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Current-Mode Controllers

The SiP280x PWM controllers are versatile, low-cost building blocks for converters in offline and dc-dc current-mode power supplies. These pin-for-pin-compatible replacements to the UCC380x/UCC280x family include the SiP2800, SiP2801, SiP2802, SiP2803, SiP2804 and SiP2805, each of which is built on a BiCMOS process and available in either a SO-8 or TSSOP-8 package. Intended for 10-W to 250-W power supplies, the controllers operate from a supply voltage as low as 5 V.
Siliconix Inc.
Malvern, Pa.

Circle 301

Chassis-Mount Converters

The VDZ Series of chassis-mount dc-dc converters is available in units ranging from 75 W to 1000 W. Designed to operate without heatsinks, they are for industrial and military applications where rugged design is required. All units are vibration and shock tested, while operating at temperatures from -40°C to 85°C. Available in 70 models, they accept inputs from 9 V to 400 V in 2-to-1 and 4-to-1 input ranges. Standard output voltage options include 12 V, 24 V, 28 V and 48 V
Beaverton, Ore.

Circle 302

Miniature Schottky Diode

Provided in the SOD523 package, the ZHCS350 40-V Schottky barrier diode outperforms much larger packaged devices in terms of VF and IR performance and continuous current handling capability. It has a maximum reverse current of 12 µA and a forward voltage, typically specified at 300 mV and 730 mV for respective continuous forward currents of 30 mA and 350 mA. It features a 1.7-mm × 0.9-mm footprint and a 0.8-mm profile.
Hauppauge, N.Y.

Circle 303


The MAX6870/MAX6871 EEPROM-programmable, hex/quad power-supply sequencers/supervisors feature an integrated 10-bit ADC. They also offer a 1% comparator threshold accuracy, as well as combine voltage monitoring, supervisory functions, margining control and sequencing control. They are programmed through an I2C interface that selects monitored voltage thresholds, sequence and reset-timing specifications, and sets output configurations.
Maxim Integrated Products
Sunnyvale, Calif.

Circle 304

Dual-Phase Boost Converter

The LTC3428 2-phase, current-mode boost converter can supply 2 A at 5 V from a 3.3-V input in a 3-mm × 3-mm DFN package. Its input voltage range of 1.6 V to 4.5 V is suitable for Li-ion and multicell alkaline/NiMH applications. External parts count and size are minimized by a 1 MHz per phase-switching frequency and a 2-phase design.
Linear Technology Corp.
Milpitas, Calif.

Circle 305

Feedthru Filters

The W2F4 and W3F4 Series of feedthru filters is for data lines for automotive entertainment systems. The feedthru array contains four elements with a common ground connection, making it suitable for multi-line designs. Available in a 4-element 0508 and 0612 feedthru array package, benefits include reduced placement costs, reduced component counts and PCB space savings. They can be used to meet MIL-STD-461E and SAE radiated and conducted emission requirements. Available in voltage ratings of 25 V, 50 V and 100 V.
AVX Corp.
Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Circle 306

Inline Tubes

Devices in the Anotherm Series consist of a tubular aluminum substrate resistive technology that delivers tightly controlled “instant on” heat with greater than 95% efficiency. In addition, resistors fabricated with this innovative technology can serve as a voltage drop source for daylight running lamps and fan speed controls. Furthermore, the Anotherm substrates are made from 6061 or 6063 aluminum alloy, with an insulation system consisting of a thin layer of anodized aluminum oxide chemically grown on the outer diameter of the aluminum tube.
TT electronics
Paterson, N.J.

Circle 307

POL Converter

The PMH-series of nonisolated point-of-load (POL) converters covers a wide input range of 6 V to 14 V, providing a 16-A output current with adjustable output voltage of 0.75 V to 3.63 V. They come in a standard surface-mount package of 1.3 in. × 0.53 in. × 0.24 in. and units weigh just 6.5 g. The PMH-series delivers a maximum output of 53 W (3.3V/16A) with an efficiency of 92%. In addition, they are RoHS compliant and provide full, autorecovery protection for input undervoltage, output short circuit (non-hiccup type) and thermal limit.
TDK Innoveta
Richardson, Texas

Circle 308

Current Monitor

The ZXCT1008 is a -40°C to 125°C rated high accuracy current monitor for automotive load measurement and control. The simplicity of the three-terminal device enables it to tolerate high voltage transients, overvoltage and reverse polarity events. A high-side current monitoring device, the SOT23-packaged ZXCT1008 eliminates any ground plane disruption when sensing a load current. It takes a sense voltage across a low value shunt resistor and converts it into a 1% accurate proportional output voltage, scaled by a user-defined output resistor. The lack of a separate ground connection means it can be floated and input voltages accommodated well above its normal 2.5-V to 20-V limit. Simply adding a Zener in series with the ground reference resistor offsets the input voltage range. Putting a Zener across the IC's voltage input and current output terminals also protects it against overvoltage and reverse polarity events, in both instances, the Zener conducts to maintain safe operating conditions for the current monitor.
Zetex, Hauppauge, N.Y.
Circle XXX

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