Power Electronics


Shielded Power Inductors

The 1008PS Series of surface mount power inductors have a 3.7 mm 3.7 mm footprint. These inductors are 2.6 mm high ideal for applications requiring magnetic shielding, the smallest possible size, and low cost. The ferrite cover provides magnetic shielding and an ideal surface for pick and place handling. It includes 26 models with inductance values from 1 μH to 1000 μH and saturation current ratings up to 3A.
Coilcraft, Cary, Ill.
Circle 303

5kW Transfer Switch

The TFS 5000 is a 5kW switch that transfers a critical load between two power sources in 8 ms. It's ideal for UPS systems used in critical applications for computer controlled devices requiring seamless transitions (no longer than a half-cycle of 60 Hz ac power) between the primary and back-up power.
Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
Carp, Ontario, Canada
Circle 327

Adhesive Heat Sinks

This line of adhesive backed peel and stick heat sinks is designed for use with BGAs, PGAs, PLCCs, QFPs, CSPs, μBGAs, flatpack packages, and cooling applications with limited clip space. Its pre-applied adhesive is exposed by peeling off a release liner to provide a mechanical bond, thermally optimized pin fin, and omnidirectional cooling. Adhesive shear strength at 100°C is 36psi.
IERC, Burbank, Calif.
Circle 322

Power Connector

These mini PCIB and PCIM compact power connectors contain terminations with right-angle solder male, right-angle solder female, straight solder female, and straight press-fit female. Connector packages, available in four sizes with nine contact variants, offer ac/dc input, output, and signal contacts.
Positronic Industries, Springfield, Mo.
Circle 305

CFD Thermal Software

Coolit 4.0 thermal analysis software for electronics has hybrid meshing for computational fluid dynamics software. It handles non-rectangular objects easily and automatically, permitting users to build accurate models of complex geometries. It delivers up to 30% faster solver performance due to improvements in solution algorithms.
Daat Research Corp., Hanover, N.H.
Circle 304

1U High Fault Tolerant Supplies

The PowerCassette Rack, a IU (1.72-in.) high, 19-in. rack, holds two new switching power supplies. The two units in a 1+1 redundant, hot-swap configuration produce up to 600W dc with up to six outputs. Outputs are programmed at the factory to meet a customer's requirements. The non-redundant mode, produces up to 1200W with up to six outputs. The rack provides front or back ac power entry using IEC320 inputs with switches or terminal block inputs. The modules are secured by means of a front panel jackscrew.
UNIPOWER Corp., Coral Springs, Fla.
Circle 310

Mini SMT Inductors

The SMP 2007 is a new series of vertical surface mount, miniaturized, toroidal, high current inductors. They are well-suited for power supply applications. The series delivers performance in a space saving, “pick and place” vertical mount package that minimizes external magnetic fields. Technical specifications include: inductance from .15 μH to 15.0 μH, current ratings from 1.9A to 5.9A, and saturation current up to 15A.
Gowanda Electronics, Gowanda, N.Y.
Circle 309

Film Capacitors

This new series of film capacitors for high power filter applications offers improved space utilization and reliability. The UL31 series features three styles with a low profile construction to enhance system space usage and increase cooling efficiency. An in-house, “specific to the task”, thermoplastic formulation used for the enclosure significantly improves thermal conductivity and resistance to hostile environments. An integrated flange with predrilled holes simplifies mounting procedures.
Electronic Concepts, Inc.
Eatontown, N.J.
Circle 328

Schottky Rectifiers

These ultra-low reverse leakage/low forward voltage drop Schottky rectifiers are available in plastic TO-247 packages. Rated at 100V/150V, and 30A/40A, they are suitable for free-wheeling and polarity protection diodes, converters, and switching power supply applications. The primary benefit is low power dissipation due to the fast switching speed of the Schottky junction coupled with a low forward voltage drop of 0.79V at rated current and operating temperature. The rectifiers are guard-ring protected for overvoltage.
Sensitron Semiconductor
Deer Park, N.Y.
Circle 307

Feedthrough Capacitors

This FN 7000 Series of feedthrough capacitors and filters combats conducted electrical interference into and out of electronic components. It's ideal for high frequency applications requiring “clean” power and data lines, including automation, data handling, and communication technologies. It addresses a solution for EMI noise at frequencies of 800 MHz to 40 GHz and features metallized plastic film encapsulated in epoxy, allowing the filter to survive impulse voltages up to 5kV without degradation.
Schaffner EMC, Edison, N.J.
Circle 315

Wall Plug Supplies

This line of 6mm 55mm 28 mm European wall-plug switching power supplies complies with the new EC EMC requirement (EN55022, EN55024). Both the German two-prong E-series and the U.K. three-prong B-series single-output power supplies come in groups of three. There are 10W units rated at 3.3Vdc to 7.5Vdc, 1.3A to 3.0A; 12W units are 8Vdc to 12Vdc, 1.0A to 1.5A; and 15W units at 13.5Vdc to 36Vdc, 0.4A to 1.1A.
Golden Pacific Electronics
Placentia, Calif.
Circle 306

DC Current Transducers

The new CR5200 series of Hall Effect current transducers is specifically designed for non-contact dc monitoring available in full scale ranges from 2Adc to 300Adc. The transducers operate from a 24Vdc supply. They monitor dc and produce a calibrated 0Vdc to 5Vdc or 4mA to 20mA output signal and provide accurate readings of 1% full scale and are highly stable over temperature variations with thermal drift of less than 500 ppm/°C. A unique design feature allows mounting on 35 mm DIN rails, or they can be surface mounted.
CR Magnetics, Inc., Fenton, Mo.
Circle 308

Microfuse with UL 277Vac

This microfuse series boosts its UL component recognition to 277Vac (80mA to 6.3A) with an interrupting rating of 100A. It's CSA certified, VDE/SEMKO approved to IEC 127-3/SS4, and carries the approval of MITI. Single part numbers satisfy the requirements of U.S., Asian, and European markets. The UL rating makes it appropriate for wall-mount power supplies, board level, secondary circuit, and protection applications. It measures 8.35 mm 7.7 mm, and is available in 18.8 mm or 4.3 mm radial lead versions.
Bel Fuse, Jersey City, N.J.
Circle 317

High Density
450W/650W Modular Supply

The Vega Series of power supplies is a standard configurable product that utilizes off-the-shelf modules and converters. The high-reliability configurable switchmode lowers the overall component count and uses a single p. c. board in the front end converter and output module stages. This reduces module assembly time and converters by up to 70% over conventional modular products. Offered in two packages of 450W and 650W, the series provides an output range of 1.8V to 31V.
Lambda, San Diego
Circle 316

Planar Power Resistors

This new family of high-power chips designated TP (thick-film planar) offers high-power density in a lightweight, thin profile, space-saving package. Designed for switchmode power supplies, snubber circuits, in-rush current limiters, and other high power applications, the TP Series is available in 1%, 5%, 10%, and 20% tolerance, and manufactured in a wide resistance range from 0.1Ω to 1MΩ. The TP is a thick film resistor, constructed on an alumina substrate. They are available in power ratings sizes of 3W, 5W, 7.5W, 10W, 25W, 50W, and 100W.
RCD Components, Manchester, N.H.
Circle 319

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