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Power Relays

Class 782 Relay features an LED status lamp showing coil off or on status, a flag indicator showing relay status in manual or powered condition, a pushbutton manually operating relay without coil power, a lock-down door holding pushbutton and contacts in the operate position, and a finger-grip cover to remove relays from sockets without tools. They extend power ratings with 15A models in DPDT versions and 10A 4PDT models. Available from 6Vac to 240Vac, and 6Vdc to 110Vdc.
Magnecraft & Struthers-Dunn, Northfield, Ill.
Circle 328 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Surface-Mount Inductors

The SC Series of super low-profile, shielded surface-mount inductors has current handling capabilities of up to 1.8A in a 1.55-mm package. These low-cost, super low-profile shielded devices minimize EMI. Their inductance range is 4.7 µH to 1000 µH, with operating frequencies up to 2 MHz. Their dc resistance range is from 0.12Ω to 18Ω, and operating temperature range is -25°C to 80°C. They are also compatible with vapor-phase and infrared reflow soldering.
CWS ByteMark, Santa Ana, Calif.
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New 6GHz DSO

The WaveMaster model 8600A is a digital storage oscilloscope for long, complex high-speed signals or very fast edges. It captures very high-speed signals (up to 6GHz bandwidth with 75-ps rise time). Using X-Stream technology, users can create customized parameter measurements or waveform math functions and insert them into the scope UI (user interface). X-Stream is designed for the next generation of measurement and analysis of waveforms, not just “viewing” of signals. This allows the waveform to be analyzed with advanced WaveShape Analysis.
Le Croy, Chestnut Ridge, N.Y. Circle 309

Film Capacitors

The 730G series is a metalized Polypropylene film capacitor for higher voltage applications with voltage ratings from 850Vdc to 3000Vdc, 450Vac to 750Vac, and dv/dt to 3000V/µsec. Values up to 2.5 µF are available. Operating temperature range is from -55°C to 70°C. Dissipation factor is 0.05% maximum. Major applications include snubber, ac drives and inverters, and UPS.
Dearborn Electronics, Longwood, Fla.
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SMT Transformers

Model 4283-1400 miniature high-voltage transformers deliver 0.5W (continuous) and feature a wide operating temperature range. This application-specific, surface mount device uses only 0.495 in. × 0.495 in. of space and can be custom configured to meet a variety of military, medical, and aerospace applications. Providing a typical operating frequency of 25 kHz, it offers up to 800Vdc output in a dc-dc transformer. Maximum height is 0.36 in. for high-density compact circuit board designs.
Datatronics Romoland Inc., Romoland, Calif.,
Circle 307 freeproductinfo.net/pet

RS-232 ICs

These RS-232 interface chips feature rugged ESD protection, 3V to 5.5V supply voltage, 250-kbit/s minimum data rate, and low-power operation. The ST3243E includes three drivers and five receivers. The ST3232E has two drivers and two receivers. To conserve power, the ST3243E has an auto power-down function that cuts supply current consumption to as low as 1 µA.
STMicroelectronics Inc.
Lexington, Mass.

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DC-DC Controller

MAX5037 is a dual-phase, parallelable PWM controller IC for high-output current, compact power supplies with minimal external components. Its allows operation from a 5V, 12V, or 24V power bus, and the 4A integrated MOSFET drivers and 2W package power dissipation allow more than 60A output. It has a current-limit and current-sharing accuracy of ±5%.
Maxim Integrated Products
Sunnyvale, Calif.

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Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Upgraded Electro, Magneto, and Oersted simulation software improves productivity for designers of electromagnetic, electromechanical, and power electronic components and systems. These 2-D, rotationally symmetric field solvers simulate electric, magnetic and time-harmonic fields in such devices as solenoids, transformers, sensors, and others. It predicts force, torque, capacitance, inductance, eddy currents, and other parameters critical to the design of complex electromechanical components and systems.
Integrated Engineering Software, Winnipeg, Canada
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The FAN2534 150mA LDO regulator optimizes performance and cost in cellular phone applications. It offers high ripple rejection over a wide frequency range, fast turn-on (150 µs), low noise (50 µVrms), and provides exceptional loop stability with a variety of output capacitor types. Output options include adjustable, 2.6V with bypass, and 3.V with bypass.
Fairchild Semiconductor, San Jose, Calif.
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Digital Servo Drives

