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Wire-Wound Inductors

Taiyo Yuden's BRC1608 family of wire-wound power inductors now come in the EIA 0603 case size. Measuring 1.6 mm long × 0.8 mm wide × 0.8 mm high, the eight models in this family offer a dc resistance of 0.06 Ω to 0.55 Ω, an inductance of 0.2 µH to 2.2 µH and current ratings of 0.98 A to 0.28 A. The 70% smaller footprint of the BRC1608 series facilitates more compact dc-dc converters and thinner-profile product designs.

The BRC1608 series inductors are ideal for dc-dc converter choke-coil applications in digital cameras, cell phones, MP3 players and other battery-powered electronic devices. The sample price is $0.20 each, and the inductors are available in production quantities.
Taiyo Yuden
Schaumburg, Ill

Stepdown Switching Regulators

National Semiconductor has added two stepdown switching regulators well-suited for handheld devices and automotive power adapters to its PowerWise energy-efficient product family. According to the company, the LM34917A and LM34919 are the industry's smallest nonsynchronous buck regulators to feature a supply voltage rating up to 50 V, 1.25-A continuous output current, intelligent current limiting and overvoltage protection.

The LM34917A and LM34919 feature programmable switching frequency up to 2 MHz. They integrate MOSFET switches to reduce system component count, and a high switching frequency enables the use of ultrasmall inductors and capacitors. The regulators use a constant on-time control scheme, which requires no loop compensation, and feature peak efficiency equal to or greater than 90%. The LM34917A is available in a 12-pin, 2-mm × 2.3-mm micro SMD package, while the LM34919 is offered in a 10-pin, 1.5-mm × 2-mm micro SMD package. The LM34917A is priced at $1.35 each and the LM34919 costs $1.05 each, all in quantities of 1000.
National Semiconductor
Santa Clara, Calif

PoE Transformers

A family of transformers from PREMO has been specially designed for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications. The family includes three sizes — EP7, EP10 and EP13 — for 3-W, 7-W and 13-W applications. The topology of the transformers is flyback with continuous mode working at 250 kHz. The transformers' input voltage is 36 V to 72 V, their operating temperature range is -40°C to 85°C, and they achieve an isolation of 1500 VRMS from primary and bias winding to the secondary winding. All of the models are RoHs compliant.
Barcelona, Spain


Stepdown Controller

The MAX17024 from Maxim Integrated Products is a single Quick-PWM stepdown controller with dynamic REFIN reference voltage. Maxim's constant-on-time Quick-PWM architecture supports wide input-/output-voltage ratios and provides excellent transient response, while maintaining a relatively constant switching frequency. Operating from a 0-V to 24-V input voltage, the MAX17024 can generate any output voltage from 0 V to VIN. Additionally, it increases flexibility by allowing the use of any kind of output capacitor; compensation is not required if using polymers or tantalum capacitors.

The MAX17024 features overvoltage, undervoltage and thermal protection, and is fully specified over the -40°C to 85°C temperature range. Packaged in a 14-pin, 3-mm × 3-mm TDFN package, this controller is ideal for stepping down high voltages in notebook applications. Pricing starts at $2.85 each in quantities of 1000.
Maxim Integrated Products
Sunnyvale, Calif

Polymer-Film Capacitors

ITW Paktron's Type RA Series of multilayer polymer-film capacitors are now available in a 500-Vdc package. The new package is designed for high-voltage bus applications in both commercial and military infrastructure products, where stability under various frequencies, temperatures and voltages (both dc and ac) are critical to performance.

The RA capacitors provide improved stability, both mechanically and electrically, compared to multilayer ceramic capacitors. They feature “nonshorting” operation and do not crack when exposed to temperature extremes or high-vibration environments. The RA Series capacitance values range from 0.1 µF to 4 µF and voltage ratings are 100 Vdc to 500 Vdc.
ITW Paktron
Lynchburg, Va

Thick-Film Resistors

Qualified to standard MIL-PRF-49462, IRC's CMH Series of thick-film resistors are specified for a variety of high-reliability applications, including military communications, radar equipment, high-voltage power supplies and medical electronics, as well as any high-voltage circuit requiring a high-reliability power resistor.

