Power Electronics


Ultra-Miniature 10kV Supply

This Q Series of 10kV high-voltage power supplies include models producing 6000V, 8000V, and 10,000V measuring 0.85 in. × 0.85 in. × 0.85 in. They have a case volume of six-tenths of a cubic inch (10 cm3), weighing 1 oz. Powered by 0Vdc to 5Vdc, no external components or minimum load are required. The supply features less than 0.75% ripple and low EMI/RFI utilizing a quasi-sine wave oscillator and shielded transformer. Available in positive or negative output polarity, the output voltage is proportional to the input voltage featuring a 0.7V turn-on voltage.
EMCO High Voltage Corp.
Sutter Creek, Calif.

Circle 314

Surface Mount Chip Resistor

Available in standard and nonstandard values and capable of dissipating up to 3W at 70°C, these thick-film surface mount resistors are less inductive than typical wirewound devices and require 75% less board space. The SC3 Series rectangular chips are terminated on the long side, giving them a unique reverse geometry for applications including power supplies, programmable controls, and computers. The wider terminations allow the use of wider board traces, which reduce the solder joint resistance and enable the resistor to carry higher current at a lower temperature.
IRC, Inc., Corpus Christi, Texas
Circle 324

USB-Modem Converters

A series of dedicated dc-dc converters for USB port-powered modems are fully compliant with USB standard (0.4A at 5V), enabling an external modem chip set to be powered from the PC's own USB port. Weighing less than 10g, these 1.2-in. × 1.6-in. × 0.43-in. converters provide five dc output voltages: +1.9Vdds, +1.9Vddc, +3.3.V-C, +3.3V-S, +12V or +18V. The USB modem dc-dc converters draw power from a 5V nominal input and feature an overload protection. Remote on/off (+12V or +18V) with “suspend” pins driven by a CMOS gate 3.3V or 5V is available, for a substantial reduction in power consumption when in standby mode.
Alcatel Converters, Plano Texas
Circle 303

Custom Power Transformers

Custom design capabilities for UL 1411, UL 1310 & UL 544 recognized power and double protection power transformers are available. Capabilities include a choice of PC pins, solder leg mounts lead wire connections, mating cords and/or terminating plug connections. Available in CSA, SAA, VDE, BSI, and 13 UL standards with standard core sizes EI-28 to EI-86 120V, 220Vac-240Vac primary input. Features include: nonhazardous or hazardous outputs from 0.4VA min. to 100VA max. (depending on core size); Nylon 66, PBT or phenolic bobbin materials; channel frame or p. c. board mounting; enclosures with or without endbells; and UL recognized AWM, terminal or pin connections.
Shogyo International, Plainview, N.Y.
Circle 313

B-H Loop Analyzers

Magnetic B-H loop analyzers have multiple sample sequencing control options for unattended testing of dozens of samples at user-defined testing parameters. Specimens are attached to a test grid that can be placed in a temperature chamber for sequential testing at high or low temperatures. System software selects sample parameters and desired test conditions. Temperature settings, sample sequencing, and test results are then computer controlled and recorded, requiring no operator intervention. This also increases throughput and reduces inspection time.
Walker Scientific Inc., Worcester, Mass.
Circle 320

Schottky Diodes

The “103” series of Schottky diodes offers MOS protection, steering, biasing, and coupling functions in logic-level applications requiring fast switching. The 12 devices come in a range of breakdown voltages: 40V (xx103A), 30V (xx103B), and 20V (xx103C). Each diode features a maximum forward voltage drop of 0.37V at a 20mA forward current, and a maximum leakage current of just 5μA at a reverse voltage of 30V. Each is rated for a high single surge current of 15A and a junction capacitance of 50 pF at 1 MHz.
Vishay Intertechnology Inc., Malvern, Pa.
Circle 326

Current-Sense Transformers

The SPCT-250 and SPCT-251 are two new standard p. c. mount current-sense transformers. They have outputs related to the termination or loading resistor on the secondary winding. When a single turn is inserted through the window area of the transformers, the resulting 2000:1 turns ratio allows the output to be calculated based on the input current. With an input current ranging from 0A to 20A, output voltage tolerances vary based on the loading resistor, but typically fall in the 3% to 8% range. Constructions use laminations, a three-flange bobbin, and an open section within the window area to allow up to a 0.160-in. diameter insulated conductor.
Prem Magnetics, McHenry, Ill.
Circle 321

