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Power Film Resistors

The MP Series of non-inductive power film and current sense resistors in TO-126, TO-220, and TO-247 style packages offers power ratings from 15W to 100W, values from 0.005Ω to 100K, and tolerance of 1% (standard) for most values. The heat sink mounting makes them ideal for high-power density designs, including power supplies, motor and industrial controls, and other power electronics designs.
Caddock Electronics Inc., Riverside, Calif.
Circle 304

Product Guide

A new product guide of precision current sensing and power resistors is available at www.isotekcorp.com. Products include resistance values from 0.100mΩ to 150Ω in surface-mount, wire-bondable and through-hole packages. Specifications, board layouts and ordering information are also included.
Isotek Corp., Swansea, Mass.
Circle 308


Recently chosen in specification development efforts of PICMG 3.0 and VITA 34, the VP Series of connectors provides a dedicated interface for dual redundant power input and hardware management circuits in cards and modules used in the latest technology computing platforms. Features include eight power contacts rated at 15A minimum, 26 signal contacts, sequential mating, and blind mating capability.
Positronic, Springfield, Mo.
Circle 307


The IHM-A-1500 is a CMOS-ASIC that measures temperature, voltage, and current with 16-bit resolution. This complete data acquisition system for low level signals can be custom configured for use in automotive battery management, power management, mV/µV meter, thermocouple temperature measurement, RTD precision temperature measurement as well as high precision voltage, current, and resistance measurement applications.
Isotek Corp., Swansea, Mass.
Circle 303


The iTMOV varistor is the latest addition to the innovative TMOV varistor family. In addition to being able to suppress typical transient overvoltage events, this thermally protected varistor disconnects itself from the circuit during a sustained overvoltage event as outlined in UL1449, section 37. The iTMOV (indicating TMOV) varistor offers the addition of a third lead for connection to indicating circuitry. The use of such circuitry in combination with an indicating device such as an LED will notify the end user when the device is disconnected.
Littelfuse, Des Plaines, Ill.
Circle 311

Step-Down DC-DC Controllers

The TPS4000x family of low-voltage pulse-width-modulated (PWM) synchronous dc-dc controllers combines state-of-the-art space savings, low input and output voltages, and power efficiency. They are the first in a series of controllers for use by digital signal processor (DSP) and microprocessor cores, supervisory circuits, ASICs, FPGAs and other low-voltage logic in advanced systems.
Texas Instruments, Dallas
Circle 302

High-Voltage Switches

These high-voltage solid-state switches are for continuous and pulsed duty applications. Available in ac and dc versions, they have up to 50kV operation and pulsed current ratings to 30,000A. The fiber-optic interface provides almost infinite isolation and dV/dt immunity, while the crystal-based control provides precision switch activation timing. The active protection networks prevent overvoltage faults. External sync operation is also available.
Applied Power Systems Inc., Long Island, N.Y.
Circle 314

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

Type SPV SMT aluminum electrolytic capacitor with a solid polymer cathode has up to 5.1A ripple current capability and ESR of typically 10mΩ to 20mΩ at 100 kHz. Capacitance and ESR are stable over the -55°C to 105°C range. It is available in 8 mm × 6.9 mm, 10 mm × 7.9 mm, and 10 mm × 10.2 mm case sizes. Capacitance range is from 22 µF to 680 µF, rated voltage from 6.3Vdc to 25Vdc, and operating range from -55°C to 105°C.
Cornell Dubilier, New Bedford, Mass.
Circle 310


These high-power phase control thyristors have repetitive voltage ratings at 125°C from 1800V to 6500V. The DCR720E, a 724A device at Tcase = 60°C, is offered in the E press pack with 42 mm overall diameter. The DCR5980Z has a current rating of 5985A — the highest current rated thyristor at 1800V — and is housed in the larger Z outline of 151 mm overall diameter. The DCR1050F is specified in the 3600V to 4200V range, with an average rating of 1051A. The DCR840F extends the voltage capability from 4200V to 4800V and has a current rating of 840A. The DCR1260Y is a 1260A device with controlled stored charge for series connection. The DCR1660Y raises the current capability to 1665A with low conduction losses.
Dynex, Ottawa,
Circle 318

SMD Inductor

DR340-X Series shielded SMD inductor features a low-seated profile at 0.319 in. to 0.315 in. above the circuit board and operates very effectively over the temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. Ideally suited for applications where board space is tight and reliable performance is critical, it offers a shielded design to minimize radiated noise. Key electrical parameters include an inductance of 1.2 to 1000µH, a resistance of 0.007Ω to 1.53Ω (max.) and a rated current of 0.40 to 9.8A, max.
Datatronics Distribution, Romoland, Calif.
Circle 317

3-Phase Motor Drive IC

The A3935 power MOSFET predriver IC for 3-phase brushless dc motors fits the needs of automotive and industrial applications. With maximum operating temperature specifications to 135°C, it's designed to operate in the harsh under-hood environment of automotive applications. It has an operating range from 7V to 40V and features adjustable overvoltage that protects it if the motor supply voltages exceed a user set value of 19.4V to 40V.
Allegro Microsystems, Worcester, Mass.
Circle 315

FPC Connector

The 6298 Series of flexible printed circuit (FPC) connectors provides a secure method of making p. c. board connections in handheld electronic devices. Featuring a unique front-hinged actuator, they lock the flex cable into position, compensating for poor cable retention commonly associated with low pin count FPC connectors. They also provide a space-efficient design with a very low profile of 0.90 mm. They are intended for low pin count FPCs because their high retention force is ideal for applications where stress, shock, and vibration are encountered.
AVX, Myrtle Beach, NC
Circle 316

