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DC-DC Converter Series

Murata Electronics North America has unveiled the high-speed response MPDRX series of dc-dc converter modules. These point-of-load (POL) nonisolated devices are particularly useful in field programmable gate array (FPGA) and microprocessor applications that require good regulation and a fast response to the high-current transients they generate during normal operation.

The MPDRX series eliminates much of the effect of the load current transient condition by reducing the resulting output voltage variation by up to 85%. Additionally, the MPDRX series converters offer an excellent pass-through transient response, an ideal POL solution for intermediate bus architectures (IBAs). In IBAs, an unregulated 12-V bus input voltage can vary enough to generate hundreds of millivolts of transient voltage from a traditional POL converter output to a FPGA load. Murata's MPDRX series responds to such unregulated input voltage swings with 95% less variation on the output and an almost immediate recovery time.

The MPDRX series is offered at $10.25 each in volume quantities.
Murata Electronics N.A.
Smyrna, Ga.


Automotive Buck Converter

Maxim Integrated Products introduces easy-to-use 40-V input, dual-mode buck converters with user-selectable low-dropout (LDO) mode. At a high-output load, the MAX5096/MAX5097 reduce power dissipation by operating as high-efficiency, pulse-width modulated (PWM) switch-mode buck converters.

During a key-off condition, the system's microcontroller drives the LDO or BUCK input pin on-the-fly and forces the change to LDO mode, thus reducing the quiescent current (IQ). The flexible configuration, low IQ operation, protection features and thermal enhancement make these converters ideal for low-cost, compact automotive dc-dc applications.

These devices operate at a fixed switching frequency of 135 kHz (MAX5096) or 330 kHz (MAX5097). In addition, the converters' internal dc-dc converter clock can be synchronized to an external clock. The devices use external compensation, which allows the use of low-cost inductors and output capacitors while optimizing loop stability.

The MAX5096/MAX5097 are available in thermally enhanced 20-pin TSSOP and 16-pin TQFN packages. The converters start at $2.74 each in quantities of 1000.
Maxim Integrated Products
Sunnyvale, Calif.



Onanon now offers the MultiWise Connector, an industry-advancing connector technology that combines pins, contacts and blades on a single platform, giving engineers the power to design greater conductivity and functionality into small-footprint devices.

The MultiWise Connector provides a new dynamic to satisfy the need for increased power density in small spaces. Configurations using both pins, contacts and blades allow greater simplicity and flexibility in designs by offering engineers more options for lowering contact resistance while maintaining the necessary power/signal mix.

Automotive systems engineers once restricted to packaging multiple connectors and circuitry together in an assembly can now combine the required connector features and circuitry together on one MultiWise Connector. With the introduction of blade pins, designers can take advantage of greater conductivity available in more rugged copper and brass alloy blades.

Production of MultiWise Connector devices surpasses tape-and-reel operations by employing a shake-insertion method to load both blades, pins and contacts.

Low Dropout Regulators

The MCP1827 and MCP1827S from Microchip Technology are low output voltage, high output current, low dropout regulators (LDOs). The LDOs are available in small, thermally efficient 3-pin and 5-pin packages, and support output currents up to 1.5 A. They are well positioned to power smaller geometry-based embedded processors/controllers and next-generation logic cores such as those found in computer, industrial and power-supply applications.

The MCP1827 and MCP1827S support input voltages ranging from 2.3 V to 6 V and output voltages from 0.8 V to 5 V, while having a full current dropout voltage of only 330 mV (typical). The devices feature a quiescent current of 120 µA for low power consumption during regulation, and they are ceramic output-capacitor stable to help reduce design costs and size.

The MCP1827 is available in 5-pin DDPAK and TO-220 packages at $1.09 each for the fixed-output-voltage version and $1.17 each for the adjustable-output-voltage version, both in 10,000-unit quantities. The smaller, more cost-conscious MCP1827S LDO comes in 3-pin DDPAK and TO-220 packages for $1 each in 10,000-unit quantities.
Microchip Technology
Chandler, Ariz.


P-Channel Load Switches

Two families of p-channel load switches from Vishay Intertechnology are optimized for high-side operation in 1.5-V to 5-V load-switching applications. The SiP4280A and SiP4282 devices will be used to turn on and off the power for the display, speakerphone, memory cards and other such functions in portable electronic systems.

