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Schottky Rectifier

The SBM1040 high-efficiency Schottky rectifier in a Powermite® 3 package offers 100µA typical/300µA maximum at VR of 35V, and TS of 25°C with 1.25mA typical/25mA maximum at VR of 35V and TS of 100°C. It measures 1.1 mm (H) and offers a footprint reduction, occupying 33 mm2. Its board area offers savings of 50% over DPAK and 80% over similar D2PAK Schottky rectifiers.
Diodes Inc., Westlake Village, Calif.
Circle 307

InterDigitated Capacitor

InterDigitated Capacitors, available in 0508 and 0612 case sizes, work by connecting a single capacitor with a series of eight or ten vias to power and ground planes in an alternating pattern. Capacitance values range from 0.01µF to .68µF at 16V; 0.01µF to 2.2µF at 10V; and 0.01µF to 3.3µF at 4V with tolerances of ±20% in an X7R/X5R dielectric.
AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Circle 304

Class 2 Transformer

This Class 2, 95VA transformer with 120V input voltage and 24V output voltage is approved to UL, CUL, and UL1585A. Applications include systems such as heating/cooling, security, and control. Options are available from 5VA in several voltage and mounting configurations.
ATC Frost Magnetics, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Circle 303

Full-Bridge Motor Driver IC

The A3948 serially controlled dc motor drive IC features a DMOS H-bridge capable of handling continuous ±1.5A and 50V via a 3-wire serial port, allowing flexibility in configuring the internal PWM current control circuitry. Fast, slow, and mixed current-decay modes and current sense comparator blank time are also programmable via the serial port.
Allegro Microsystems, Worcester, Mass.
Circle 302

SPDT Relays

The PCH relay's slim relay employs silver-tin oxide contacts in a C (SPDT-NO) configuration. The normally open contacts are rated at 5A, resistive at 277Vac or 30Vdc. The normally closed contact set is rated for 3A. DC coils are available for 5V to 48V. Nominal coil power requirement is 400mW, and they are UL, CSA, and VDE approved.
Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, Pa.
Circle 317

High Temperature Cores

The 200C Series of core materials operates at 200°C without changes caused by elevated temperatures. Made from a magnetic alloy instead of iron powder, these -60 and -70 types have permeabilities of 55 and 100. Toroid core sizes range from 0.160 in. to 4 in. outside diameters and E-cores with a back leg from .500 in. to 4.50 in.
Micrometals, Anaheim, Calif.
Circle 327

Power Supply Software

The PI Expert 4.0 power supply design tool automates the design of single- and multiple-output flyback power supplies using the TOPSwitch® and TinySwitch® product families. The graphical user interface allows simultaneous opening of multiple designs for side-by-side comparison of two designs.
Power Integrations Inc., San Jose, Calif.
Circle 328

SMT Current Sense Transformer

The CT317 Series surface-mount current sense transformer features a seated profile of 0.160 in. above the circuit board and operates over the -55°C to +130°C range. Parameters include 80µH to 3100µH inductance, 0.50Ω to 6.10Ω maximum resistance, and a minimum isolation voltage of 500Vrms.
Datatronic Distribution Inc. Romoland, Calif.
Circle 305

Fast Recovery Diodes

The DBA series of fast recovery diodes uses the SOT-227 package, available in 100A, 150A, and 200A (at TC of 100°C) with voltage capacities of 200V, 300V, 400V, and 600V. With VF as low as 0.95V, the 200A, 200V module recovers as 80 ns at IF of 100A and TJ of 25°C. The BBA series has an IF of 100A at TC of 108°C. VF is 0.84V at TJ of 25°C and IF of 100A.
SanRex Corp., Port Washington, N.Y.
Circle 323

Smart LDO

The SP6231 smart LDO voltage regulator manages dual power sources in USB-enabled, battery-powered peripherals. It extends battery life by switching from the peripheral's power source to the host's 5V USB bus. The 500mA, fixed 3.3V CMOS regulator has an auxiliary on-board power control switch, and is fault protected for overcurrent, overvoltage, and thermal runaway conditions.
Sipex Corp., Billerica, Mass.
Circle 316

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