SCR/Diodes Modules

The PD POW-R-BLOK family of dual-isolated modules offers blocking voltage capabilities up to 2400V and a current carrying capability greater than 500A. They consist of a dual SCR/isolated module rated at 700A at up to 1800V, and 600A at up to 2400V. Advantages include isolated packaging; easy installation; no clamping components required; reduced engineering time; easy interconnection to buswork; size reduction; standard/keyed gate and sense connections; and electrical terminals slotted for tolerance.
Powerex Inc., Youngwood, Pa.
Circle 321

Charge Pump Doubler

The LX1882 charge pump doubler with an integrated low dropout linear regulator is for noise-sensitive applications, including mobile phones, medical instrumentation, wireless PCMCIA, and EMI sensitive circuitry. It is available in two versions: a fixed 3.3V output, and output adjustable from 2.5V to 5.5V. The second stage of the device is a linear low dropout regulator (LDO) that converts voltage boosted in the first stage into a low noise output of up to 50mA. Operating current is less than 150µA.
Microsemi Corp., Irvine, Calif.
Circle 320

Powder Cores

Molybdenum Permalloy (MPP), High Flux and Sendust soft magnetic powder cores are for inductors and transformers requiring low loss and inductance stability under high dc bias conditions. The fully standardized production under strict quality control from raw materials (nickel, iron, molybdenum, aluminum, and silicone) to finished products reduces the variations in product quality.
MH&W International Corp., Mahwah, N.J.
Circle 305

Analog Temperature Sensor

The MAX6612 is a low-power, high-sensitivity, precision analog output temperature sensor available in a tiny 5-pin SC70 package. The output voltage's sensitivity to temperature is approximately double that of most silicon temperature sensors, which maximizes the usable temperature resolution. Its high sensitivity provides greater noise immunity than conventional temperature sensors. The temperature-to-voltage sensitivity is a convenient relationship between temperature and an ADC's digital output. An 8-bit ADC with a 5V reference has an LSB value equal to 19.53mV.
Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, Calif.
Circle 322

Water-Cooled Electronic Loads

The PLW Series of high-density programmable electronic water-cooled loads is ideal for fuel cell, power supply, and high-power/high-current battery testing. The 3.5-in. (2U) tall 6kW units are the smallest available on the market and can be paralleled with 1.75-in. (1U) tall slave units to maximize power capabilities. Models range from 6kW to 22kW. Using master/slave capabilities, they can achieve power levels up to 700kW.
American Reliance Inc, Arcadia, Calif.
Circle 313

Current Transformers

These p.c. mount current transformers are for monitoring ac currents of up to 20A, 50/60 Hz. The patented compact design provides 2500V isolation between the power line and sensing circuitry. The integral primary winding eliminates jumper insertion required by other designs. Part size is 0.75 in. × 0.75 in × 0.62 in.
Standex, Cincinnati
Circle 323

High-Voltage Supply

Housed in a thin (4 mm), miniature single in-line package, the SIP90 offers high performance while maintaining low costs for high volume applications. The regulated, analog programmable high-voltage power supply provides 10V to 90V with high stability and very low ripple (<2mVp-p). Requiring a footprint of only 0.275 sq in. (7 mm2), it features an enable/disable function.
EMCO High Voltage Corp., Sutter Creek, Calif.
Circle 309

Off-Line Power Switch

The FS8S0765RC Fairchild Power Switch (FPS) is an off-line power switch for flyback powersupply applications available in a space-saving TO-220-5L package. It integrates a fully avalanche-rated SenseFET (650V minimum breakdown rating) with a current mode PWM IC featuring primary side regulation. This unique combination minimizes external components, simplifies designs, and lowers cost in target applications. Featuring burst mode operation for standby mode (>2W at 265Vac), it lowers power consumption by reducing switching loss. It also offers performance superior to discrete MOSFET/controller or RCC switching converter solutions.
Fairchild Semiconductor, San Jose, Calif.
Circle 319

BLDC Motor Drive ICs

BC05, BC10, and BC20 brushless DC motor drive power ICs feature a 2-in.× 4.4-in. footprint, 3-phase full bridge operation with 2- or 4-quadrant PWM, and selectable 60° or 120° commutation. The controller drives the motor, generates the PWM, decodes the commutation, and provides error amplification and motor coil current sense. Analog motor current output can be used for torque control or for transconductance amplifier drive. Four-quadrant operation is possible in open or closed loop systems and 2-quadrant operation with direction control.
Apex Microtechnology, Tucson, Ariz.
Circle 301

Soft Ferrites Handbook

This 975-page handbook gives detailed technical data sheets and additional information about the complete range of soft ferrite cores and accessories, as well as EMI-suppression products. In addition, the CD-ROM version includes ferrite design software and a collection of Ferroxcube application notes.
Ferroxcube USA, El Paso, Texas
Circle 312

DC Fan

Designed to cool a computer chassis using minimal power, the 9232-12Vdc fan extracts air from the entire system. It has been effectively applied with a passive heat sink and baffling system to direct air through the heat sink and out of a dual- or single-processor workstation. It can be thermally controlled to deliver 20 dBA at low speed. It cools a system with 82 cfm, running at 4000 rpm.
JMC Products, Austin, Texas
Circle 306

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