For maximum space savings, the SiP4282 offers typical on-resistance of 140 mΩ at 5 V and 175 mΩ at 3 V in the tiny SC-75 package. For applications requiring lower on-resistance but allowing more board space, the SiP4280A offers typical on-resistance of 80 mΩ at 5 V and 100 mΩ at 3 V in the 6-pin SOT-23 package. The SiP4280A and SiP4282 cost $1.95 each in 10,000-piece quantities.
Vishay Intertechnology
Malvern, Pa.


High Precision Op Amps

Linear Technology announces a family of ultralow-power op amps. The LT6003 (single), LT6004 (dual) and LT6005 (quad) amplifiers draw less than 1 µA and operate from 1.6 V to 16 V. With an input offset voltage of 500 µV max at 25°C and a maximum drift of 5 µV/°C, the LT6003 family is ideal for battery-operated, handheld instrumentation due to the combination of low supply current, a 1.6-V to 16-V operating range and tiny packages. For many micropower amplifiers, rail-to-rail operation compromises the supply current, with up to a threefold current increase as the output approaches the rails.

The LT6003 family is available in 2-mm × 2-mm DFN or ThinSOT (single), 3-mm × 3-mm DFN or MSOP (dual) and 5-mm × 3-mm DFN or TSSOP (quad). Pricing in 1000-unit quantities starts at $0.72, $1.10 and $1.75 for the single LT6003, dual LT6004, and quad LT6005, respectively.
Linear Technology
Milpitas, Calif.


Smart Load Switches

Micrel has added to its family of miniature high-current load switches. The MIC94066/67/68/69 are all part of a family of smart high-side load switches. These high output current switches are ideal for portable applications.

The MIC94066/67/68/69 operate with inputs ranging from 1.8 V to 5.5 V and can be driven by 1.5-V logic. They provide up to 2 A of continuous current per channel via low on-resistance p-channel MOSFETs with 2 A of continuous current.

Housed in 2-mm × 2-mm MLF packages, the MIC94066/67/68/69 start at $0.56 each in quantities of 10,000.
San Jose, Calif.


High-Current Inductors

Tyco Electronics' CoEv series of high current inductors are well suited for a wide range of high-current applications in computers, power supplies, dc-dc converters, ac-dc converters and battery-powered devices. These low-profile molded inductors are designed to suppress and filter ac ripple in dc output circuits. These high-current inductors employ a shielded composite construction and operate in a frequency range of up to 5 MHz.

The CoEv inductors feature high performance and a low SMT profile. Through-hole version design options are available upon request. The inductors are priced at $0.53 each in quantities of 25,000.
Tyco Electronics
Harrisburg, Pa.


Surface-Mount Inductor

The Magnetic Components Division of BI Technologies has developed a high-power surface-mount inductor. Designated the HM72A Series, the family of RoHS-compliant powdered iron inductors is being specified for a variety of power applications and distributed power architectures. The devices feature inductance values from 100 nH to 33 µH, with saturation levels to 80 A.

The HM72A inductors are available in three package sizes: 7.23 mm × 6.8 mm, with a height of 3 mm; 11.5 mm × 10.5 mm, with height options of 2.5 mm and 4 mm; and 13.5 mm × 13 mm, in heights of 3.5 mm, 5 mm, and 6.5 mm. The molded surface-mount inductors are available in standard embossed tape-and-reel packaging. Typical pricing for the HM72A Series devices is approximately $0.55 to $0.85 each, depending on quantity and size.
BI Technologies
Fullerton, Calif.


Low Inductance Power Resistors

The IRC Advanced Film Division of TT electronics has extended its MHP Series power resistors with 20-W and 35-W devices. Designated the MHP-20 and MHP-35, the power resistors feature low thermal impedance and high insulation resistance for demanding applications.

Additional applications for the MHP Series resistors include load resistors, motor control and drive circuits, switch-mode power supplies, automotive electronics, industrial power equipment, UPS systems and industrial computers.

The MHP-20 and MHP-35 are housed in a TO-220-style package. Pricing for the power resistors is $1.80 each in quantities of 1000.
TT electronics
Corpus Christi, Texas



Raychem Circuit Protection, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, has released PolyZen, a polymer-enhanced precision Zener diode micro-assembly. The device helps protect sensitive electronics from damage caused by inductive voltage spikes, voltage transients, incorrect power supplies and reverse bias.

