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18-W Switcher

Taiyo Yuden's (USA) LPT18 is an ac input, dual dc output, switch-mode power supply designed for RoHS-compliant requirements.

Designed for 0°C to 50°C operation, the convection-cooled LPT18 provides 18 W of power with outputs of 5.1 Vdc (3 A) and -5 Vdc (1.5 A) at up to 85% efficiency. The LPT18 provides a wide input-voltage range of 100 Vac to 240 Vac (47 Hz to 63 Hz, single phase) and maximum input currents of 0.4 ARMS and 0.2 ARMS at 115 Vac and 230 Vac, respectively, at rated load. The LPT18's single-switch fly-back converter operates in a discontinuous variable-frequency mode to provide a transient response of ±3%.

The LPT18 measures just 4.5 in. × 1.25 in. × 1.1 in. The price for the LPT18 is approximately $10 each in OEM quantities.
Taiyo Yuden
San Marcos, Calif.


SMD Suppressor Diodes

Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) from Diotec Semiconductor are available in SMD outlines with breakdown voltages higher than 200 V, up to 520 V. Especially for protective circuits at 230 Vac mains, there is an advantage in reduced required space as well as in simplified assembly of the board.

The SMA version is called P4SMA and is based on axial diode P4KE having 400 W of peak pulse power like this. The SMB version is called P6SMB and corresponds to the P6KE having 600 W. The most powerful type is the 1.5SMC within the SMC package, having 1500 W as the according axial-type 1.5KE.
Diotec Semiconductor AG
Heitersheim, Germany


RESET Controllers

Summit Microelectronics has introduced the SMR 101 programmable RESET controller. Using Summit's GUI-based programming technology, system designers can customize the SMR101 to address hundreds of unique combinations of voltage and timing requirements.The controller offers dual RESET outputs that respond to either an external manual push button input or an internal voltage monitor.

The RESET controller comes in a six-bump 1.2-mm × 1.8-mm ultra CSP package and also is available in an 8-lead SOIC. The SMR101 is priced at $0.56 each in quantities of 10,000 for the CSP package and at $0.76 each in quantities of 10,000 for the SOIC package.
Summit Microelectronics
San Jose, Calif.


Digital Potentiometers

The MAX5527/MAX5528/MAX5529 from Maxim Integrated Products are low-cost 64-tap, one-time-programmable digital potentiometers in 8-pin, 3-mm × 3-mm TDFN or microMAX packages. The one-time fuse-programmable feature sets the power-on position of the wiper, enabling these devices to power up to a unique predefined state.

The potentiometers require less than 1.5 mA in standby mode and operate from a 2.7-V to 5.5-V single supply. Prices for the MAX5527/MAX5528/MAX5529 start at $0.70 each in quantities of 1000.
Maxim Integrated Products
Sunnyvale, Calif.


Magnetic Rotary Encoder

An absolute analog magnetic rotary encoder IC, the AS5043 from austriamicrosystems offers a highly reliable, contactless solution to a variety of motion-sensing applications in the industrial and automotive fields.

The device provides an analog voltage that is proportional to the measured angle, in addition to 10-bit digital position information. By combining adjustable angle range and analog output-voltage range, a user can program the device to operate within a predefined, application-specific angle range.

Available in an SSOP 16, the AS5043 provides both analog and 10-bit digital position information.
Unterpremstaetten, Austria


Charge Pump

From Advanced Analogic Technologies, the AAT2805 high-efficiency, dual-charge pump supports both white LED backlight and camera flash applications in systems that run on Li-ion batteries. The backlight charge pump in the AAT2805 drives up to four LEDs at a total output of 120 mA.

The charge pump operates in 1X, 1.5X and 2X modes. The device automatically selects the most efficient mode by comparing the forward voltage of each LED with the input voltage. The charge pump features a quiescent current as low as 80 µA (typical).

For flash applications, the AAT2805 integrates a charge pump doubler with a regulated output voltage. The chip delivers up to 120 mA of continuous current or up to 250 mA of pulsed current. The AAT2805 sells for $1.64 in 1000-unit quantities.
Advanced Analogic Technologies
Sunnyvale, CA


ESD Protection

Raychem Circuit Protection, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, has introduced electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection devices. Designed for I/O port protection on applications such as USB 2.0, the PESD0402 and 0603 protection devices are available in popular form factors.

