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Analog Power IC Selection Guide

Allegro MicroSystems Inc. is a leading supplier of advanced mixed-signal power semiconductors and Hall-effect sensors targeted toward the computer/office, automotive, industrial, telecommunications and consumer markets. Contact the company to receive its new brochure.
Allegro MicroSystems Inc., Worcester, Mass.
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Self-Heating Sensor Chip

These heater sensor chips use platinum on alumina and oxidized silicon. Applications include determination of thermal resistance of IC chips, variable optical attenuation of arrayed wave-guide gratings, and thermal management in miniature chambers. The TM365 has two thermal sensors close to the heater for stringent temperature control. The TM364 single sensor offers a design with moderate temperature control.
State of the Art (SOTA), State College, Pa.
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Intelligent Power Switch

Fairchild's FDC6901L, the first intelligent power switch combining a low-current IC and P-Channel MOSFET for slew rate control up to 3 A, is an ideal load switch for portable electronics. The device provides three programmable slew rates and adjustable inrush current for superior power management and performance, and comes in a TSOP-6 (SuperSOT-6) package for high-volume surface mount applications.
Fairchild Semiconductor, South Portland, Maine
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Current Sensing Resistors

The LM Series is for high nominal power and high-pulse power applications. The etched-foil technology uses a low tcr alloy resistor element, resulting in long-term stability at full rated load and 140°C, while keeping inductance to less than 10 nH. The tcr for a 1-mΩ resistor is less than 50 ppm/°C. Available in three EIA standard sizes: 2512 (LMS); 2010 (LMP) and 1206 (LMK), these packages are rated from 0.5 W (LMK) to 2 W (LMS).
Isotek Corp., Swansea, Mass.
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Planar/SMD Ferrite Core Catalog

This 30-page planar core and low-profile drum core catalog features Planar EI-14, 18, 22, PQI 16 and 18, EQ-13, ER 7.5, 9.5, 11, 14.5 low core loss Mn-Zn ferrite cores. It offers unshielded and shielded drum core sets with metalization technology for low-profile SMD application.
Alliance Magnetics LLC Ossinging, N.Y.
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Powerex has expanded its line of high current devices by adding 1200-A, 1600-A, 1800-A and 2400-A ratings to its family of 1700-V IGBT products. This is believed to be the widest range at 1700-V in the industry as it begins at 50. They are targeted for high-power inverter applications for utility interface, 690-Vac motor drives and light-rail applications.
Powerex, Youngwood, Pa.
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Custom Film Capacitors

These film capacitors have varying applications such as low ESL and ESR, and high current, voltage, pulse and frequency.
Electrocube Inc., Monrovia, Calif.
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100-A Power Resistor

The type PSB ultra-precision power resistor, available in the 0.001-Ω to 1-Ω range, can handle a maximum working current of 100 A while yielding TCRs as low as 0±5 ppm/°C and precise tolerances as low as ±0.1% with 4-terminals construction.
Alpha Electronics Corp. of America, Minneapolis
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Smart Battery Charger

The LTC4100 operates with or without a host microcontroller. Compliant with Rev. 1.1 SMBus specifications, it meets the requirements of Smart Battery System Level 2 charging functions. It charges 6.4-V to 26-V multi-cell Li-Ion and Nickel-chemistry batteries at up to 4 A with 0.8% voltage accuracy and 5% current accuracy.
Linear Technology Corp., Milpitas, Calif.
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