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Plug-in Power Modules

Texas Instruments has introduced three wide-input-voltage, nonisolated power modules rated for outputs of 1.5 A, 3 A and 5 A for applications operating from input voltages ranging from 7 V to 36 V. Designated the PTN78000, the PTN78060 and the PTN78020, these power converters target applications such as industrial equipment, test and measurement instruments, and medical equipment.

These devices represent the third generation of the company's PT78 series of power modules and are 50% smaller than their predecessors. Other features include a wide-ranging adjustable output of 2.5 V to 12.6 V, on/off inhibit control, short-circuit and overcurrent protection, overtemperature shutdown and remote sense PTN78020. The modules measure 18.9 mm × 12.5 mm × 8.5 mm (PTN78000), 25.2 mm × 15.7 mm × 9 mm (PTN78060), or 37.9 mm × 22.1 mm × 9 mm (PTN78020).
Texas Instruments

Circle 301

High-input-voltage Linear Regulators

From Maxim Integrated Products, the MAX8718/MAX8719 linear regulators operate at input voltages ranging from 4 V to 28 V, while drawing just 25 µA of quiescent supply current. These regulators are intended to supply keep-alive power to CMOS RAM, real-time clocks (RTC) and microcontrollers in systems with high-voltage batteries.

Even when subjected to fast supply-voltage changes that occur during the switch-over from battery to ac-adapter input power, the MAX8718 provides a fixed 5-V or 3.3-V output. The MAX8719 has an adjustable 1.24-V to 8-V output. The MAX8718/MAX8719 are available in a thermal 8-pin TDFN package.
Sunnyvale, Calif
Circle 302

80 V N-channel MOSFET

The FDS3572 from Fairchild Semiconductor is an 80-V N-channel MOSFET in SO-8 packaging that provides high overall system efficiencies in both primary-side dc-dc converter and secondary-side synchronous rectifier power supply designs. The FDS3572 boasts a 7.5-nC Miller charge (Qgd) that is 38% lower than products with similar RDS(on) ratings. This low Miller charge combined with the device's low RDS(on) (16 mΩ) results in a figure of merit of 120. This device also features a total gate charge of 31 nC at a VGS = 10 V, a QRR of 70 nC, and high avalanche energy capability of EAS = 515 mJ.
Fairchild Semiconductor
South Portland, Maine

Circle 303

Class D Audio MOSFET

International Rectifier's IRF6665 is a DirectFET-style MOSFET for medium-power Class D audio amplifiers. The device parameters are tuned specifically for improved audio performance such as efficiency, total harmonic distortion (THD) and power density. In addition to application-tuned silicon, IR's DirectFET packaging technology enhances performance in Class D audio amplifier circuits by reducing lead inductance, which improves switching performance and reduces EMI noise. Thermal efficiency enables 100-Ω operation into 8 Ω without a heatsink. The MOSFET specifies a breakdown voltage of 100 V. Other key parameters include an RDS(ON) of 51 mཡ at 10 V, a QG of 8 nC, and a QSW of 3.5 (all typicals).
International Rectifier
El Segundo, Calif
Circle 304

UL 1310, Class 2 Power Supply

A UL 508/1310 Listed, Class 2 power supply from Phoenix Contact is distinguished by its high current rating of 3.8 A at 24 V. The MINI power supply provides a wide input-voltage range for both ac and dc inputs. The output currents are available with a regulated and adjustable output voltage of 22.5 V to 26 V with constant capacity above 24 V. The power supply has a >500,000-hr MTBF rating in accordance with IEC 1709.

The unit is DIN-rail mountable, fully enclosed, has integral diagnostic feedback via an alarm output with LED indication and incorporates Phoenix's plug-gable screw-clamp terminal blocks for ease of wiring.
Phoenix Contact
Harrisburg, Pa
Circle 305

Rectifiers and TVS in SMP Package

Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has launched a new package type for its rectifier and transient voltage suppressor (TVS) products that delivers the same current and power ratings as the SMA package in a 44% smaller footprint. Devices in the new SMP package handle up to 2 A while delivering low levels of thermal resistance.

The more than 45 devices being released in the new SMP package include Schottky, standard and ultrafast rectifiers as well as TVSs. These devices are aimed at power supply applications where the 1-mm height and 2-mm × 3.8-mm footprint of the SMP package allows designers to reduce the size of power circuitry. Typical junction-to-case thermal resistance for all products is 20°C/W.
Malvern, Pa
Circle 306

High-voltage Schottkys

Microsemi Corp. has announced two high-voltage Schottky barrier rectifiers in a compact PowerDI 5 package that provides twice the power density of conventional packages. Designated the UPDS3200 and UPDS-5100H Schottky barrier rectifiers, the devices are rated at 3 A/200 V and 5 A/100 V/low leakage, respectively. Typical applications range from notebook computers to industrial ballasts.

The new high-voltage devices employ the PowerDI 5 packaging technology Microsemi recently licensed from Diodes Inc. In addition to doubling the power density found in standard SMC and DPAK packages, Microsemi's new high-voltage devices provide up to 50% lower thermal resistance in environmentally friendly, RoHS-compliant packages. The package measures 1.1-mm high, with a footprint area of only 26.7 mm2.
Microsemi Corp.
Irvine, Calif
Circle 307

Finger-Safe Power Distribution Blocks

Ferraz Shawmut has taken safety to the next level with the introduction of its new line of Finger-Safe Power Distribution Blocks (FSPDBs). The first product of its kind, the FSPDBs incorporate an innovative and modern design that meets the requirements of IEC 529 and provides the IP-20-grade “finger-safe” protection to end-users — fingers simply can't touch live parts.
Ferraz Shawmut
Newburyport, Mass
Circle 308

Current Sense Resistor

Stackpole Electronics Inc.'s new current sense chip resistor can withstand currents to 63 A in a 2512-size package. The CSRL2 is rated to 2 W at 70°C and has resistance values as low as 0.0005 Ω in tolerances to 1%. The CSRL2 exhibits extremely low inductance of less than 0.2 nH, and has TCRs of less than ±100ppm/°C. The CSRL2 is rated for operation from temperatures of -55°C to 150°C.
Stackpole Electronics Inc.
Raleigh, N.C.

Circle 309

Metal Alloy Strip Resistor

TT electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division has developed an ultralow resistance (< 2 mΩ), surface-mount metal strip resistor rated for 45 A at 1 W while exhibiting extremely low inductance and low TCRs. Designated the CSS Series, the resistor is offered in a two-terminal design and a four-terminal Kelvin design, with a resistance offering of 0.0005 Ω to 0.002 Ω.

Rated for a full 1 W at 70°C, the CSS Series resistors feature resistance values as low as 0.0005 Ω to 0.003 Ω, in tolerances of 1%, 3% and 5%, with TCRs as low as ±20 ppm/°C. They are rated for operation from -40°C to +125°C. Extremely low inductance values of < 0.1nH at 100 KHz and 300 KHz and continued stability beyond 300 MHz make the CSS Series ideal for high-speed computer power supply applications. The CSS Series chips fit within the industry-standard 2512 footprint, with a board-mounted profile of just 0.030 in.
TT electronics IRC
Paterrson, N.J.

Circle 310

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