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LDO Regulator

An ultra low dropout regulator (LDO) from austria-microsystems delivers improved operating times in battery-powered portable equipment such as PDAs, digital cameras, Bluetooth and GPS modules. The AS13985 LDO regulator features low noise of only 30 µVRMS between 10 Hz and 100 kHz. This allows the use of a small and less-expensive 1-µF ceramic output capacitor. With a supply-voltage rejection performance of 60 dB at 1 kHz and 55 dB at 10 kHz, the AS13985 perfectly fulfills the noise requirements for mobile phone applications.

A digital-enable pin with a turn-on time of 150 µs allows system-level dynamic power management. Due to low on-resistance, the LDO regulator features a voltage drop of only 45 mV at 150-mA output current, going down to 0.3 mV at 1 mA.

The AS13985 LDO regulator is available in a 1-mm × 1.4-mm five-bumps wafer-lever chip-scale package, which is 15% of the size of a standard SOT23 package.
Raleigh, N.C.


Power Resistor

TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division's MHP Series is a 50-W power resistor housed in a TO-220-style package. The MHP Series resistors are rated for 50-W power dissipation and feature inductance less than 50 nH.

Resistance range is from 0.01 W to 220 W, with standard tolerances of ±1% and ±5%, and TCRs from 50 ppm/°C to 250 ppm/°C. Thermal resistance for the resistors is 2.3°C/W, and maximum operating voltage is 500 V.

Pricing is $1.80 each in quantities of 1000.
Corpus Christi, Texas



The TPCA8022-H from Toshiba America Electronic Components is a 100-V power MOSFET for primary switching applications in insulated on-board dc-dc converters and switching regulators. Developed by Toshiba Corp., the device contributes to higher power efficiency and system miniaturization, and is targeted for use in communication infrastructure equipment that requires insulated intermediate bus converters.

The TPCA8022-H is an enhanced pin-compatible upgrade of Toshiba's earlier TPCA8006-H. It combines Toshiba ultrahigh-speed UMOS-III process technology with SOP Advance low-profile packaging to achieve a high current rating and improve power dissipation. Toshiba SOP Advance packaging is approximately 37% thinner than standard SOP-8 and saves space on pc boards.

Samples of the TPCA8022-H MOSFET are available and priced at $0.75 each.
Toshiba America Electronic
Components Irvine, Calif.


LDO Regulator

The MIC5320 and the MIC5321 are part of a new family of dual low dropout voltages (LDOs) from Micrel. The LDOs offer ultra low dropout voltages of 35 mV at 150 mA, more than 70-db power-supply rejection (PSRR) ratio and ultra low output noise.

The MIC5321 is targeted for applications requiring high PSRR because it provides a bypass pin for additional noise filtering. This, coupled with the low dropout, enables significant advantages in applications where maintaining high PSRR under low input voltage-to-output voltage conditions is crucial.

The MIC5320 eliminates the bypass capacitor and provides two enable pins for applications requiring sequenced startup.

The MIC5320 and MIC5321 are offered in a 1.6-mm × 1.6-mm 6-pin MLF package. Pricing for both LDOs starts at $0.64 each in quantities of 1000.
San Jose, Calif.


DC Fan

The Revolution series of dc fans from JARO Thermal is suited for high-powered, thermally managed applications with high levels of heat dissipation. At 242 CFM, at 0.63-in. aq static pressure, the fan targets the automotive, blade server, power supply and thermal management industries.

The fan's design maximizes static pressure and simultaneously optimizes air flow. The fixed-blade design and air-guiding frame improve the fan's performance.

Pricing for the 92-mm × 38-mm size (AD0912VB-F9BDS) is $5.98 each for 1000 pieces.
JARO Thermal
Boca Raton, Fla.


2-A Rectifier

Cree's 2-A Zero Recovery rectifier operates at 600 V. This SiC Schottky rectifier diode is designed specifically for desktop PCs. The device expands the Zero Recovery product line, which already includes 1-A, 4-A, 6-A, 10-A and 20-A diodes.