The PolyZen device helps provide coordinated protection with a component that protects like a Zener diode, but is capable of withstanding very high-power fault conditions. It incorporates a stable Zener diode for precise voltage clamping and a resistively nonlinear, polymer positive temperature coefficient layer that responds to either diode heating or overcurrent events.

The PolyZen device is compatible with industry-standard installation procedures and is available in tape-and-reel packaging. The micro-assembly costs $0.27 each in quantities of 100,000.
Raychem Circuit Protection
Menlo Park, Calif.


AC Cooling Fan

Orion Fans has developed a 120-mm ac fan with metal blades specifically designed for harsh, rugged environments. Designated the OA109AP Series, the 115-Vac fan is an economical cooling solution ideal for military, chemical, process control and industrial applications.

The OA109AP Series is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for one year. Typical pricing for the fan is $18.50 each in quantities under 100.
Orion Fans


Dual Output DC-DC Converters

Wilmore's Series 1722 dc-dc converters provide two separate 200-W outputs in a single 1.75-inch (1U)-high rack-mount enclosure. The two output voltages can be any combination of 13 Vdc, 24 Vdc or 48Vdc. Each output is independently regulated, protected and isolated, making these converters ideal for applications where multiple dc voltages and/or polarities must be derived from new or existing battery systems. Standard input voltages are 24 Vdc, 48 Vdc and 130 Vdc.

Features of the Series 1722 converters include high operating efficiencies, convection cooling (no fans) and an ambient operating temperature range of -30° C to 60°C. The price of the Series 1722 converters is $635 each.
Wilmore Electronics Co.
Hillsborough, N.C.


Test Program Software

Intepro Systems has released version 3.0 of its Powerstar 5 software, which features improved database integration that allows for testing a family of power supplies with a single test program.

Powerstar 5 V3.0 significantly cuts test program software (TPS) development and maintenance time by reading test parameters from a user-specified database or engineering design file, or even from the marketing spreadsheet. Instead of maintaining large numbers of test programs for each power-supply series, the user may have one set, which the design engineers maintain. The company claims that Powerstar 5 V3.0 also reduces test times. The “family test” feature also works for those manufacturers who have only a few power-supply models but must retain them for decades.

Powerstar 5 V3.0 is included with new Intepro test systems, and is available at no charge for customers under warranty contracts or for $7500 as an upgrade for earlier Intepro software.
Intepro Systems
Anaheim, Calif.


PoE Midspans

Phihong now offers midspans with simple network management protocol (SNMP) for use in managed networks. The SNMP protocol enables network administrators to manage and monitor networks, and remotely diagnose and solve any network problems.

Available in 1-, 8-, 16- and 24-port versions, Phihong's midspans provide 15.4 W of power per port. The midspan delivers full power to all ports, so there is no need to calculate which devices to connect.

Phihong's midspans give VoIP systems full power as soon as they are plugged in and turned on, with no complex setup process required.
Fremont, Calif.


Switching Power Supply

V-Infinity introduces a u-frame switching power-supply series that yields up to 200 W. The VPU-S200 is designed for a wide range of wireless, datacom and industrial applications. The units accept a universal input voltage and offer efficiencies as high as 81%.

Measuring 6.81 in. × 3.82 in. × 1.50 in., the VPU-S200 series delivers output voltages ranging from 3.3 Vdc to 48 Vdc among eight separate single output models. Pricing for the VPU-S200 series starts at $44.75 per unit.
Tualatin, Ore.


Buck Controller

Operating from a 4.5-V to 28-V input, Semtech's SC4612 synchronous buck controller generates an output as low as 0.5 V, while facilitating 93W/in.2 of power density for the complete buck converter design. This PWM controller employs voltage-mode control and a fixed switching frequency, which is programmable up to 1.2 MHz. The device's 1.7-A gate-drive current is capable of driving large MOSFETs resulting in efficient 40-A single-phase converter designs. Peak efficiency is 95%.

The device supports an asynchronous startup mode to keep the lower-side MOSFET turned off until output is within regulation so that the external bus is not discharged. Built-in cross conduction prevention circuitry prevents shoot-through minimizing dead time and losses.

The SC4612 is available now in an MPLD-12 package priced at $0.80 each in 1000-piece quantities or in an SOIC-14 priced at $0.93 each in 1000-piece quantities.
Camarillo, Calif.


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