Power Electronics


Regulation Control IC

This NCP4300A monolithic analog IC contains a 2.6V voltage reference and two operational amplifiers. This circuit is intended for cost-sensitive applications such as charger adaptors, notebook PC adaptors and power supplies. The IC can be configured into an analog regulation control circuit that will simultaneously close the voltage and current feedback with minimal external components. It controls the feedback loop in constant-voltage or -current mode with precise, smooth crossover.
ON Semiconductor,
Circle 310

Transient Protectors

SMAT70A and SMBT70A transient protection components have a 100V clamping voltage. These devices meet the transient voltage clamping requirements of telecom market reference designs.
Diodes Inc.
Westlake Village, Calif.
Circle 308

Op Amps

The ultra low power LT1672, LT1673, and LT1674 are the single, dual, and quad members of high voltage capable, rail-to-rail input and output, precision operational amplifiers that draw 1.5μA typical and 2μA max supply current. Despite drawing less supply current than the self-discharge of most batteries, these decompensated (AV>5) amplifiers feature wide gain bandwidth product (12 kHz) and lower input voltage noise (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz noise = 4μVp-p) than amplifiers that draw many times the 1.5μA supply. Supply current is controlled during power on and is limited to about 2μA.
Linear Technology
Milpitas, Calif.
Circle 330

CPCI Supply

The CPCI-350Q-P-47/503312 switcher is a hot swapping, power factor corrected supply providing 400W. Its 6U, 47-pin Positronic connector format delivers 90A continuously and meets IEEE 1101.1. It provides 5V at 50A, 3.3V at 40A, +12V at 12A, -12V at 4A. The supply meets PICMG Power Interface Standard 2.11.
Switching Power,
Ronkonkoma, N.Y.
Circle 307

PFC Diodes

A series of hyperfast-recovery diodes with soft-recovery waveshape have been designed specifically to increase performance and power density in power factor correction (PFC) boost circuits for off-line switchmode power supplies. The 8A, 15A, and 30A devices are suitable for power output levels to 1.5kW. The power factor correction diodes are well matched with advanced planar HEXFET® power MOSFETs for hard-switched converters and power factor correction boost circuit applications. These PFC diode and MOSFET combinations show up to a 32% lower power loss when compared with previous devices. Additionally, the PFC diodes have a maximum junction temperature of 175°C, providing a safe operating area.
International Rectifier,
El Segundo, Calif.
Circle 303

EMI Chokes

Performance specifications for these EMI chokes include an inductance range from 1 μH to 15,000 μH, an operating temperature range of -55°C to +105°C, and a dielectric voltage strength of 2500Vrms. The chokes have an epoxy-coated ferrite bobbin core and VW-1 rated shrink tubing covering the winding. The devices are self-leaded and feature low DCR, plus fixed lead spacing with a center hole for mechanical mounting.
J.W. Miller Gardena, Calif.
Circle 304


The 264 MAX package provides low RDS(on) Power MOSFETs and is available in standard plastic packages. Designed for clip-mounting, this package has the same footprint as a standard TO-264 package — but with no mounting hole. Elimination of the mounting hole allows the package to accept 25% larger die. The devices use Power MOS V technology and are Avalanche Energy Rated. The voltage runs 500V to 1200V, RDS(ON) from 60MW to 450MW with ratings from 27A to 77A.
Advanced Power Technology,
Bend, Ore.
Circle 301

Power Inductors

These compact ¼-in., surface-mount power inductors are designed for high-current, low-voltage, low-profile dc-dc power converter applications. Their unique squaroid core design has exceptionally low dc resistance that offers improved circuit efficiency and high-current capabilities.
Pulse, San Diego
Circle 305

BCDMOS Power Switch

This single chip power switch, a voltage mode PWM controller, and SenseFET power switching element, is housed in an 8-lead DIP. The chip was designed for adapter/chargers for mobile phones, and PDAs. The FSDH0165 consumes just 0.3W compared to 0.5W. Power consumption and space efficiencies are achieved through the use of a 650V BCDMOS process, resulting in fewer external components and reduction in p. c. board space. The device operates from 6.7V to 21V at a frequency of 100 kHz.
Fairchild Semiconductor,
San Jose, Calif.
Circle 302

DC-DC Converter

These 1.5V, 1.8V, and 2.5V output models (all rated at 6A) are included in the A-Series of high-reliability, single-output dc-dc converters. Input voltage ranges are 10V to 18V, 18V to 36V, and 36V to 75V. Circuits include a 310 kHz synchronous rectifier topology for high efficiency and stable no-load operation. Temperatures range from -40°C to+60°C/70°C ambient operation — with no derating. They provide high current levels available from the standard 1-in.×2-in. package.
Mansfield, Mass.
Circle 315

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