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FET/Driver Module

Fairchild Semiconductor's FDMF8700 is the company's first FET-plus-driver multichip module for high-current synchronous-buck applications supporting Intel's DrMOS VCORE dc-dc converter standard. The device is intended for use in desktop and server VR11.x VCORE conversion, high-current dc-dc point-of-load converters and small voltage-regulator modules.

In operation, the high-side MOSFET is optimized for fast switching while the low-side device is optimized for low on-resistance. This accommodates the low duty cycle needed to convert 12 V down to 1 V to 1.2 V at up to 30 A. The FDMF8700 is offered in a 56-pin, 8-mm × 8-mm micro-lead frame package. Pricing for the FDMF8700 is $2.50 each in quantities of 1000.

Fairchild Semiconductor
South Portland, Maine


DC-DC Modules

Ericsson Power Modules has added the PKM4515ZE PI, PKM4619E PI and PKM4810E PI to its PKM-E family of power modules. The PKM4515ZE PI is specially designed to power fans, blowers and fan trays. The modules feature an efficiency of 92% at 3.3 VOUT at half load, and operate over an input-voltage range of 36 Vdc to 75 Vdc.

With a height of 8.5 mm, the PKM-E family is ideal for low-profile applications. A heatsink option is available for applications where cold wall mounting is deployed. A specially developed magnetic design contributes to more power being available from these latest modules. The modules use the standard quarter-brick format and employ an open-frame design. In OEM quantities, the PKM4515ZE PI is priced at $21.46 each, while the PKM4619E PI and PKM4810E PI are priced at $24.68 each.

Ericsson Power Modules
Stockholm, Sweden


Modular AC-DC Power Supplies

Lambda has expanded the power range of its NV family of ac-dc power supplies to cover 960 W. The series is especially suitable for use in high-density medical, industrial, and test and measurement equipment. Units measure 1.6 in. × 4.92 in. × 10.8 in. The input voltage ranges from 90 Vac to 265 Vac, 45 Hz to 63 Hz, with active power factor correction. The supplies deliver 700 W at 115-Vac input and 960 W when the input voltage is greater than 150 Vac.

The power supplies are available with nominal outputs of 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, 24 V and 28 V, and with currents up to 40 A. An optional high-power 5-V or 12-V standby output, remote on/off, and power-good signals are also available. For a four-output configuration, the NV family of ac-dc power supplies cost $438 each in 100-unit quantities.

San Diego


Digitally Programmable Potentiometer

Catalyst Semiconductor's CAT5126 is a 32-tap digitally programmable potentiometer. The IC offers one-time wiper programmability via a two-wire serial interface, which enables designers to set the wiper's value and disable the interface to prevent further adjustments. The device also offers the flexibility of not disabling the interface, in which case the system will always power on to the programmed wiper position, but the wiper value can be modified for the specific session. End-to-end resistance values are 10 kΩ, 50 kΩ and 100 kΩ.

The CAT5126 is available in 8-lead TDFN and 8-lead MSOP packages. Pricing for the device is $0.53 each in 10,000-piece quantities.

Catalyst Semiconductor
Santa Clara, Calif.


High-Voltage Silicon Diodes

HV Component Associates (HVCA) offers the 2CL2 series of axial-leaded, medium-power, high-voltage diodes suited for high-voltage power supplies. The diodes are available in fast or standard recovery.

The 2CL2 series diodes are 15.24 mm long with a 4.30-mm diameter and 76-mm leads. Pricing is $1.25 each.

HV Component Associates
Farmingdale, N.J.


Buck Converter Chipset

International Rectifier's latest XPhase chipset is comprised of the IR3510 XPhase Control IC and IR3086A and IR3088A Phase ICs. The IR3510 implements a synchronous-buck topology, combined with input MOSFETs for hot swapping and output MOSFETs for ORing. Average current-mode control is used for droop sharing between converters.

All devices support a maximum switching frequency of 1 MHz. The IR3510M/MTR is housed in a 5-mm × 5-mm, 32-lead MLPQ, while the IR3086A and IR3088A devices are housed in 4-mm × 4-mm, 20-lead MLPQ packages. In 10,000-piece quantities, pricing is $7.49 each for the IR3510M and $2.20 each for the IR3086A and IR3088A.

International Rectifier
El Segundo, Calif.


LDO for Digital Processors

The 4-A MIC68400 is the latest addition to Micrel's MIC68000 family of LDOs designed specifically for powering field-programmable gate array devices, complex programmable logic devices, digital signal processors and microcontrollers. The MIC68400 supports various power-up and power-down protocols such as sequencing, tracking and ratiometric tracking. Additionally, multiple devices within the family can be daisy-chained together for synchronized power-up and power-down operations. The IC operates from a wide input range of 1.65 V to 5.5 V, and supports an output voltage as low as 0.5 V with 2% accuracy. The MIC68400 is offered in a 16-lead, 4-mm × 4-mm MLF package. Pricing starts at $2.50 each in quantities of 1000.

San Jose, Calif.