The CMH Series resistors feature maximum power ratings of 0.25 W to 5 W at 70°C, with working voltage ratings from 750 V to 20,000 V(dc continuous working voltage); the resistance range is from 330 kΩ to 1 GΩ, with tolerances to ±1% and TCRs to ±100 ppm/°C.
Boone, N.C

Synchronous Buck Regulators

From Intersil, the ISL8009A high-efficiency synchronous buck regulator comes in an 8-lead, 2-mm × 3-mm DFN package and performs dc-dc control and conversion while supporting a continuous load of 1.5 A. The device's current-mode-control architecture delivers very low duty-cycle operation at high frequency with fast transient response and excellent loop stability. It can operate in forced PWM mode or automatic PFM/PWM mode with quiescent current as low as 17 µA.

The ISL8009A's highly efficient power conversion under light load conditions extends battery life in portable and handheld applications. A 2-ms power-on-reset and enable outputs provide internal voltage monitoring and sequencing. The timer output can be reset through the reset system input pin. For additional safety, the ISL8009A discharges the output capacitor through a 100-Ω resistor when the application is shut down. Pricing starts at $1.52 each in 1000-piece quantities.
Milpitas, Calif

Optical Sensors

The first member of the SensorEyeC series from Melexis is the MLX75303 Optical Switch. This series of optical sensors is specifically designed for high-volume automotive, industrial and consumer applications. The MLX75303 is an integrated sensor IC, which means that the photodiode, transimpedance amplifier and Schmitt Trigger voltage output stage are all included in the sensor chip.

The sensor is dirt tolerant, having been specially designed to continue functioning at high speed (10-µs typical/20-µs max response time), while being oversaturated by a strong light source up to 1000 times the sensor's switch-on threshold level. It can be used in applications with near-infrared light or with ambient light where, for instance, day/night detection is required. The sensor is available in a DFN open-cavity package that's 3 mm × 3 mm × 0.65 mm or an SO8 package. It is priced at $0.50 each in OEM quantities.
Ypres, Belgium


Surface-Mount Power Inductors

The PG0702NL series of flat-coil surface-mount power inductors from Pulse, a Technitrol company, have a dc resistance of 0.89 mΩ to 5.9 mΩ and a tolerance of 66% for higher efficiency. Inductance values range from 0.40 µH to 3 µH with a peak saturation of 15 A to 45 A. The operating frequency is 100 kHz to 1 MHz at an operating temperature of -40°C to 130°C with no thermal derating. The inductors are used to store energy and serve as filters in voltage regulator modules used in high-density, high-power, high-ambient-temperature applications.

Available in tape-and-reel packaging, the PG0702NL inductors have an industry-standard 4040 footprint and incorporate a three-pin design for improved mechanical stability. Pricing starts at $0.25 each in quantities of 500,000 pieces.
San Diego


Ultrahigh-Speed Fan

Jaro Thermal's AS series of Super-Flow-Turbo Fans provides an impressive 174 cfm of cold air in a conveniently thin 25-mm design. The thin pancake design uses a system of aerodynamic blades that are specifically crafted and angled to maximize static pressure. At the same time, a slick air-gliding frame adds additional airflow to create this super-cooling fan.

At 120 mm × 120 mm × 25 mm, the fans are ideal for server (and other computer-oriented) applications where ultrahigh output is required and can be used in any application that requires high airflow. The fans achieve 70,000 hours of life (at 40°C/65%). Options include on-board PWM control, alarm output, tachometer output, thermistor control, IP55 protection and a choice of connector preapplied.
Jaro Thermal
Boca Raton, Fla

Hot-Swap Controller

From Texas Instruments, the TPS2359 is a single-chip, dual-slot hot-swap manager for advanced mezzanine cards used in wireless, telecom and computing systems, including custom, AdvancedTCA and Micro-TCA systems. The I2C-programmable controller significantly improves the flexibility and performance of hot-swap power management design in applications ranging from 3G/Beyond 3G wireless base stations and network equipment to high-end data communications. The controller eliminates up to 75% of the components required in other solutions. Available in a 36-pin PQFN package, the TPS2359's suggested resale pricing is $5 each in quantities of 1000.
Texas Instruments