Compared with traditional silicon-based diodes, Cree's SiC-based Zero Recovery rectifiers can simplify power factor correction boost design by eliminating the need for snubbers and reducing component count. They also reduce power losses, produce significantly less EMI, and provide support for new design objectives for efficiency set forth by the EPA and other agencies.

Samples of the 2-A, 600-V diodes are available now. In production quantities, the CSD02060A (TO-220) is priced below $1 per piece.
Durham, N.C.

Automotive DC-DC Converter

The primary switched dc-dc converters with 400-W output power from MTM Power are especially designed for automotive applications. They operate according to the push-pull principle at approximately 60 kHz. With the help of a transformer and a secondary linear choke, a galvanically isolated output voltage (12 V or 24 V) is produced that is adjusted by PWM according to the current mode principle.

The series PCMD400W is available with input voltages of 80 Vdc and 110 Vdc, and can be connected via screw connectors. The dimensions are 150 mm × 86 mm × 55 mm. The converters need no ground load, and are maintenance free and short-circuit protected by primary and secondary power limitation. They are vacuum potted, prepared for the use in devices with Protection Class II and fulfill the low-voltage directive.

Other features include a mechanically and electrically rugged design using SMD-technology and an automatic piece-by-piece test. To ensure a smooth operation, it is necessary to mount the converters on a heat-dissipating surface.
MTM Power
Mellenbach, Germany


NiCd Batteries

The Varta “R” series of nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries from EnerSys includes the RL (long duration), the RM (medium duration) and the RH (short duration) batteries. The series batteries have a proven 20-year service life in stationary operations and a long storage life. The batteries operate over a temperature of -40°C to 50°C, and are especially effective at low temperatures and in deep-discharge applications.

The batteries are housed in translucent plastic cases to make their electrolyte levels visible for easy maintenance, and feature a large electrolyte reserve to increase the time between maintenance intervals.

The Varta RL line is specifically designed for low rates of discharge over long periods of time. With a capacity range of 11 Ah to 1500 Ah, the RL line covers backup times of one hour to more than 100 hours.

The Varta RM line is designed for applications where a mix of high and low rates of discharge is likely. The RM line features a capacity range of 11 Ah to 1250 Ah and covers backup times of 30 minutes to three hours.

The Varta RH line is designed for high rates of discharge over short periods of time. The Varta RH has a capacity range of 10 Ah to 800 Ah and covers backup times of one second to 30 minutes.

Pricing for the Varta R Series starts at $40 for the RL-11 model.
Reading, Pa.

Switching Power Supplies

Astec Power, an Emerson Network Power company, offers compact, triple-output 50-W switching power supplies. The Astec LPT50 series accepts universal input voltage and frequency to provide a selection of standard dc-positive outputs from 3.3 V to 24 V, depending on the model.

With a footprint of 2 in. × 4 in., the LPT50 units are rated for convection cooling and offer 5.5 W/in3. They can deliver up to 9 A from the primary output. Featuring overpower and short-circuit protection, along with CISPR 22 Class B EMI filtering, the LPT50 series is also available with medical safety certifications.

Designed for 1U installations, the new models address the needs of network, telecom, medical electronics and industrial equipment designers who require cost-effective power solutions that assure reliability.

The LPT50 series is available now with prices starting at $28 in OEM quantities. Samples are available.
Astec Power
Carlsbad, Calif.


Connector Family

Anderson Power Products offers its PowerMod HP “B” series connector family, featuring touch-safe female housings, cable strain relief and integral positive latches.

The PowerMod HP “B” connector is rated up to 450 A for appropriate applications and up to 250 A at a 30°C temperature rise. Using APP's Sterling contact technology, the PowerMod HP offers low electrical resistance, provides a minimum of 500 mating cycles and is rated for circuit interruption.

