Power Electronics


Power Film Resistor

The MP2060 power film resistor uses new clip mount heat sink designs. The 60Ω rating is the highest power rating for a TO-220 style package. Continuous current as high as 60A is possible with values as low as 0.005Ω (5mΩ). This noninductive design is ideal for high frequency power switching circuits, like snubbers. Current sense applications use low values for power supplies and motor controls. Values range from 0.005Ω 5%, 0.010Ω 2%, 0.020Ω to 1K 1%.
Caddock Electronics
Roseburg, Ore.
Circle 301

Programmable AC Power Source Series

The new ContinuousWave (CW) Programmable AC power source series tests single-phase equipment. It's available in 800VA, 1250VA, or 2500VA. Polyphase systems can be configured using multiple units. Output frequency ranges from 45 Hz to 500 Hz with an optional range of 45 Hz to 1000 Hz. The output voltage ranges 0Vrms to 135Vrms delivering a maximum current of 18.6Arms and 0Vrms to 270Vrms delivering up to 9.3Arms.
Elgar, San Diego, Calif.
Circle 313

Synchronous Buck Controller

The SP6120 is a fixed-frequency, voltage-mode, synchronous, PWM controller. It includes a 1% reference, 10% frequency accuracy, 40mV overcurrent detection, 950μA quiescent current, and 10μA sleep current. Operating conditions are 3V to 7V and — 40°C to 85°C. High-speed operation minimizes board space and is programmable from 200 kHz to 600 kHz with a resistor to ground. Battery applications use a programming pin for discontinuous conduction.
Sipex Corp., Billerica, Mass.
Circle 302

HVIC Motor Drive

A new brushless dc (BLDC) motor drive series contains 115Vac and 230Vac devices, integrating IGBT bridges for fractional and sub-fractional HP BLDC motors. This series enables designers to operate BLDC motors directly at rectified line voltage, providing system power savings. The analog speed command modulates a 3-phase distribution of PWM drive signals, preprocessed on-chip via external Hall sense signals. Motor speed can be measured using a microcomputer timer or, an op amp.
Hitachi America, Ltd.
Tarrytown, N.Y.
Circle 307

8-Channel Analog Buffer

This high-speed analog buffer provides a solution for 8-channel analog signal and video buffering applications. Suited for instrumentation, signal acquisition, and security, the ZXFBF08 design negates the possibility of thermal runaway. Signal degradation is minimized due to a small signal bandwidth greater than 100 MHz, a 1V peak to peak bandwidth greater than 20 MHz, and a high slew rate of 40V/μsec.
Zetex Inc., Commack, N.Y.
Circle 317

200W dc-dc Converters

These Series 1675 dc-dc converters can power electronic loads from 12V battery systems, providing an isolated, regulated 200W output suitable for stationary and mobile applications. This includes operating efficiencies above 80%, low no-load current drain (<250mA) and a -40°C to 70°C operating range. The converter is housed in a corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosure.
Wilmore Electronics Company, Inc.,
Hillsborough, N.C.
Circle 308

Step Motor Driver/Controller

This microstepping driver is designed for low cost OEM applications. The DCB-261 utilizes a 20 kHz bipolar chopper drive. Voltage ranges from 24Vdc to 40Vdc and the output current is up to 1.2A per phase. On board intelligent control provides high performance step and direction output signals to produce step rates in excess of 20,000 steps per second at various microstep resolutions. Party line communication allows up to 32 axes to be controlled from a single COM port.
Advanced Micro Systems, Inc.,
Nashua, N.H.
Circle 318

Hermetic Ultra-Fast/Soft Recovery Diodes

A line of Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes (FREDs) have a rated breakdown up to 600V, IF up to 60A, and trr as low as 35 nsec at full rated current. The diodes use a proprietary platinum lifetime control process that produces a “softer” and faster recovery with an optimal trade-off between VF and trr. Typically, trr at 25°C is 70 nsec and 90 nsec at 100°C. VF is 2.0V maximum at 25°C.
Advanced Power Technology Bend, Ore.
Circle 305

Quad Power Output Driver

The CS1112 is a quad power output driver offering improved die density and increased power efficiencies. The IC integrates four protected DMOS low-side drivers controlled either through a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) port or its associated parallel input. It features a sleep mode (VDD≤0.5V), where it draws 2μA. The guaranteed maximum quiescent current is 5mA when any or all four drivers are operational. The extended industrial operating temperature range is -40°C to 125°C.
ON Semiconductor, Phoenix
Circle 304

160A Current Sense Resistor

The BVE surface mount current sensing resistor, is used for sensing bus bar current in power supplies, motor drives, and power modules. Measuring 8×15×1.6 mm thick, the BVE is available in 200 and 500μΩ resistance values (1mΩ under development) in tolerances of 1%, 2%, and 5%. The BVE is rated for more than 5W continuous power at up to 120°C. Resistance changes after 2000 hours at 95°C and full rated load is less than 0.5%. Heat is dissipated through the large copper terminals. These resistors have a thermal resistance of less than 10°C/W and inductance of less than 3 nH.
Isotek Corporation Swansea,
Circle 310

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