The velocity mode has been added to the DR100 Series digital drive family, allowing users to solve simple and difficult velocity control applications more easily, because the velocity loop is closed inside the drive. The velocity loop is implemented as a fully decoupled PID algorithm, with the addition of a feed-forward gain and runs at an impressive 100-µs update rate. Various models offer supply ranges of 80Vdc to 460Vac, and maximum current output capability in the range of 15A to 100A.
Advanced Motion Controls, Camarillo, Calif.
Circle 326 freeproductinfo.net/pet

PFC Low-Profile Supply

PowerBank PB1506PFC adds power-factor correction capability. From inputs of 115/230Vac, it provides up to six configurable main outputs and two low-power auxiliary outputs. Output power is 1200W at 110Vac and 1500W at 220Vac. It is designed with 19-in. rack applications in mind, yet can be used as a standalone box. Mounting options make it versitile. Internal fans provide cooling. Dimensions are 16.84 in. × 12.6 in. × 1.75 in.
Northwest Power Integrations Milwaukie, Ore.
Circle 315 freeproductinfo.net/pet

CompactPCI Supply

This new modular 6U CompactPCI power supply meets the PICMG 2.11 standard and provides 312W output from a 24Vdc (operating from 19Vdc to 30Vdc) input. There are two models with 200W output in the 3U module size; six models with 350W output in the 6U module size; and two models with 500W output and IPMI interface in a 2U rack-mount module size.
Magnetek Power Electronics Group, Chatsworth, Calif.
Circle 322 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Single-Pack DC-DC Converters

Complete synchronous dc-dc converters in one BGA/LGA package measure 14.7 mm × 12.2 mm × 1.8 mm. FunctionPAKs improve footprint size, height profile, and power density: 80W in.3 The FX5545G001 buck converts 2.7V to 6V inputs to a 1.5V to 3.6V output, at a maximum of 600mA. The FX5545G002 boost converts 2.5V to 6V inputs to a 3.3V to 6V output with a 500mA maximum output.
Vishay Intertechnology Malvern, Pa.
Circle 330 freeproductinfo.net/pet

PWM Controller

The LX1673 is a highly integrated, high-frequency power supply controller that combines a synchronous PWM switching regulator with an adjustable linear regulator driver. Featuring two independently regulated outputs, it provides outputs as low as 0.8V from an internal 1% reference. The PWM output is capable of sourcing up to 15A, while the adjustable low dropout regulator can simultaneously supply up to 5A for input/output, memory, and other supplies surrounding microprocessor designs.
Microsemi, Irvine, Calif.
Circle 312 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Three LDO cmos Regulators

This LDO voltage regulator series combines ultralow noise, precision accuracy, and low dropout voltages for a range of wireless and battery-powered applications. The S-1111/1121, S-1131, and S-1165 Series feature a high ripple rejection ratio of 70 dB (typ.) at 1 kHz, low quiescent current, and selectable output voltages from 1.5V to 5.5V in 0.1V steps, accurate within ±1.0%.
Seiko Instruments USA Inc., Torrance, Calif.
Circle 321 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Buck Regulator

An 800mA synchronous buck regulator, the SP6651A is designed for lithium-ion powered equipment. Its 98% efficiency ensures a longer battery operating life, while ultralow quiescent current (20 µA) extends standby time. A key feature is adjustable output that supports standard 1.5V and 1.75V processor core voltages and standard 3.3V system level voltages. It operates over a -40°C to 85°C temperature range.
Sipex, Milpitas, Calif.
Circle 319 freeproductinfo.net/pet

High-Voltage Supply

Octo-Channel features an 8kV power supply with eight individually programmable high-voltage outputs in one rack-mount package. Featuring stability and very low ripple, it's protected against output overload, short circuits, and arcing to ground. Each channel features 0% to 100% programmability, high accuracy and stability, very low ripple, and output voltage monitoring.
EMCO High Voltage Corp., Sutter Creek, Calif.
Circle 304 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Intelligent Power Module

This high-voltage intelligent power module combines gate drive and protection circuitry with a 3300V/1200A high voltage IGBT in a fully isolated package. Any issue of noise is resolved through the use of the HVIPM by optimizing the control of the chip through close proximity of the gate drive control circuit.
Powerex, Youngwood, Pa.
Circle 316 freeproductinfo.net/pet

PTC Switch

The TRF250-180 is the first lead-free PolySwitch® resettable device for telecom and networking applications. It provides resettable overcurrent protection through improved mechanical characteristics provided by an insulating coating. The small footprint, low-resistance, through-hole device features a rated hold current of 180mA and is suitable for ambient temperatures up to 85°C. It also limits the let-through energy to a significantly lower level, enabling product designs that use less-expensive, smaller, lower-power components. It's robust to ITU-T K.20/21/45 lightning surges.
Raychem Div. of Tyco, Menlo Park, Calif.
Circle 313 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Bipolar Power Transistors