The connectors accommodate American wire sizes from 1/0 to 4/0 AWG and metric wires from 50 mm2 to 95 mm2. For added reliability, an innovative cable strain relief kit that encompasses all applicable wire sizes is available as a product option.

The PowerMod HP is offered in 10 different connector housing types, including right angle, busbar, panel-mount and blindmate/float selections.
Anderson Power Products
Sterling, Mass.


Microcontroller Family

STMicroelectronics has added four advanced 16-bit microcontrollers to its ST10F27x family.

The microcontrollers offer up to 832 kbytes of embedded Flash memory and up to 68 kbytes of RAM, while maintaining upward hardware and software compatibility with earlier devices, such as the ST10F168 and ST10F269. The family is one of the few product ranges to combine embedded Flash and the -40°C to 125°C temperature range.

The ST10F271, ST10F272, ST10F273 and ST10F276 provide a range of Flash memory densities from 128-kbytes to 832-kbytes, enabling ST10/C16x users to choose the optimum configuration for their application, and offering the possibility of reducing costs with a single-chip design where external Flash devices might previously have been required.

Prices for the ST10F27x, LQFP144 devices range from $9.30 each (ST10F271, 128 kbytes of Flash) to $14.85 each (ST10F276, 832 kbytes Flash) in quantities of 10,000; the PQFP144 devices are priced at $9.85 each (ST10F271) to $15.63 each (ST10F276) in quantities of 10,000.
Geneva, Switzerland


Thermocouple Contacts

Positronic offers high-reliability thermocouple contacts for standard and high-density D-subminiature as well as circular connector products. The thermocouple contact line has recently been extended to include combination D-subminiature connectors.

These thermocouple contacts are for use in Positronic's popular CBD series connectors. Types K, T and E thermocouple contacts can now be mixed with signal, power, coax and high-voltage contacts in a single connector package. Crimp and pc-board mount terminations are available. Thermocouple contacts are $18 per mated pair for 500 pieces.
Springfield, Mo.


Ground Resistance Testers

The Digital Ground Resistance Tester Model 6470 from AEMC performs grounding resistance, earth-coupling measurement, soil resistivity and bonding tests.

This direct reading tester measures from 0.01 Ω to 99,000 Ω and is auto-ranging, automatically seeking out the optimum measurement range test current and test frequency. The adjustable test frequency from 40-Hz to 513-Hz test voltage provides rejection of high levels of interference, allowing it to be used under difficult conditions such as the presence of high stray currents that normally affect accuracy.

Easy-to-use and accurate, users simply connect the leads, select the test mode, press to measure and read the results. Up to 512 test results can be stored in internal memory for later recall to the display or for download to a PC for analysis and hard-copy reports with automatic fall of potential plots.

Pricing for the Model 6470 starts at $2250, and several kits are available.
Foxborough, Mass.



Phihong USA has made PoE implementation even quicker and more convenient by making its full line of midspans available for purchase via the company's website at www.midspans.com.

The Phihong midspans eliminate the need for installers or systems administrators to prioritize who gets power and who doesn't. These products just plug and go, reducing installation and management costs. They are provided with a graphics user interface.

The multiport midspans feature IEEE802.3af detection, disconnect and overload protection, and offer Cisco legacy detection without the need for external dongles, as well as an optional SNMP management port.

Phihong's midspans are available in single-, 8-, 16- and 24-port versions. Pricing for the 24-port midspans is $495 for one piece.
Fremont, Calif.


Terminal Blocks

The UTTB 4 and UTTB 2.5 double-level terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact increase wire density. The UT screw terminal block series features a compact design and ideal handling. The UTTB 4 and UTTB 2.5 connect conductor cross-section ranges of 0.14 mm2 to 4 mm2 and 0.14 mm2 to 2.5 mm2, respectively.

