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New Products

New Products

Low-Noise DC-DC Converter

The EP5368QI 600-mA synchronous buck converter with integrated inductor from Enpirion delivers extremely low output ripple, low radiated noise (EMI) and low conducted noise. The complete solution requires only 2 MLCC capacitors for a solution footprint of 22 sq mm.

The device has a 4-MHz switching frequency and achieves up to 94% efficiency. It provides 600 mA of continuous output current over the industrial temperature range and 700 mA over the commercial temperature range.

Well-suited for a broad range of mobile and wireless broadband applications, the EP5368QI comes in a 3-mm × 3-mm × 1.1-mm QFN package. It is priced starting at $0.98 each in quantities of 10,000.
Bridgewater, N.J.


Plug-In DC-DC Converter

Absopulse Electronics' BAP 236R-EH Series is a rugged plug-in (Eurocard) dc-dc converter designed for railway and other harsh-environments. This 200-W unit delivers dc outputs up to 130 Vdc. It can be operated from supply voltages of 24 Vdc, 36 Vdc, 48 Vdc, 72 Vdc, 96 Vdc or 110 Vdc. A built-in redundancy diode allows for parallel connection to achieve higher output power or N+1 redundancy.

The series is rated for operation over a -25°C to 70°C temperature range without derating, with natural convection cooling. It features full electronic protection on the input and output, an optocoupler alarm output and optional control input. The BAP 236R-EH measures 3U × 14HP × 220 mm and is typically used in 19-in. rack-mount applications. It's priced starting at $285 in quantities of 100.
Absopulse Electronics
Ottawa, Canada



The EE5 line of custom low-power switch-mode transformers from Beta Transformer Technology is designed and built to meet the ruggedized requirements of MIL-PRF-27 necessary for high reliability aerospace and military systems. The EE5 measures 0.195-in. high × 0.309-in. wide × 0.240-in. long and can deliver 0.7 W at 100 kHz.
Beta Transformer Technology
Bohemia, N.Y.


Stepdown Regulator

Linear Technology's LTC3611 is a high-efficiency synchronous buck regulator that delivers up to 10 A of continuous output current at voltages as low as 0.6 V. It operates from an input voltage of 4.5 V to 32 V (36 V ABS max), making it ideal for applications with multicell Li-ion, lead-acid batteries or fixed-voltage rails up to 32 V. Its valley current control architecture delivers very low duty-cycle operation at high frequencies with excellent transient response. The operating frequency is set by an external resistor. Switching frequencies of up to 1 MHz allow for the use of small, low-cost ceramic capacitors and low-profile inductors.

Available in a 64-lead 9-mm × 9-mm QFN package, the LTC3611EWP is priced starting at $9.75 each in 1000-piece quantities.
Linear Technology
Milpitas, Calif.


Low-Droput Regulators

Microchip Technology's MCP1790 and MCP1791 low-dropout regulators have a continuous 70-mA output, the ability to operate at a continuous input voltage of up to 30 V and a load-dump protection of up to 43.5 V. Ideal for automotive and industrial applications, the LDOs also feature low-quiescent current, shutdown current and ceramic capacitor stability, which enable smaller, ultra-efficient designs at lower costs.

The MCP1790 is a three-pin LDO, while the MCP1791 is a five-pin LDO, which offers shutdown and power-good functionality. Both LDOs are available in SOT-223 and D2PAK packages. The MCP1790 is priced starting at $0.76 each and the MCP1791 starts at $0.80 each, both in 10,000-unit quantities.
Microchip Technology
Chandler, Ariz.


MOSFET Drivers

Murata Electronics North America's MPD6D20*S dc-dc converter series achieves a 91% efficiency level, which minimizes excessive power consumption. Designed with a synchronous rectifier circuit, the series offers parallel operation as a standard I-sharing feature (up to 10 devices) and simplifies the implementation with an integrated reverse-current prevention circuit. No optical couplers are used, thus increasing reliability.

Available in a surface-mount device package, the MPD6D20*S is 40.05 mm × 31.15 mm × 8 mm max. Pricing is $18.05 each in volume quantities.
Murata Electronics North America
Smyrna, Ga.