Stepdown Switching Regulator

From ROHM Electronics, the BD9870 integrates a switching voltage regulator, a 1.5-A-rated p-channel power MOSFET and compensation circuitry into a TO-252S-5 package. Eliminating external feedback compensation components makes complete design possible using only an external coil, diode and output capacitor. The device's 900-kHz operation permits the use of a smaller coil and ceramic output capacitor, which, when combined with the regulator's internal features, results in a 60% board-space savings compared to other solutions. The BD9870 IC offers an efficiency of 88%, an output accuracy of ±1%, a bias current of 3 mA and zero standby current. The input voltage can range from 8 V to 35 V, with output voltage adjustable down to 1 V.
ROHM Electronics
San Diego


Single-Chip Inverters

Toshiba America Electronic Components' series of nine monolithic single-chip inverter driver ICs are targeted for use in dc motors in energy-saving appliances. The TPD series of high-voltage intelligent power devices are offered in low thermal-resistance DIP26 packages to improve energy efficiency, and feature output voltages of 250 V or 500 V, and output current from 1 A to 3 A.

The series includes one 250-V, 1-A device and eight 500-V devices with output current ranging from 1 A to 3 A. The series provides a selection of integrated functions to meet various application requirements, including Hall sensor input or six inputs, three-phase matrix logic, power-management circuits, level-shift drivers, overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection and undervoltage protection.
Toshiba America Electronic
Irvine, Calif

Silicon Rectifiers

From Solid State Devices, 1N7066, 1N7067 and 1N7068 are JEDEC-registered silicon rectifiers. These hyperfast recovery rectifiers (tRR = 30 ns max) exhibit an average forward current of 10 A, a surge current of 300 A max and a range of 50 V to 150 Vs.

They are hermetically sealed and characterized by a low forward-voltage drop, void-free chip construction, and solid silver leads for high-efficiency applications. Available in both axial and surface-mount square tab packages, they can serve as high-current replacements and possibly replace larger stud-mount devices.
Solid State Devices
La Mirada, Calif

Advanced Modules

From the Brick Business Unit of Vicor, the VI BRICK is an advanced modular power platform. The VI BRICK family incorporates the technical attributes of VI Chip technology and a robust packaging that facilitates thermal management and through-hole assembly. Models include high-current density/low-voltage dc-dc converters, a wide range of highly efficient bus converters, and individual modules for both regulation and transformation.

VI BRICK BCMs (bus converter modules) provide a highly efficient solution for intermediate bus architecture or point-of-load designs that require multiple output voltages. VI BRICK PRMs (preregulator modules) and VTMs (voltage transformation module) offer a flexible and scalable architecture for dc-dc power conversion using Vicor's Factorized Power in a robust brick-like package designed for efficient thermal management.

The VI BRICK PRM, VTM and BCM have a footprint of 2.08 in2 and a low profile of 0.37 in. The VI BRICK DC-DC converter modules have similar packaging, but with dimensions of 2.19 in. × 1.91 in. × 0.37 in. Pricing for the VI BRICK modules starts at $33 each in OEM quantities.
Andover, Mass

Stepdown Converter

The AAT1153 from Advanced Analogic Technologies is a 1.2-MHz constant-frequency, current-mode stepdown converter capable of delivering up to 2 A of output current from a 2.5-V to 5.5-V input. Output voltage can range from 0.6 V to VIN.

The stepdown converter extends battery life by running at efficiency levels as high as 95%, and can achieve 90% efficiency at its full-rated 2-A load. It also uses low on-resistance internal switches that can run at 100% duty cycle for low-dropout operation. Qualified across the -40°C to 85°C temperature range, the AAT1153 is available in a lead-free, 10-lead 3-mm × 3-mm TDFN package. The device costs $1.15 each in quantities of 1000.
Advanced Analogic
Santa Clara, Calif

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