The four-conductor connection of the UT double-level screw terminal blocks is a space-saving alternative to standard feed-through terminal blocks when it comes to potential distribution. The universal FBS plug-in bridge system allows cross connections to neighboring feed-through terminal blocks. In addition, bridging from the upper level to the lower level can be accomplished with a special FBS component.

Ground terminal blocks of the same shape are designed with a snap-on foot. The double-bridge shaft allows individual chain bridging by means of plug-in bridges on both levels. Corresponding standard accessories are available for testing and labeling. Either level of the UTTB 4 can be marked with ZB6 or ZBTF marking material, and users can mark the UTTB 2.5 with ZB5 or ZBFT5.
Phoenix Contact
Middletown, Pa.


Chip Fuse

The industry's first IEC quick-acting (F) chip fuse series is the USI 1206, Universal Modular Fuse (UMF), from Schurter. The chip fuse is approved according to IEC 60127-4/2 and bears international approvals by cURus, METI and CCC.

The fuse series has high melting I2T values, which provides greater withstand against high inrush or pulse currents. Its opening time compares to 1206 time-delay types according to UL in lower overcurrent conditions, but responds very quickly to higher overcurrents in the event of a fault condition. Current ratings range from 0.5 A to 6.3 A with voltage ratings of 63 Vdc and 32 Vac. The device has a breaking capacity of 63 A at rated voltages and an operating temperature range of -55°C to 90°C.

The USI 1206 provides optimal secondary overcurrent protection in power inverters and low-voltage power supplies in a 3.2-mm × 1.6-mm × 0.6-mm package. The chip fuse supports lead-free soldering in reflow or vapor phase processes, and it is supplied on tape either with 1000, 5000 or 15,000 pieces. Each fuse is marked for clear visual identification. Pricing for the USI 1206 starts at $0.34 each in quantities of 100.
Santa Rosa, Calif.


Clean Energy Storage

The second-generation VSS+DC flywheel-based clean energy storage systems from Pentadyne Power have passed all their tests and are ready to ship. The new VSS+DC delivers 50% more power with the same cost and footprint as Pentadyne's previous generation system. This energy-storage product provides power protection during power disturbances, assuring the highest level of business continuity.

With a design life of 20 years operating 24/7 without any major service interval, the system offers a significant improvement in power density, operates virtually silently, weighs only 1300 lb and is protected by a five-year warranty. While the original VSSDC is rated to deliver 120 kW of power and up to 2400 kW/sec of energy, the second-generation VSS+DC will deliver up to 190 kW of power and up to 2700 kW/sec of energy. For extended power outages, the unit seamlessly transfers to an engine generator for a continuous power system.

Pentadyne's flywheel power system improves uninterruptible power-supply (UPS) reliability by completely replacing or greatly extending the life of lead-acid batteries commonly used in most UPS configurations. In comparison to such batteries, the VSS+DC improves UPS reliability while eliminating ventilation and costly cooling requirements, as well as reducing life-cycle cost and maintenance/replacement needs. By occupying less than 25% of the space of an equivalently sized battery system, the VSS+DC saves valuable floor space in the data center leading to higher computing density.

The higher output VSS+DC permits integration with UPS systems rated at 225 kVA or less. Multiple units are easily paralleled without any communications gear to work with higher-capacity UPS systems and still offer exceptional space and conditioning savings.
Pentadyne Power
Chatworth, Calif.


60-W DC-DC Converters

TRACOPOWER launches the TEN60 Series, a new generation of ultra-compact dc-dc converters offering 60 W of power in a 2-in. × 2-in. × 0.4-in. encapsulated package. Models are available with an 18-Vdc to 36-Vdc or 36-Vdc to 75-Vdc input ranges and output voltages of 3.3 Vdc, 5 Vdc, 12 Vdc and 15 Vdc.

These supplies feature 1500 Vdc I/O isolation, undervoltage/overvoltage lockout, remote on/off control, output-voltage trim, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection and a built-in EMI filter.

