Power Electronics


Subminiature Relay

The new AZ937 Series relay switches 5A and is only 0.22 sq in. It combines a small p. c. board footprint with a sensitive coil and cuts power consumption compared with other common 5A relays. The small size is no obstacle for high isolation, it can withstand 4kV.
American Zeitler, Aliso Viejo, Calif.
Circle 322

Hot-Swap Rectifiers

This Ranger RRS Series rectifier module is hot-swappable and produces 50A, 54.4V (48V version) or 100A at 27.2V (24V version). These switching modules are compact with 11W/in.3 power density. At 3½-in. high, they require only two mounting positions of rack space. The rectifier modules feature PFC, class B EMI filter, 170Vac to 264Vac input range, and automatic load sharing.
Unipower Telecom, Coral Springs, Fla.
Circle 315

cPCI 550 Power System

The cPCI 550 Compact PCI (cPCI) power system series is a 48Vdc input centralized power supply. The 550W system provides alternatives for the 48Vdc input power system. With a maximum output of 2200W, it mounts under the PCI chassis, allowing supplies to plug directly into the backplane.
Astec Power, Carlsbad, Calif.
Circle 314

Low Saturation Transistors

The ZXT10 series transistors combine matrix design characteristics with increased power dissipation capabilities of the SOT23-6 package. The three NPN devices are available from 15V to 50V; the three PNP versions from 12V to 40V. Offering saturation voltages at 75mV at 1A, continuous collector current ratings are up to 4A, with peak currents to 12A. Typical gains are 300, minimum.
Zetex, Commack, N.Y.
Circle 324


The IXFD12N50F MOSFET dice is rated at 12A(dc) and 500V, and its RDS(on) is less than 0.4Ω. The specifications of the IXFD6N100F are 1000V, 6A(dc) and 1.9Ω RDS(on). Both are available for prototyping in the TO-247 through-hole or surface-mountable TO-268 packages. They use a double-metal process that provides a gate charge one-half that of similar devices.
IXYS, Santa Clara, Calif.
Circle 319

EMI Suppression Filters

LFA series networks are housed in a low profile, 20-pin QSOP; replacing 16 individual components. Each has a resistance range of 10W to 10KW and capacitance range of 10pF to 220pF. The TCR is ±250 PPM/°C.
KOA Speer Electronics, Inc.,
Bradford, Pa.
Circle 309

Power Supply Test System

This system is based on a flexible, modular IEEE488/RS-485/RS-232-based design. User selectable hardware and software modules make it ideal for design verification, incoming inspection, production test, burn-in, and ESS (Environmental Stress Screening). The system employs an open architecture environment that combines ease of test programming with fast test times.
Chroma ATE, Irvine, Calif.
Circle 307

SMT Inductors

The D52LC and D53LC Series inductors are low-profile, magnetically shielded inductors for use in a variety of dc-dc converter applications. Both have a 5.0 mm×5.0 mm footprint. They're available in 1.2 ųH to 100.0 ųH inductance values, and the D53LC is available in 1.1 ųH to 220.0 ųH inductance values.
Toko America, Inc.,
Mt. Prospect, Ill.
Circle 310

High Temperature NiMH Battery

The EMT 2000Cs NiMH batteries are an alternative to the nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries traditionally used in high temperature applications. They offer more capacity and enhanced performance at higher temperatures and longer runtimes in a smaller, environmentally preferred alternative.
Moltech Power Systems
Gainesville, Fla.
Circle 306

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The JSI 200 series delivers a near-perfect 200VA sine wave with 12V or 24V input and 115Vac or 230Vac output. It's ideal for applications where standard power is not available, including emergency vehicles, public transport, mobile homes, measuring equipment and rural homesteads. With the addition of an optional 7A floating solar charge regulator, an “all-in-one,” efficient solar system can be created. The compact, lightweight inverter measures 6.8×5.6×3.3-in. and weighs 6.4 lb.
Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
Carp, Ontario, Canada
Circle 312

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