're for use in medical lasers, laser marking equipment, HVDC power supplies, lightning arrestor systems, and electron microscopes. With Class 1 ceramic dielectric, low inductance and losses, and small case size, they're available from 6kV to 50 kV and in capacitance values to 16,000 pF.
High Energy Corp., Parkesburg, Pa.
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Digital Servo Drive

DR100RE Series digital drives are for brushless, rotary, or linear servomotors that use resolver feedback. The 20-kHz digital current loop uses Space Vector Modulation (SVM) switching techniques that result in higher current loop bandwidth. The sinusoidal, resolver-based commutation of brushless motors results in the lowest possible torque or force ripple.
Advanced Motion Controls, Camarillo, Calif.
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Secondary Side Post Regulator

The LT3710 secondary-side post regulator allows design of multiple output isolated power supplies using current mode architecture with output currents from 1A to 20A and output voltages as low as 0.8V. It drives two external N-channel MOSFETs synchronously at up to 500-kHz switching frequency, delivering high power at high efficiency while using small-sized inductors and capacitors. The 0.8V voltage reference is +1.5% accurate, and current-mode operation allows line and load regulation.
Linear Technology Corp., Milpitas, Calif.
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Ultraprecision Film Resistors

Type USF ultrastable, low TC, ultraprecision film resistors are for precision analog electronics applications and are available in three models with (voltage and power ratings): USF240 (300V, 0.33W), USF270 (1400V, 0.75W), and USF271 (2500V, 0.75W). Manufactured with an alumina ceramic sandwich, they offer exceptional thermal performance.
Caddock Electronics, Roseburg, Ore.
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Relays and Optocouplers

These new rail-mounted switching relay terminal blocks and optocoupler terminal blocks feature 5, 24, 48, 60, 115, and 170Vdc input voltages. Optocoupler outputs are for negative and positive switched circuits. Series 859's wider voltage range lets users interface old circuitry or unique voltages with today's industrial control systems, PLCs, and machines. With a 6-mm wide housing, the compact design offers a space-saving, flexible solution. Five connection points (premarked with standard input/output nomenclature) and multiple commoning options are available, including 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 10-way push-in type jumper bars.
WAGO Corp., Germantown, Wis.
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Mhz Powder Core Material

New families of Super Flux Materials for Mhz application, the SF56Q and SF53 materials, are made of special high-purity iron-alloyed powders that exhibit much lower core losses than traditional iron powder cores. They can operate up to 2.5 Mhz with flux of 13,000 Gauss (Bs). With TAF200 technology, they can operate up to 200°C — ideal for automotive, VRMs, power supplies, motherboard, and SMD applications.
Alliance Magnetics LLC, Ossining, N.Y.
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Expanded Power Connectors

UL-approved Power Series 120 power connectors are available in a 2-pole battery connector or a single-pole, stackable general-purpose connector. Rated for 120A at 600V (ac or dc) when using 2-AWG wire, both connector styles use a genderless housing design that mates two identical connector halves so only one housing part number is necessary. They're suitable for material handling equipment, electrical vehicles, electric utility vehicles, power supplies, rechargeable batteries, and telecom equipment.
Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, Pa.
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New 125Arms Current Transducer

The LAH 125-P model current transducer family has added a unit rated for nominal current measurements of 125Arms. Adding a higher current capability to the existing 25Arms, 50Arms, and 100Arms models, it allows ac-dc and accurate to 0.5% over a frequency range or 0 kHz to 100 kHz. Powered from a supply of ±12V to 15V, it has a 3 dB bandwidth of dc to 100 kHz. Using less than 6cm2 of p. c. board area, it's 27 mm high and weighs 30 g.
LEM U.S.A. Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.
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Packaging Solutions

These medium-power packaging solutions include US-Flat, S-Flat, M-Flat, thin flat package (TFP), and VS-6 devices. Their U-MOS III third-generation trench cell technology reduces the switching speed and on-resistance up to 25%, compared to the previous generation. They're among the thinnest surface-mount solutions for designers of portable and wireless products.
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc., Irvine, Calif.
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