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Transistor-Array IC Family

This Mitsubishi monolithic transistor-array IC family contains four to eight transistor circuits and drives 50mA to 1500mA with 30V to 80V breakdown volts. The series consists of 4, 6, 7 or 8 unit NPN Darlington arrays with clamp diodes for protection against switching inductive loads. Output ratings range from 40V/150mA to 50V/1500mA. Ideal for driving relays, LEDs, and lamps, they're available in through-hole DIP or surface-mount packages.
Powerex Inc., Youngwood, Pa.
Circle 301 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Piezo Audio Indicator

The KPI-800 family has a form factor consistent with common piezo indicators, with an output double the sound pressure. Package size is 26 mm diameter and 22 mm height, with a lead pitch of 15 mm. Sound pressure is rated at 100 dBA minimum. Parts are epoxy sealed at the base and available with a “remove after washing” tab, in PC-mount and wire-leaded versions. Standard operating voltage is 6Vdc to 18Vdc.
EHM Technology Inc.,
Bolingbrook, Ill.

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Automotive Power MOSFETs

Automotive-specific, trench HEXFET power MOSFETs have 15% lower on-resistance per unit area than the best-competing technology. The Q101-qualified, 40V IRF2804 MOSFET will be extended to other voltages in automotive applications with 40V, 55V, 75V, and 100V products. Its on-resistance is 2.3mΩ in a TO-220 package. It also has low gate charge per unit area, required for high-frequency operation up to 100 kHz.
International Rectifier,
El Segundo, Calif.

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Ball Grid Array Heatsinks

Ball Grid Array (BGA) heatsinks offer solutions for semiconductor devices varying in size from 10 mm2 to 45 mm2, with pin heights ranging from 6 mm for low profile applications to 35 mm. There are four methods to attach the heatsink to the BGA device: economical thermal tape, space saving push pins, clips that eliminate the need for PCB mounting holes, and a solder anchor with wire spring clip for quick “no tools required” assembly and rework.
Aavid Thermalloy LLC,
Concord, N.H.

Circle 323 freeproductinfo.net/pet

DC-DC Converters

The CMI-9010-01 through CMI-9010-08 are single nonisolated converters designed to operate off a single 5V power supply. The output voltage range is from 0.9V to 3.3V at 10A load current with efficiency ratings up to 96%. They meet low electrical noise requirements and are packaged in a standard SIP configuration for on-board power distribution. Hermetic packaging configurations are available to meet your Hi-Rel application.
Composite Modules Inc.,
Attleboro, Mass.

Circle 324 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Knock-out Bottom Receptacles

These knock-out-bottom receptacles are discrete sockets for soldering into printed circuit boards with three sizes now available. Designed for hand, wave, or reflow soldering, the organic fiber plug prevents solder, paste, or flux from contaminating the spring contact. After soldering, the plug is knocked out of the receptacle when the device is plugged in. The thru-hole receptacle design permits the component lead to pass through and make connection with another circuit board.
Mill-Max Manufacturing
Oyster Bay, N. Y.

Circle 307 freeproductinfo.net/pet

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