Dual-Voltage AC Fans

Orion Fans' line of dual-voltage ac fans can be configured to operate on either 115 V or 230 V. Three standard models of the OA109AP-11/22 Series fans are available: 3000 rpm/110 cfm airflow/15 W, 2300 rpm/71 cfm airflow/11 W and 1600 rpm/51 cfm airflow/8 W. All are constructed from die-cast aluminum and have UL94V-0 glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic impellers. Orion maintains stocking inventory of the precision dual-bearing version at its headquarters, and the sleeve-bearing version is available by special order. Typical pricing of the OA109AP-11/22 Series is less than $16 each in quantities of 100.
Orion Fans


Brushless DC Pre-Driver IC

Allegro's first device in a series of single-phase brushless dc motor pre-drivers, the A4930 is used to control high-current fans, blowers or pumps. Outputs are designed to drive all n-channel MOSFET H-bridges with supply voltages between 8 V and 36 V. The motor speed is regulated by either a PWM input or an external analog voltage (typically thermistor). Motor speed can be monitored with the FG output and minimum speed can be programmed with an external voltage.

The A4930 is supplied in a lead-free 28-lead QFN package with exposed power tab. It has a 5-mm × 5-mm footprint and a 0.90-mm nominal height. It is priced at $0.77 each in quantities of 1000.
Allegro MicroSystems
Worcester, Mass.


Multiphase Converters

International Rectifier's iP2005A is a power-stage solution for high-current, synchronous buck multiphase converters used in gaming, computing and communications applications. The iP2005A is 40% smaller in size than the previous-generation device, while its efficient operation up to 1.5 MHz allows designers to further reduce board space by minimizing the value of output capacitors and inductors.

The iP2005A is optimized for very low EMI, eliminating the need for external snubber circuits in EMI-sensitive designs such as consumer game consoles. By eliminating external snubbers, the iP2005A reduces per-phase power loss by up to 2.3 W compared to the previous-generation device that required an external resistor and capacitor snubber with values of 2.2 V and 10-nF, respectively. Available in a 7.7-mm × 7.7-mm × 1.7-mm LGA package, the iP2005A is priced starting at $3.31 each in 10,000-unit quantities.
International Rectifier
El Segundo, Calif.


Fixed-Point Digital Signal Controllers

Texas Instruments' fixed-point digital signal controllers (DSCs) are entirely compatible in hardware and software with high-performance floating-point DSCs. The TMS320F282x series of DSCs combines the affordability of a fixed-point architecture with the faster software development inherent to floating-point devices. Floating-point algorithms that previously required significant recoding for fixed-point operation now can be recompiled in minutes to run on the F282x devices. The DSCs bring savings in time-to-market and manufacturing costs, enabling developers to design energy-efficient, less expense industrial applications, such as servo controllers, automotive radar, solar inverters and wind turbines.

The fixed-point F282x DSCs build on the success of TI's TMS320F283x floating-point DSCs, which double performance and cut development time in half from TI's previous-generation DSCs. The F282x controllers operate at up to 150 MHz, are 100% code compatible with F283x devices and can be programmed using the same development tools. The F282x controllers are also completely pin-to-pin compatible with the F283x series.

The TMS320F28235 DSCs are now sampling in limited quantities. Volume production is scheduled for all F282x fixed-point and floating-point DSCs in the second quarter of 2008.
Texas Instruments


MOSFET Drivers

The MAX15024/MAX15025 high-speed, single/dual MOSFET drivers from Maxim Integrated Products come in a thermally enhanced, 3-mm × 3-mm, 10-pin TDFN package. The MAX15024 is a single gate driver capable of sinking up to 8 A and sourcing up to 4 A of peak current. The MAX15025 is a dual gate driver capable of sinking and sourcing up to 4 A of peak current.

Both devices have propagation-delay matching of typically 2 ns between channels, and usually less than 17 ns from part to part. An integrated adjustable LDO provides gate-driver amplitude control and optimization. The devices include a logic circuit to prevent internal shoot-through current during output-state change. They are available with either CMOS or TTL logic-level inputs. Pricing for the MAX15024/MAX15025 starts at $1.01 each in quantities of 1000.
Maxim Integrated Products
Sunnyvale, Calif.


Switching Regulators

Recom International has extended its R-78 line of switching regulators with three series covering wide input-voltage ranges, higher output currents and higher input voltages.

The R-78Bxx-1.0 offers output voltages from 1.5 Vdc to 15 Vdc at a maximum output current of 1 A with an input-voltage range of up to 34 Vdc. It delivers up to 15 W of power in a SIP3 package. It is also available with 90-degree pins so that it can be laid flat on the pc board. The R-78Bxx-1.5 offers output voltages from 1.5 Vdc to 6.5 Vdc at a maximum output current of 1.5 A with an input-voltage range of up to 18 Vdc. Like the 1-A regulator, the 1.5-A regulator is also guaranteed to work in an ambient temperature from -40°C to 85°C without forced cooling. The R-78Bxx-1.5 is also available with 90-degree pins.