The shielded metal package with isolated baseplate is also available with an optional heatsink for demanding environments. TEN60 Series units are in full production, and standard pricing is $46.50 for 1000 units.
Zurich, Switzerland


Quarter-Brick DC-DC Converter

C&D Technologies' quarter-brick UCQ series are single-output, isolated dc-dc converters. The low-profile series consists of a 24-V input version with a 35-A output at 3.3 V, and two 48-V input models with outputs of 30 A at 3.3 V and 20 A at 5 V. All have a calculated mean-time-before-failure of 1.4 million hours.

The UCQ's interleaved, synchronous-rectifier topology provides up to 93% efficiency, line and load regulation down to ±0.2%, 35-mV peak to peak, no output reverse conduction, and a 150-µs step response. The single-board-optimized open-frame design measures 36.8 mm × 58.4 mm × 10.2 mm.

The design includes input Pi filters to reduce propagated switching noise back to input sources. Also included is a remote on/off switch control (with positive or negative polarity), and output trim adjustable from -20% to 10% over nominal and output sense functions to reduce power lead losses.

Unit pricing for the UCQ series is approximately $41 in 1000-piece quantities, depending on the model.
C&D Technologies
Mansfield, Mass.


Mid-Voltage Bipolar Transistors

Zetex Semiconductors has introduced a range of mid-voltage bipolar transistors in the SOT23 package dissipating up to 1.25 W. With the 3-mm × 2.5-mm footprint, these seven npn and six pnp devices replace DPAK-, SOT89- and SOT223-packaged parts.

Spanning the collector emitter voltage range from 40 V to 100 V, the ZXTN and ZXTP bipolar transistors create high efficiency switches for lamp, relay and solenoid driving in automotive, industrial and telecom applications.

Capable of blocking voltages up to 180 V and handling a continuous collector current up to 5 A, the transistor range will switch loads as high as 500 W. In addition, pulsed current ratings up to 12 A enables higher capacitance MOSFETs and IGBTs in power-supply circuits to be driven at faster edge times.

In quantities of 10,000, the ZXTN25 and ZXTP25 transistors cost $0.16 each and the ZXTN20 and ZXTP20 cost $0.23 each.
Zetex Semiconductors
Hauppauge, N.Y.



NEC Electronics and its subsidiaries NEC Electronics America and NEC Electronics (Europe) have extended their portfolio of low-voltage power management devices (PMDs) to include two power MOSFETs with the industry's smallest-in-class footprint. The uPA2350 and uPA2351 reduce the design footprint of traditional dual n-channel MOSFETs for battery-protection applications by as much as 86% compared to the 8-pin thin shrink small-outline package traditionally used, and are ideal for use in Li-ion battery packs for portable battery-powered applications.

The devices combine NEC Electronics' fourth-generation UMOS process technology with a chip-on-board packaging technique that results in low on-state resistances of 28 mΩ (uPA2350) and 32 mΩ (uPA2351) to extend battery life. The devices are housed 1.62-mm2 × 0.48-mm-thick package. The uPA2350 and uPA2351 cost $0.35 each in 10,000-unit quantities.
NEC Electronics
Kawasaki, Japan


400-W AC-DC Converter

XP Power's SMM400 series is a family of 400-W ac-dc switching power supplies that enables power densities of up to 6.25 W/in.3 in a 1U high enclosure. The low-profile units come in 24 standard models — 19 single-output and 5 dual-output versions.

The SMM400 has a universal 90-Vac to 264-Vac input with a choice of output voltages from 3 Vdc to 48 Vdc. The primary output is user adjustable by ±5%.

The SMM400 measures 9.01 in. × 5 in. × 1.6 in. with fan and cover, excluding the input screw terminal block, or only 8 in. long for the U-channel. The single-output versions are priced from $231 per unit in quantities of 1000.
XP Power
Littleton, Mass.


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