The ESD devices utilize advanced thick film technology to provide low capacitance (typically 0.25 pF) for ESD protection in high-speed data-transmission applications. Available in standard EIA sizes 0402 and 0603, with a quad-array in 1206 size coming soon, the cost is $0.09 in quantities of 100,000 units/yr.
Raychem Circuit Protection
Menlo Park, Calif.


Surface-Mount Inductors

The Coiltronics brand of high-current HC8 surface-mount inductors from Cooper Electronic Technologies, a business unit of Cooper Bussmann, now feature a wider inductance range and inductance values from 0.175 µH to 47.3 µH. They have a 4-mm height and are designed for use in VRM (multiphase buck regulator) circuits with higher-speed switch-mode applications requiring fast transient response and high current capability.

Featuring a low-resistance flat-wire construction, the HC8 surface-mount inductors have a current range from 39 A to 2.4 A and a frequency range up to 600 kHz.
Cooper Electronic Technologies
Boynton Beach, Fla.


SIP Power Modules

Texas Instruments announced two families of POLA-compatible, nonisolated, plug-in power modules that are available in single in-line pin (SIP) packages. The flexible 8-A and 18-A point-of-load power modules support input voltages of 3.3 V, 5 V and 12 V.

The PTVxx010 family of dc-dc converters combines high-performance and high-power efficiency with double-sided, surface-mount construction. The 8-pin SIP footprint minimizes board space and offers an alternative package option for space-conscious applications.

TI also introduced its PTVxx020 family of 12-pin SIP modules that support similar systems requiring output currents of up to 18 A.

In quantities of 1000, suggested pricing is $6.90 each for the PTVxx010 products and $11.60 for the PTVxx020 products.
Texas Instruments
Dallas, Texas


Electrical Test Sets

The Power Provider System (PPS) line of custom electrical test sets from Staco Energy Products is designed to suit each customer's needs in the most reliable, economical and versatile manner. Common uses include testing of electrical motors, compressors, pumps, power supplies, and lighting for variables such as accelerated service-life testing, motor startup/run down/efficiency, in-rush amps, locked rotor amps, capacity and more.

PPS Test Sets have many options, which can be added to or subtracted from, providing capabilities that exceed the capabilities of testing with off-the-shelf variable transformers. The addition of an MP controller maintains the output voltage to ±0.5 V. An RS-232 interface allows computer control and downloading of data to a customer's computer system.
Staco Energy Products
Dayton, Ohio


Power Inductors

Pulse, a Technitrol Co., introduced five new series of unshielded and shielded surface-mount (SMT) drum-core power inductors:

  • PF0504 unshielded inductor series: 15 values from 0.68 µH/20 A to 150 µH/2 A; the size is 0.73 in. × 0.6 in. × 0.45 in.

  • PF0580 unshielded inductor series: 22 values from 1 µH/3.1 A to 65 µH/0.41 A; the size is 0.185 in. × 0.165 in. × 0.137 in.

  • PF0581 unshielded power inductor series: 22 values from 10 µH/2.5 A to 560 µH/0.32 A; the size is 0.406 in. × 0.367 in. × 0.174 in.

  • PF0601 shielded power inductor series: 22 values from 2.9 µH/2 A to 330 µH/0.19 A; the size is 0.272 in. × 0.256 in. × 0.118 in.

  • PF0560 shielded power inductor series: 15 values from 1.5 µH/6.5 A to 330 µH/0.52 A; the size is 0.409 in. × 0.406 in. × 0.157 in.

The price range of Pulse's drum-core power inductors in these series are between $0.10 and $0.20 each, depending on the part and quantity. They come in trays or tape-and-reel packages.
San Diego, Calif.



Delta Electronics has introduced the H48SN 28-V, 350-W half-brick converter in its Delphi Series of board-mounted dc-dc power converters. The H48SN280 isolated converter features a 48-V input, single 28-V output, which is able to deliver up to 350 W of output power in a half-brick footprint and pinout. Typical efficiency for this module at a full load of 350 W is better than 91%.

All modules are fully protected against abnormal input/output voltage, current and temperature conditions. The H48SN unit also has a built-in heat spreader for optimal thermal coupling and conduction cooling. An optional heatsink is available for extended thermal operation. In OEM quantities of 1000 pieces, the unit price is $63.
Delta Electronics
Chungli, Taiwan


VLDO Regulator

Linear Technology announces the LTC3026, a 1.5-A very low-dropout (VLDOTM) linear regulator with input-voltage capability down to 1.14 V. Featuring adjustable ultralow output voltage operation from 0.4 V to 2.6 V, it also maintains extremely low-dropout voltage of only 100 mV while delivering up to 1.5 A of output current.