Vishay's three power MOSFETs for ORing applications improve the efficiency of fixed telecom networks. The three n-channel MOSFETs feature 20-V drain-to-source and gate-to-source voltage ratings. The Si4398DY delivers an on-resistance rating of 2.8 mΩ at 10 V. The thermally enhanced Si7866ADP has a maximum on-resistance rating of 2.4 mΩ at 10 V. Maximum junction-to-case thermal resistance for this device is typically 1.5°C/W.

In 100,000-piece quantities, pricing for the three ORing MOSFETs starts at $0.75 each.

Malvern, Pa.


Customizable Fuel Gauge

Dallas Semiconductor's DS2792 is a programmable fuel gauge for 1- or 2-cell applications. An accurate measurement system for battery current, voltage and temperature are integrated into the device, along with a microcontroller. At the heart of the DS2792's computing core is the low-power 16-bit MAXQ20 microcontroller with its accumulator-based 16-bit reduced instruction set computer architecture. To allow the user to program proprietary algorithms, the DS2792 contains three types of memory: programming memory, data EEPROM and data RAM.

The DS2792 is available in an 8-mm × 4-mm, 28-pin lead-free TDFN package. Pricing starts at $3.28 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Dallas Semiconductor


High-Efficiency Switching MOSFETs

Toshiba America Electronic Components' 11 UMOS-V n-channel MOSFETs improve power efficiency in both the high- and low-side MOSFETs in a synchronous dc-dc converter. Four 30-V single MOSFETs have on-resistance ratings ranging from 3.1 mΩ to 9 mΩ at 10 V. There are four additional 30-V single MOSFETs with on-resistance values from 3.1 mΩ to 9 mΩ at 10 V; two 30-V single MOSFETs with on-resistance ratings of 9 mΩ and 11 mΩ (max.) at 10 V; and a 30-V device with an on-resistance of 5.7 mΩ. Pricing for the UMOS-V n-channel MOSFETs ranges from $0.60 to $0.90 each.

Toshiba America Electronic Components
Irvine, Calif.


Miniature DC-DC Converter

BEAR Power Supplies' BPS Series of high-voltage dc-dc isolated converters are rated for 1.5 W, and are ideal for powering PIN diodes and avalanche photodiodes in applications such as RF transceivers, programmable filters, and industrial and scientific instruments.

The ultraminiature-encapsulated package of BPS Series converters weighs just 4 g. Both through-hole and SMT versions are available. The converters have a single input voltage (configurable from 3 Vdc to 12 Vdc) and a single output voltage (configurable from 50 Vdc to 220 Vdc). Pricing starts at $65 each.

BEAR Power Supplies
Phelps, N.Y.


Ultracapacitor Module

The 390-V BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor module from Maxwell Technologies provides scalable energy storage and power delivery for heavy hybrid and electric vehicles and heavy-duty industrial applications. The HTM BMOD0018-P390 delivers high performance and reliability, and long operational life for vehicles and industrial systems that use electrical energy.

The self-cooled HTM BMOD0018-P390 is encased in a rugged splash- and dust-proof IP 65-compliant aluminum chassis. Each module is rated at 18 F, and up to three modules may be linked in series to deliver a total of up to 1170 V. Maxwell also offers standard 16-V, 48-V and 125-V modules, and a Quick-Turn Program for applications requiring up to 540 V.

Maxwell Technologies
San Diego


Battery-Operated Buck Boost

Linear Technology's LTC3533 is a synchronous-buck-boost converter that outputs up to 2 A from a Li-ion or Li-polymer source, or 800 mA from dual-cell alkaline/NiCd/NiMH sources. The converter's 1.8-V to 5.5-V input range and 1.8-V to 5.25-V output range provides a regulated output with inputs above, below or equal to the output. This can add up to 25% more battery run time. The LTC3533's constant switching frequency ensures low noise and is user programmable from 300 kHz to 2 MHz. The device is housed in a 3-mm × 4-mm, 14-lead DFN package. Pricing is $3.55 each in 1000-piece quantities.

Linear Technology
Milpitas, Calif.


Cube Inductor

TT electronics' BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division has developed a high-current cube inductor. Designated the HM56 Series, the inductor's low-loss, composite ferrite material has characteristics suitable for high-frequency applications. The series is rated for saturation at 60 A, and operates up to 1 MHz. The inductance values range from 0.22 µH to 2 µH, with DCRs from 0.60 ΩV to 2.05 ΩV. Operating temperature range is -40°C to 125°C. Pricing for the HM56 Series ranges from $0.40 to $0.60 each.

BI Technologies
Anaheim, Calif.


GPU/CPU Buck Controllers

Semtech's SC471(A) and SC475A synchronous-buck, pulse-width modulation (PWM) controllers include integrated voltage-transitioning switches for on-the-fly voltage output changes and margining. The SC471(A) features two FET switches to allow the output to change dynamically between up to four different levels. The SC475A controller has one FET switch to dynamically change the output voltage for sleep modes. The SC471(A) and SC475A are both packaged in 3-mm × 3-mm MLP packages for mobile applications. In 1000-piece quantities, the SC471 and SC471(A) are priced at $0.86 each, while the SC475 and SC475A are priced at $0.79 each.

