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New Products

Compact Radial Resistors

MK132V/MK632V noninductive, precision power film resistors are available in the CK06 package covering the 1Ω to 100 MΩ range. A tolerance of 1% is standard, and TC is 50 ppm/°C from 5Ω to 5 MΩ. With ratings of 0.75W and 400V, they can replace many different sizes of RN style axial lead resistors. This offers circuit designers flexibility without needing to re-layout circuit boards for different sizes of axial resistors.
Caddock, Roseburg, Ore.
Circle 305

Aluminum Capacitor

The AEB SMT aluminum electrolytic capacitors deliver up to 5000 hr of load life at 105°C. They offer high-capacitance and high-voltage in a surface-mount package. Available in seven vertical cylindrical cases, their sizes range from 10 mm×13.5 mm to 18 mm×21.5 mm. Capacitance ranges from 2.2 µF to 100 µF; rated voltage from 160Vdc to 450Vdc, and temperatures range from -20°C to +105°C.
Cornell Dubilier, New Bedford, Mass.
Circle 307

New 3A LDO Regulators

MIC3730X low-voltage, high-current, LDO ICs occupy less than two-thirds the area of LDOs in traditional TO-263 packaging. They're almost half the thickness, yet provide the same power handling capability of larger devices. They're manufactured in S-Pak packaging and provide 1.5V, 1.8V, or 2.5V from a minimum supply of 2.25V or 3V. All devices feature a dropout of 500mV.
Micrel Semiconductor, San Jose, Calif.
Circle 316

Low ESR Capacitors

The new PS radial lead mini capacitor series features a solid functional polymer electrolyte that provides a lower ESR than regular liquid electrolytes. They are available in 4Vdc, 6.3Vdc, 10Vdc, and 16Vdc, with a capacitance range of 180 µF to 820 µF. Ripple current capability is 4.3Arms to 5.5Arms, and ESR ranges from 8 mΩ to 16 mΩ. They're available in 8 mm×11.5 mm and 10 mm×12.5 mm (D×L) sizes.
United Chemi-Con, Rosemont, Ill.
Circle 311

New 200V Schottky Diodes

These Schottky diodes offer benefits over fast recovery epitaxial diodes, including lower forward voltage drop. You can use them as output rectifiers in 48V telecom rectifiers and dc-dc converters and as free-wheeling and anti-parallel diodes in low-voltage converters. They're available in TO-247, TO-264, and SOT-227 packages in single-, dual-, and common-cathode configurations.
APT, Bend, Ore.
Circle 302

Solid-State Relays

HSR optically-coupled, solid-state relays (SSRs) employ coplanar construction, instead of the over-under structure. Coplanar construction provides a wider input-to-output isolation gap and offers an additional margin for passing UL1459 line cross testing. The SSRs combine a higher maximum operating voltage with lower on-state resistance. Benefits include bounce-free operation, reliability, and current limiting circuitry — making them ideal for telecommunications. The four models consist of an AlGaAs infrared LED, optically coupled to a photovoltaic generator that drives a power MOSFET. All feature 4000Vrms isolation.
Fairchild Semiconductor, San Jose, Calif.
Circle 308

SMT Time Delay Fuse

The 6125TD Brick fuse features new ratings of 10A, 12A, and 15A. These SMT time-delay fuses meet UL/CSA standards. The 6.10 mm×2.69 mm×2.69 mm footprint accommodates the increased current ratings. Environmentally rugged, these 6125TD fuses comply with the EIA-IS-722 standard. They are solder-immersion compatible and have a wire-in-air design.
Cooper Bussman, Boynton Beach, Fla.
Circle 318

SMT Tantalum Capacitor

The 0402 TACMicrochip surface-mount tantalum capacitor provides improved high-frequency performance through enhanced ESR. The active tantalum element is increased to more than 70%, while reducing capacitor size. Typical CV specifications include 0.47 µF at 10V; 1.0 µF at 6V; and 2.2 µF at 3V. Standard capacitance tolerances are ±20% over a -55°C to +125°C temperature range.
AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Circle 304

Digital Oscilloscope

The Model DL7200 4-channel, 2 GS/sec, 500 MHz bandwidth digital oscilloscope can trigger on and analyze CAN bus signals. Its 16 Mword/ch memory length acquires frames from a CAN bus and accommodates rates from 33kbps to 1Mbps, and standard (11 bits) and extended (29 bits) data formats. It can trigger start of frame, specified identifiers, RTR, specified data, and error frames.
Yokogawa, Newnan, Ga.
Circle 312

Multipole Connector

The SB175 multipole connector with spring-loaded, silver-plated contacts creates a self-wiping action during mating and unmating. Its design resists arcing by keeping conductive surfaces clean and free of corrosion. It accommodates cable sizes up to 53.5 sq mm and has replaceable contacts and keyed housings. It's rated at 175A, 600V, and supports continuous ac and dc operation.
Anderson Products, Sterling, Mass.
Circle 301

New 50W DC-DC Converters

The EXQ50 series high-efficiency, open-frame units with low-internal power dissipation converters require no heatsink. They have a quarter-brick footprint of 2.28 in.×1.45 in. and a height of 0.4 in., yielding a power density of 38W/in.2. Available with 5.0V, 3.3V, 2.5V, or 1.8V outputs, they meet the low-voltage, high-current needs of latest-generation semiconductors. Input voltage ranges 33V to 75V.
Artesyn Technologies, Eden Prairie, Minn.
Circle 303

AC and DC Power Systems

The MX Series of programmable ac and dc power systems target product test and evaluation applications ranging from 45kVA to 135kVA in output power. It provides single- or 3-phase output modes for ac or one to three outputs for dc use. Ranges are 0Vac to 150Vac, 0Vac to 300Vac, and 0Vac to 400Vac — all line to neutral.
California Instruments, San Diego
Circle 306

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