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New Products

New Products

Power Management Controller

ASIC Advantage's IPS102 is targeted for the creation of PFC supplies in applications running up to 200 W. Unlike the company's prior IPS101 PFC controller, the IPS102 is designed for critical-conduction operation typically found in lower-power systems. Features include an asymmetric output drive stage allowing for faster turn off than turn on, with 20-V pull-down drive buffer resistance versus a pull-up resistance of 30 Ω. The IPS102 is offered in 8-pin PDIP or 8-pin SOIC packages. Pricing in high-volume quantities is $0.49 each.
ASIC Advantage

Synchronous Buck Regulator

Micrel has added a fully integrated 4-A synchronous buck regulator to its high-power-density family of products. The MIC22400 powers systems from 3.3-V and 5-V supply rails. With an operating frequency from 800 kHz to 4 MHz, the IC features built-in sequencing, tracking and ramp control. The MIC22400 is available in 20-pin 4-mm × 3-mm MLF and thermally enhanced Epad TSSOP packages. Pricing starts at $2.54 each in quantities of 1000.

Power Monitor IC

STMicroelectronics' HiTj Snubberless series of high-temperature TRIACs maintain full specified performance up to a junction temperature of 150°C and deliver exceptional turn-off capability — ideal for appliance motor-control applications, in particular — at their maximum temperature. The series is produced in TO-220AB, TO-220AB insulated (ceramic) and D2PAK surface-mount packages. Pricing starts at $0.50 each in volume-production quantities.

Surface-Mount Resistor

Vishay Intertechnology's Power Metal Strip resistor features a 0.20-W power rating in the compact 0603 package size. The WSL0603…18 is a small surface-mount resistor intended for high-power current-sensing applications. Its all-welded construction features solderable terminations and a resistive element of either solid metal nickel-chrome or a manganese-copper alloy. The WSL0603…18 is provided in 8-mm tape-and-reel form.
Vishay Intertechnology

Power Monitor IC

International Rectifier's IR3721 is an output-power monitor IC for low-voltage dc-dc converters. The IC uses TruePower technology to accurately capture highly dynamic power information with 2.5% accuracy at 65°C. Available in a 10-pin DFN lead-free package, pricing for the IR3721MTRPBF devices starts at $0.95 each in 10,000-unit quantities.
International Rectifier

Fast Diode Modules

Powerex has expanded its line of fast diode modules with the QRD3310001, QRC3310001, QRD3310002 and QRC3310002. The modules feature a blocking voltage of 3300 V, a fast recovery time of 1.2 µs max and an isolation voltage of 6000 V, as well as a choice between the standard dual or common cathode configuration and a choice between aluminum nitride or alumina isolation materials.

High-Side Power Monitor

Linear Technology's LTC4151 is a high-side power monitor that measures current and input voltages from 7 V to 80 V. The power monitor uses an internal 12-bit ADC to continuously measure both high-side current and input voltage to give a true power reading. The LTC4151 replaces prior solutions that use costly current-sense amplifiers with a separate ADC, a hot-swap controller with an ADC or an ADC with a floating ground. The LTC4151 is available in tiny MSOP-10 and 3-mm × 3-mm DFN-10 packages. Pricing starts at $2.60 each in 1000-piece quantities.
Linear Technology

Ultrathin Fan

JaroThermal's Super-Flow Micro fan now measures 15 mm wide × 15 mm high × 4 mm deep. The fan moves at 26,000 rpm, producing 0.3 cfm of super-cooled air. With an extremely low level of power consumption, which comes from a 2.5-Vdc operating voltage, the Superflow-Micro was designed to withstand drop testing of more than 7000 G's of force and provide a minimum 50,000 hours of product life.

High-Power Terminal Block

The Terminal Block Power Connector from Tyco Electronics provides a high-current capacity of up to 52 A in a compact board-mounting terminal block. Available in two or three positions, the modular construction offers a 10.16-mm pitch to allow both factory and field wiring to bring high currents to pc boards. Individual blocks can be dovetailed to achieve a higher number of positions without losing the centerline spacing.

The blocks, available with black or green UL-94V-0-rated housings, feature a space-saving side-wire entry and a screw-clamp termination. They are UL component recognized and certified by the Canadian Standards Association for applications up to 300 V and 52 A. The wire range is 6 to 10 AWG stranded or 10 to 20 AWG solid conductors.
Tyco Electronics

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