1200A Fused Disconnect

The TPL 121 telecom fused disconnect (TFD) has a range up to 1200A. It's built for low-voltage, high-current electrical power distribution systems — providing complete circuit overload and fault protection with an optional front-mounted power interruption alarm signal.
Canadian Shunt Industries Markham, Ontario, Canada
Circle 305

Gas Discharge Tube

These gas discharge tube (GDT) products prevent injury to personnel and damage to equipment from transient voltage disturbances. The line features a 3-electrode balanced Triguard® and 5 mm two-electrode products. The surtab-grade failsafe design can be combined with various lead configurations to allow multiple applications with low-contact resistance in short circuit mode. All 2-pole GDTs are available from 90V to 600V, while the 3-pole series tubes are available from 75V to 600V breakdown voltages. All exceed Telcordia, REA, IEEE, ITU-T and IEC specifications and requirements, and are UL recognized components.
Bourns, Inc., Riverside, Calif.
Circle 301


A new process technology for IGBTs and FREDs delivers 70% faster turn-off time than previous generation devices and more than 20% lower power loss. It's optimized for IGBTs and FREDs used in bridge-type inverters found in motor drives and UPS; enhancing device turn-off performance. They are capable of 0.3 μs turn-off time compared to 1.6 μs for previous generation devices. The technology increases useful ac motor speed range, reducing inverter dead time by a factor of three and expanding proportionally the PWM duty-cycle range and modulated frequency range.
International Rectifier El Segundo, Calif.
Circle 316

450A/600V Chopper IGBT Module

The low-side chopper IGBT module rated at 450A, 600V is an upgrade of the 300A/600V Chopper IGBTMOD U-Series. It features a low gate drive requirement, low Vce (sat), a super fast diode (110 ns trr) and low thermal impedance. It's isolated for easy mounting with other components on a common heat sink and features three H-Series 150A/600V chips per IGBT switch and nine H-Series 100A/600V chips per diode, effectively eliminating the need for auxiliary free-wheel diode modules.
Powerex, Youngwood, Pa.
Circle 306

Ultra-Low Profile SMT Inductor

The ST series surface mount inductor with a 1.2-mm height, low dc resistance and high efficiency is ideal for dc-dc converter applications in portable electronics. The low-loss, toroidal ferrite core allows an operating frequency to 1 MHz with high efficiency in an extremely small package. Available in inductance values from 1.1 μH to 22 μH with dc resistance values from 0.028Ω to 0.294Ω, the maximum current carrying capability ranges as high as 3A.
Standex Electronics Cincinnati
Circle 310

EMI Suppression Capacitors

The MPX Series of metallized polypropylene film capacitors is designed for interference suppression. The capacitor — ideal for line bypass, switching power supplies, and across the line applications — is surrounded by a UL94VO plastic case. Capacitance values range from 0.0047 μF to 2.2 μF at 275 Vac/250Vac with radial leads.
STK Electronics, Inc.
Cazenovia, N.Y.

Circle 311

Synchronous PWM Controller

The SP6121 is a low-voltage, high-power dc-dc synchronous PWM controller. It provides a high level of performance for low-voltage, high-current, dynamic loads. It features a programmable output voltage range of 1.25V to 7V with an output current capability of up to 15A and efficiencies as high as 95%. The controller maintains accuracy over a wide range of line, load, and temperature conditions. An 8-lead narrow SOIC package uses few low profile surface mount components making it ideal for high-current power designs.
Sipex Corporation, Billerica, Mass.
Circle 307

Digital Motor Drives

The UltraDrive digital drive family introduces three new models offering continuous power from 150W to 15,000W, and output current from 2.4A to 60Arms/phase. Brushless servomotors used with the G- and D-Series provide continuous stall torques from 3 lb-in. to 665 lb-in. The models utilize reliable IGBT-based power modules. G-Series drives operate on 115Vac or 230Vac input power, and provide output short circuit and overvoltage protection.
ORMEC, Rochester, N.Y.
Circle 302

Simulation Software

SIMPLORER 4.2.1 simulation software allows users to enter and use a transient measurement of the turn on and turn off behavior. The Windows-compliant multi domain provides fast, non-SPICE circuit simulation capabilities together with a block diagram and a state machine simulator.
Ansoft, Pittsburgh
Circle 309

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