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Using a fifth-generation CSTBT chip, the NFH-Series IGBT provides as little as 20% of the turn-off switching loss compared to other types. Available in the low-inductance U-Series package, it provides minimized internal package inductance. Each module consists of two IGBT transistors in a half-bridge configuration with each transistor having a reverse-connected super-fast recovery free wheel diode.
Powerex Inc., Youngwood, Pa.
Circle 301

Power Management Controller

The Arava power management controller is aimed at high-functionality, single and dual-mode wideband CDMA and GSM/GPRS smart phones. In addition, Arava supports the Intel Hermon cellular processor family and the upcoming Bulverde processor. The device, which connects directly to the battery, provides stable low-noise supplies for all core circuits within the phone, with additional regulators for enhanced application capabilities such as Bluetooth modules, camera modules and SD memory cards.
Dialog Semiconductor, Stuttgart, Germany
Circle 302

Quad PoE Controller

These two quad PoE controllers are fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3af specification. They provide autonomous operation for Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), sequencing through all of the required tasks without processor intervention. The operate in either automatic stand-alone or processor-controlled modes. The LTC4258 implements the 802.3af detection and classification, current limiting for normal and fault operation and dc disconnect detection. The LTC4259 performs the same functions but adds the ability to implement ac disconnect detection.
Linear Technology, Milpitas, Calif.
Circle 303

Laser Power Controller

The SML2120 laser-diode controller is for computing and netcomm applications. It controls direct modulation, electro-absorptive, distributed feedback and vertical-cavity surface emitting-type lasers. Its dual lookup tables allow two parameters to be independently pre-stored and then used to adjust bias and modulation currents. Suitable for optical applications, including SAN, an integrated automatic power-control circuit adapts to variations in the laser's power output as detected by a monitor photo diode or external temperature sensor.
Summit Microelectronics, San Jose, Calif.
Circle 304

LDO Regulators

The MAX1963/MAX1976 100-mV LDO linear regulators operate from a 1.62-V input and deliver 300-mA continuous-load current. Used to power processor curves at 1.5 V, they have 17% (typ.) efficiency loss when powered from the 1.8-V I/O supply vs. 61% using other linear regulators powered from the 3.8-V Li-ion battery.
Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, Calif.
Circle 305

Product Enhancements

Information technology and facility managers can now use a 0.9 output power factor on the Powerware 9315-400/500-kVA models for load management, and connect any Powerware 9315 model to online systems through an Ethernet network or Internet connection for performance monitoring and remote systems management. The output power factor increases the true power output from 400 kW to 450 kW.
Powerware Corp., Raleigh, N.C.
Circle 306


The 20-V SUR70N02 04P and 30-V SUR50N03 06P, SUR50N03 09P, SUR50N03 12P, and SUR50N03 16P power MOSFETs offer a range of on-resistance values from 4 mΩ to 16 mΩ, and can serve as both synchronous and control FETs in dc-to-dc converters. Offered in a reverse-lead TO 252 DPAK package, reverse-formed leads of the “SUR”-packaged TrenchFETs let the device be mounted inversely on the PCB with a heat sink on top, enabling cooler operation.
Vishay Siliconix Inc. Santa Clara, Calif.
Circle 307


The AAT7551JS-T1 is a 20-V, Dual P-Channel, 2.5-V rated loadswitch designed to conserve power and extend battery life in a variety of battery-powered portable electronics systems. Mounted in a small 4.4-mm2 SC70JW-8 package, it features an on-resistance 50% lower than comparable parts in a TSOP6 package. In addition, the compact footprint of the SC70JW-8 occupies just half the space of a TSOP6 and as little as 15% of a comparable device in a SOP8.
Advanced Analogic Technologies, Sunnyvale, Calif.
Circle 308

DC-DC Converters

TheG200 series of miniature 2-W dc-dc converters is specifically designed to provide miniature size, input/output isolation and low cost. Twenty-eight models operate from 5 Vdc, 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc and 48 Vdc inputs, providing outputs of 3.3 Vdc, 5 Vdc, 12 Vdc, 15 Vdc, ±5 Vdc, ±12 Vdc or ±15 Vdc. Features include efficiency as high as 83%, an input/output isolation of 1000 Vdc and low-noise operation.
MicroPower Direct, Stoughton, Mass.
Circle 309

DC-DC Converters

This series of high-performance, low-noise isolated 10-W dc-dc converters comes in single- and dual-output models. It incorporates low-switching noise techniques at its input and output sections. Output noise is reduced to 5 mVpp through the use of low dropout linear regulators, while a patented control circuit maintains minimum constant dropout voltage over line and load temperature and the output adjust range.
Beta Dyne Inc., Bridgewater, Mass.
Circle 310

SiC Schottky Diodes

SiC ZERO RECOVERY Schottky Diodes come in plastic and hermetic packages that include D2, D3, TO-220, TO-247 and SOT-227, as well as hermetic TO-257, TO-254 and TO-258 packages. Available in 600-V and 1200-V breakdown voltages, configurations include single discrete devices, multi-die discrete devices and center-tap devices.
Advanced Power Technology, Bend, Ore.
Circle 311

Plunger Switch

The Plunger Switch is designed exclusively for the outdoor power equipment industry. It is field and laboratory tested for durability of 100,000 cycles at a 5-A load and 25,000 cycles at a 10-A load. In addition, it's available for OEM manufacturers in either a flexible “snap mount” configuration or traditional screw mount.
The Indak Group, Northbrook, Ill.
Circle 312

DC-DC Modules

PKM-E quarter-bricks offer minimum environmental impact to meet future legislation. Featuring an open-frame design with components mounted on one side, they're cost effective for OEM and CEM customers with applications in communications, avionics, industrial and medical equipment. Available with 24-V inputs, they offer 18 VIN to 36 VIN, 3.3 VOUT, and 36 VIN to 75 VIN, 3.3 VOUT, respectively.
Ericsson Power Modules Stockholm, Sweden
Circle 313

Low Dropout Regulator

The MCP1700 LDO can deliver up to 250 mA of current while consuming only 1.6 µA of quiescent current (typical). It maximizes battery life with a dropout voltage of 178 mV at 250 mA; increases performance with an output-voltage accuracy of ±0.4% and exceeds in dynamic behavior with better line (±.75% V) and load (±1% V) regulation. In addition, it enables the use of low-cost ceramic capacitors on the input and output, reducing the system cost. The MCP1700 LDO is stable with 1-µF output capacitor, and its overcurrent limit and overtemperature shutdown provides a robust solution for any application.
Microchip Technology Inc., Chandler, Ariz.
Circle 314

PWM Controllers

Suitable for active-clamp forward or flyback converters, the UCC2891, UCC2892, UCC2893 and UCC2894 pulse-width modulation (PWM) controllers include an auxiliary active clamp output driver for efficient single-ended transformer reset. These controllers reduce switching losses of the converters by programming critical delays to achieve proper active clamp operation and deliver zero-voltage switching (ZVS) to the primary side MOSFET switches. Soft-switching allows them to achieve higher efficiencies at high operating frequencies, and increase reliability of the overall system by lowering electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI), and reducing power-supply component losses.
Texas Instruments, Dallas
Circle 315

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