Camarillo, Calif.


Miniature DC-DC Modules

Vicor's nine mid-power mini dc-dc converters are part of its 300-Vdc input family: a 100-W model with outputs of 2 V and 3.3 V, and 150-W models with outputs of 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, 24 V, 28 V, 36 V and 48 V. The modules incorporate low-noise zero-current and zero-voltage switching. Efficiencies range to 89% for the higher output voltages. The converters can be configured in any combination using Vicor's PowerBench online tools.

The 300-Vdc converters are 57.9 mm × 55.9 mm × 12.7 mm with a profile of 109 mm. Pricing starts at $87 each in 100-piece quantities.

Andover, Mass.


Online Power-Supply Configurator

Excelsys Technologies offers customers the ability to configure their own application-specific power supplies online. A simple wizard guides users through setting the required output voltage and current needs. The next step configures the specified power supply, indicates the correct Excelsys chassis, powerMod output modules, final weight and delivery time, and allocates a unique model number reference. A customer-specific datasheet for the exact configuration can then be downloaded.

Models are available with output power from 100 W to 1200 W and with output-voltage options from 1 Vdc to 58 Vdc. All models have a universal input range.

Excelsys Technologies
Cork, Ireland


DC-DC Boost Converter

AnalogicTech's AAT1210 is a high-power, high-current 1-mm-profile stepup converter. Supplying 4.5 W of power, this converter boosts a single-cell Li-ion battery voltage to 5 V at 900 mA. Operating from an input range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V, the output voltage of the converter can be set from VIN + 0.5 V, up to 18 V. A hysteretic current-mode control circuit simplifies system design by eliminating the need for external compensation. Switching frequency is 2 MHz, and efficiency reaches 90%.

Available in a thermally enhanced, 16-pin TDFN34 package, the AAT1210 costs $1.31 each in 1000-piece quantities.

Sunnyvale, Calif.


High-Voltage Power Supply

Spellman High Voltage Electronics has added the SL150kV to its SL series of high-voltage power supplies. Standard input voltage is 220 Vac, single phase, ±10%, with an optional 200-Vac input available. Configurable as positive, negative or reversible output polarity, this cable-connected 5U rack-mounted unit provides 150 kV at 1200 W. The SL150kV's output is accessible via a detachable 10-ft shielded high-voltage cable. Real-time arc monitoring, arc count, arc quench and reramp circuitry, along with durable resistive output limiting assemblies, protect both the power supply and the load during fault conditions. The device features a modular design, robust resonant-based inverter topology and high-voltage packaging.

Spellman High Voltage Electronics
Hauppauge, N.Y.


Enclosed Switchers

Deltron's ML Series of enclosed switchers consists of seven single-output and four triple-output models with power ratings of 60 W, and include Quiet-Cool ball-bearing fans. Models range in output from 3.3 V at 8 A to 48 V at 1.25 A. The triple-output units have 3.3-V or 5-V main outputs with 5-V, 12-V, 15-V and 24-V auxiliaries. Features for the ML Series include 88% typical efficiency and short-circuit protection.

The ML Series of switchers are housed in a 1U high, enclosed case of 1.58 in. × 2.2 in. × 5.5 in. The power supplies cost less than $50 each in OEM quantities.

North Wales, Pa.


Sensor Signal

Servoflo distributes ZMD's ZMD31150, a highly accurate CMOS-integrated circuit for amplification and correction of resistive bridge-type sensors. It digitally compensates offset, sensitivity, temperature drift and nonlinearity through a 16-bit RISC microcontroller running a correction algorithm. Calibration is controlled by a simple procedure that programs a set of calibration coefficients into the EEPROM chip. The specific sensor and ZMD31150 are mated digitally. Costly overhead associated with trimming components are eliminated with this fast and precise calibration procedure. Pricing for the ZMD31150 is under $3 each in quantities of 5000.

Lexington, Mass.


Active Tracking Power Filters

Sola/Hevi-Duty's STF Series of active tracking filters are designed to safeguard equipment against damaging low-energy voltage transients and high-frequency noise. The filters track the input ac power line at all locations on the sinewave and instantaneously counter noise. By reducing normal-mode transients to ±5 V and absorbing large bandwidths of noise, they recreate a well-regulated sinusoidal waveform isolated from input disturbances. They are available in single- and three-phase configurations.

Rosemont, Ill.


Switch-Mode Chargers

Power-Sonic has introduced a complete range of lightweight switch-mode chargers to complement its rechargeable batteries. The C-Series is a range of switching chargers that operate without the use of transformers. Integrated circuits control and regulate current and voltage. The chargers automatically switch from the higher fast charge voltage to the lower float voltage when batteries are close to being fully charged. The chargers are useable on 110 Vac at 60 Hz or 240 Vac at 50 Hz. Available output voltages are 6 V, 12 V and 24 V.

San Diego


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