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High-Voltage SMD Capacitor

The ACHV series of capacitors combines high temperature and long life into one surface-mount package. Its longevity (5000 hr) makes it ideal for power supplies, battery chargers, and personal computers. Operating temperature range is from -40°C to 105°C. Available voltages range from 160Vdc to 450Vdc with a nominal capacitance range of 2.2 µF to 100 µF. Capacitance tolerance is ±20%.
JARO Components Inc.,
Boco Raton, Fla.

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Metal Film Resistors

The RC Series of precision metal film resistors feature low TCRs over a wide resistance range and are available with commercial or CECC release approved ratings. With resistance tolerances down to 0.05%, they offer low noise, low temperatures coefficient, and negligible voltage coefficient. They're available with three power ratings from 0.25W to 1W at 70°C ambient, with limiting voltages of 350V to 500V.
Welwyn Components Ltd.,
Bedlington,Northumberland, UK

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CC-CV Battery Charger

The MAX1501 linear charger integrates constant temperature regulation, which minimizes charge time and accepts regulated or unregulated wall adapters with 4.5V to 13V outputs. The thermal regulation automatically adjusts the charging current to avoid excessive power dissipation and to limit PCB temperature during CC-CV charging. The 16-pin QFN package (5 mm × 5 mm) enables charge current up to 1.4A. It also charges lithium-ion (Li+) and NiMH batteries, and regulates the output voltage in a no-battery condition.
Maxim, Sunnyvale, Calif.
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Quad Diode Array

The CMEDA-6i quad diode array consists of a monolithic chip with four, 60V, 250mA isolated high speed switching diodes in an 8-lead SOT-28 surface-mount package. With a superior DVF matching of 30mV (max), low capacitance of 3pF and a fast switching speed of 100ns (max), it's ideal for computer and peripheral equipment circuits requiring uniform response characteristics for critical design applications.
Central Semiconductor Corp.,
Hauppauge, NY

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DC-DC Converters

The Q-Bus series of ultrahigh efficiency quarter-brick dc-dc converters support 12V intermediate bus architectures. They are capable of creating 300W, the highest output power of any quarter brick module on the market, supporting multiple point-of-load converters. The QBE025A0B module can convert an input voltage of 42Vdc to 53Vdc into an output of 12Vdc at up to 25A. The QBK020A0B module accommodates a wider input range of 36Vdc to 55Vdc and provides an output voltage of 12V at up to 20A.
Tyco Electronics, Dallas
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Logic and Discrete Devices

The SOT5xx line of small signal, standard logic and diode array devices is available in miniaturized (1.6 mm × 1.6 mm × 0.6 mm), low profile, leaded SOT553 and SOT563 packages. They reduce board space by up to 45%. Their lead-free (Pb free) design is backward compatible with leaded or unleaded solder processes. Its leaded design is compatible with pick-and-place assembly equipment and the industry's strict visual inspection requirements.
ON Semiconductor, Phoenix
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Shielded SMD Inductor

DR340-X Series shielded SMD inductors feature a low seated profile at 0.319 in. (3.4 mm) to 0.315 in. (8 mm) above the circuit board, and operate over the temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. Parameters include an inductance of 1.2 µH to 1000 µH, a resistance of 0.007Ω to 1.53Ω maximum and a rated current of 0.40A to 9.8A max.
Datatronic Distribution Inc.,
Romoland, Calif.

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30° LED Devices

TLCx52xx Series features four high-intensity 30° LED devices built on the AllnGaP and InGaN technologies. They offer clear, non-diffused, 5-mm LEDs with an untinted plastic case, and a lens and viewing angle optimized for superior light output and visibility. They have luminous intensity at 4000 mcd in a selection of red (616 nm), yellow (590 nm), green (525 nm), and blue (470 nm).
Vishay Intertechnology Inc.,
Malvern, Pa.

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Step-Down Switching Regulator

The LT3431 step-down switching regulator uses a 3A internal switch. Available in a thermally enhanced TSSOP package, it operates within a VIN range of 5.5V to 60V and delivers up to 2.75A continuous output current at voltages as low as 1.25V. It uses a constant 500 kHz switching frequency, and a sync pin allows external synchronization from 580 kHz to 700 kHz with logic level inputs.
Linear Technology,
Milpitas, Calif.

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Fan-Cooled Power Supply

The LPQ142-CF fan-cooled power supply provides forced air required for continuous operation at its 145W output power rating. It's ideal for low-profile applications requiring tightly regulated and low-output ripple on four dc outputs. EN61000-3-2 compliant for input current harmonic content, its input voltage range is 85Vac to 264Vac and 120Vdc to 300Vdc, and frequency range is 47 Hz to 63 Hz.
Astec Power, Carlsbad, Calif.
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Portable Clamp-On Power Meters

CW120 and CW121 portable clamp-on power meters measure up to 3P3W and 3P4W. Features include a compact design (117 mm × 161 mm × 51 mm) at 1.31 lb and a large backlit LCD. External current clamps include 50A, 200A, 500A, 700A and 1000A to 3000A. UL-approved, they store up to one year of data in 30-min intervals.
Yokogawa Corp. of America,
Newnan, Ga.

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Winding Wire

TEX-B triple-insulated reinforced winding wire is for Class B applications. Available in wire sizes 0.20 mm to 1 mm and solderable conductor sizes of 0.20 mm to 0.40 mm. Rated 1000Vrms maximum working voltage, safety certification standards include UL 1950-3e, IEC 60950- 3e, and IEC 60065-6e.
Wire Specialties, Amherst, N.H.
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High-Power Chip Resistors

These high-power chip resistors use thin film on AlN. Ground isolation style features a solid solderable bottom pad and two solderable top surface terminals. Ground connect style features a single wraparound connecting the resistor to a solderable bottom pad, with atop surface pad. They're available in values from 10Ω and 1KΩ.
State of the Art, State College, Pa.
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Integrated Power Block

The iP2002 integrated power block enables a 4-phase, 120A synchronous buck converter switching at 1 MHz per phase with up to 82.5% full load efficiency. Upward compatible to the iP2001, it improves power loss up to 20%. Designed for single and multiphase converters with up to 12V distributed power rails, it enables up to 30A continuous output current at 1MHz in an 11 mm × 11 mm × 2.6 mm footprint.
International Rectifier,
El Segundo, Calif.

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Analog Switch

MightyMUX ISL43240 high-performance ICs have four single-pole double-throw analog switches that provide a best-in-class R(ON) of less than 20Ω at ±5V and 25°C, and a best-in-class R(ON) flatness of less than 4Ω guaranteed across input voltage and industrial temperature. It operates from a 2V to 12V single supply or from a ±2V to ±6V dual supply. The near-chip-scale, 20-pad 4 mm × 4 mm Quad Flat No-lead package conserves board space. A 20-lead SSOP package is also available.
Intersil, Milpitas, Calif.
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