This family of bipolar power transistors for portable electronics devices features a low saturation voltages. Based on third generation high-efficiency mesh emitter transistor (Hi-MET III) design, they lower power requirements and extend the battery life of portable devices. They are available in three types of small surface-mount packages to meet various design requirements.
Toshiba America Electronics, Irvine, Calif.
Circle 320 freeproductinfo.net/pet

PWM Supply Controllers

The UCC38C42 BiCMOS family of industry-standard, current mode PWM controllers features a ten-fold reduction in start-up current (from 500 µA down to 50 µA), while operating supply current is lowered from 11mA to 2.3mA. A three-fold reduction in the current sense delay (from 150 ns to 50 ns) offers overload protection at the power switch, making it ideal for telecom, datacom, merchant power, and industrial power supply applications. It offers drop-in replacements for UC3842- and UC3842A-based designs with no external part changes required.
Texas Instruments, Dallas
Circle 329 freeproductinfo.net/pet

200A Transducer

The LF 205-S and LF 205-P transducers — for nonintrusive and isolated current measurement of dc, ac, and pulsed currents — are useful in the power range up to 100kW. Their mounting possibilities include two for horizontal and two for vertical mounting. The four-point mounting offers special protection in applications exposed to vibrations and shocks. Their rugged housing material, combined with the potting of the housing, exhibits a high rigidity.
LEM USA, Milwaukee, Wis.
Circle 306 freeproductinfo.net/pet

SMT film Capacitors

The low-ESR, low-noise PPC series of film capacitors is now produced in an ultramini 0603 moldless package. Ideal for coupling, decoupling, time constant, filtering, oscillation, and resonance, the capacitance for these reflow-solderable capacitors is 0.0001 µF to 0.1 µF, ±5 %. Operating temperature is from -55 to 125°C with a voltage range of 16Vdc to 50Vdc.
JARO Components Inc., Boca Raton, Fla.
Circle 310 freeproductinfo.net/pet

DIN-Mount Supply

The SDN10-24-480 is a 3-phase input 24Vdc DIN rail-mount power supply that requires no installing or wiring external fuses and a control transformer. Fuses are integrated on the primary side of the supply, while the secondary side is protected by an integrated fuse mode. Measuring 3.6 in. × 4.9 in. × 4.7-in., its design is 39% smaller by volume than rival products. Other features include 380 to 480 ac input range; adjustable output from 24Vdc to 28Vdc; full 10A operation up to 60×12A continuous below 45°C, and more.
Sola/Hevi-Duty, Skokie, Ill.
Circle 325 freeproductinfo.net/pet

MOSFET Gate Drivers

The ISL6206 and ISL6207 high-voltage MOSFET driver ICs are optimized for portable power applications. Both are designed to drive upper and lower MOSFETs in a synchronous-buck dc-dc converter operating from the high voltages found in notebook systems, allowing single-step conversion to maximize power efficiency. Operating features include 5V supply and gate drive, up to 2 MHz switching speed, -5V to 36V phase voltage range, and strong drive capability. The ISL6206 sinks 1.1A on lower MOSFET, while the ISL6207 sinks 4A.
Intersil Corp., Irvine, Calif.
Circle 305 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Ni-Zn Ferrites

These nickel-zinc ferrite cores are for EMI suppression and other high-frequency applications. The three material types -8N, 6N, and 4N — have a permeability of 850, 620, and 1500, respectively. Loss factor for these materials is 2.5×10-5 at 1 MHz for 8N, 3.9×10-5 at 700 kHz for 6N, and 2.8×10-5 at 3 MHz for 4N. Available shapes include toroids, beads, baluns, and rods. Sample kits are available containing 25 different parts in various geometries, including standard manganese-zinc ferrites.
Magnetics Div. of Spang Butler, Penn.
Circle 311 freeproductinfo.net/pet

Spring Clamp Terminal Strip

The Cage Clamp S connection system employs a spring clamp connection on the 804 Series p.c. board terminal strips. This clamping style combines the advantages of the push wire connector with those of the Cage Clamp spring connection. It features an integrated pushbutton release, reducing the amount of wiring time. It's ideal for solid and stranded conductors, ranging in size from 12AWG to 28 AWG, and is rated at 300V, 10A.
Wago, Germantown, Wis.
Circle 317 freeproductinfo.net/pet

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