The LTC3026's high-supply rejection capability enables it to be a highly effective post-regulator for switching power supplies. Other key applications include high-efficiency linear regulation from low-input-voltage 2.5-V/1.8-V/1.5-V rails, plus powering low-voltage, high-current digital ICs.

The LTC3026EDD and LTC3026EMSE are available in a 10-lead DFN and 10-lead MSOP, respectively. Pricing for 1000 pieces starts at $2.20 each.
Linear Technology
Milpitas, Calif.


High-Temperature Inductors

The magnetic component division of BI Technologies, a TT Electronics company, has developed a self-shielding molded inductor design that reduces acoustic noise level and delivers up to 40 A of rated current. The HM55A Series provides design engineers with a device that exhibits low core losses, tight tolerances for dc resistance and inductance values, and high-temperature operation to 155°C.

Two case sizes are available: 0.406 in. × 0.254 in. × 0.228 in. and 0.406 in. × 0.254 in. × 0.292 in. Pricing for the HM55A Series inductors starts at $0.28 each in volume quantities.
BI Technologies
Fullerton, Calif.


Wire-Wound Resistors

IRC is offering economical wire-wound devices rated at double the power dissipation of traditional axial-leaded packages. These power wire-wound resistors also are available in fusible and flame-resistant versions. The SP20 Series resistors are rated for a full 1 W in a package typically associated with half-watt devices, while the SPH is rated for 2 W in a 1-W package.

Pricing for the SP20/SPH Series resistors is $0.13 to $0.19 each in quantities of 10,000.
Boone, N.C.


Multiport Midspans

Phihong now offers a multiport midspan power injector for power-over-Ethernet applications that can be used with Gigabit systems. Phihong's midspans are not limited to working only on 10 baseT or 100 baseT systems. Available in 1-port, 8-port, 16-port and 24-port versions, Phihong's high-speed midspans offer the full 15.4 W per port.

The midspan will provide full power to all ports, so there is no need for calculating what devices to connect. Every midspan comes with software to control and monitor each port along with full-power management capability for load shedding in backup power conditions.

Pricing for the 24-port midspans starts at $295 in OEM quantities.
Fremont, Calif.


ESD Protection Device

Pan Jit International has introduced a patent-pending ESD protection device with a low-voltage rating. Designed for 1.5-V logic, the PJLC1V5 and the dual PJLC1V5D protect valuable CMOS circuitry. With a maximum leakage specification of 1 mA at 1.5 V, this is a true 1.5-V transient voltage suppressor. The PJLC1V5 Series limits voltage to 1.75 V at 100 µA and 2.1 V at 1 mA, making it optimal for 1.2-V and 1.5-V logic. The PJLC1V5 Series is capable of withstanding 50 W of power for 8/20 µs surges. The PJLC1V5 and PJLC1V5D are offered in the SOT23 package. The PJLC1V5 (single) is priced at $0.16 each and the PJLC1V5D (dual) is priced at $0.19 each, both in 1000-piece quantities.
Pan Jit International
Tempe, Ariz.


DC Power Systems

Rectifier Technologies Pacific unveiled its RT8 series of switched-mode rectifier modules. The RT8 is available in 12-V, 24-V and 48-V versions. The RT8-48V/50A is designed to provide up to 60 A of output current into a -48-V telecom system, and the RT8-24V/100A is designed to provide up to 120 A of output current into a 24-V system.

These rectifiers have been designed for use in conjunction with a battery to provide an uninterruptible dc power system. Up to 225 rectifiers can be configured as a system using one control and supervisory unit (MiniCSU-2).
Rectifier Technologies Pacific
Victoria, Australia


DIN-Rail Power Supplies

Emerson Network Power has announced the addition of three-phase models to the ADN Series of DIN-rail switching power supplies from Astec Power. The new models offer power ratings of 120 W up to 960 W, all with a nominal output voltage of 24 Vdc and a robust 20-ms holdup time, as well as a 50% brownout tolerance from the selected nominal input voltage. The compact units are designed for rugged operation in temperatures as high as 60°C with no derating and no forced-air cooling requirement. Samples are available now, with prices starting at $150 for the 120-W model.
Astec Power
Carlsbad, Calif.


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