The R-78HBxx-0.5 offers output voltages from 3.3 Vdc to 24 Vdc at a maximum output current of 0.5 A with an input-voltage range of up to 9 Vdc to 72 Vdc. Other features include up to 96% conversion efficiency, typically 20-mV peak to peak ripple and noise, 1-mA quiescent current and up to 1.2 A of peak current output.
Recom International
Sprendlingen, Germany


Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Ansoft's Maxwell v12 and RMxprt v12 electromagnetic field simulation software is for the design and analysis of 3-D/2-D structures, such as motors, actuators, transformers, and other electric and electromechanical devices common to automotive, military/aerospace and industrial systems.

Maxwell v12 solves time-varying electric fields due to a transient disturbance such as lightning strikes on electrical equipment. This latest version also is equipped with advanced model-healing capabilities, which will automatically identify and resolve potential problems with geometry imported from popular CAD systems and will streamline the solution process.

RMxprt is a specialized software program dedicated to the design of electric machines. This version has been upgraded with a new capability to solve three-phase non-salient synchronous machines, automated project setup for Maxwell and a new wire library allowing motor designers to study the effects of various wire types of a design prior to physical prototype creation.

Maxwell v12 and RMxprt v12 are available for Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Server 2003 Standard Edition, XP Professional x64 Edition, Server 2003 Standard x64 Edition, Red Hat Enterprise Linux v3 (32 and 64 bit) and v4 (32 and 64 bit), SuSE Linux Enterprise Server v9 (32 and 64 bit) and Solaris versions 8, 9 and 10.


D-Sub Connectors

ITT Interconnect Solutions' Combo D Series of D-sub connectors features size-8 power contacts with an optional integrated filter planar array. The connectors accommodate a right-angle press fit termination and Eurostyle brackets.

The low-profile Combo D connectors feature a maximum contact current rating of 40 A and a passive filter array with 47 nF capacitance. Minimum lifespan is 200 mating cycles, and the device is intermateable with Combo D 5W5 cable connectors. The connectors are capable of withstanding a 1000-V peak. Typical pricing for the Combo D Series filtered connectors is approximately $30 each.
ITT Interconnect Solutions
Santa Ana, Calif.


Surge Protective Devices

From Phoenix Contact, the VALVETRAB-SQ surge protective devices (SPD) offer safe, reliable surge protection from 40,000 A to 200,000 A. The NEMA-style product series includes approximately 50 part numbers in three different mountable designs.

The VAL-SQ CC series offers an economical method of protecting electronic equipment in light commercial, light industrial and residential environments. It has 40,000 A of surge current rating, and its compact design is ideal for installation in a control cabinet or directly to critical equipment.

A multiphase SPD and noise filter, the VAL-SQ SP series protects sensitive equipment even in the worst environmental conditions. It can be installed adjacent to subpanels or directly to sensitive equipment. It provides 80,000 A or 120,000 A of surge current rating per phase.

The VAL-SQ SE series provides maximum surge protection for the service entrance and remote locations in industrial, medical and commercial applications. Available with 120,000-A, 160,000-A and 200,000-A surge current ratings, it can be mounted near the circuit breaker, reducing connecting leads and improving performance.
Phoenix Contact
Middletown, Pa.


Electromagnetic Simulation Software

LeCroy's M-Type oscilloscope lineup now includes six models ranging from 200 MHz to 2 GHz. The oscilloscopes come standard with a full set of analysis tools including WaveScan, an advanced search and analysis feature; WaveStream, a fast viewing mode; and LabNotebook, a tool for documentation and report generation.

The WaveRunner MXi oscilloscopes ship standard with a variety of analysis tools and application programs, such as tracks, histograms, long-memory FFTs, user-defined functions, mixed-signal options, power-device analysis, jitter and timing analysis, and a host of other applications. With a maximum sample rate of 10 Gsamples/s and a standard 12.5 Mpts/Ch of memory (interleaving to 25 Mpts/Ch), the WaveRunner MXi series goes beyond debug and validation to help engineers understand the root causes of complex problems.

The WaveSurfer MXs oscilloscopes offer strong fundamentals for lab and bench oscilloscope use at 5 Gsamples/s on each channel with 10 Mpts/Ch memory. Advanced triggering helps an engineer find rare events and glitches, while the built-in HDTV trigger speeds the design of new products. Pricing for the WaveSurfer MXs starts at $7570 and for the WaveRunner MXi at $11,690.
Chestnut Ridge, N.Y.


Ultratiny Transistors

From Central Semiconductor, the FEMTOmini CMNT3904E (npn) and CMNT3906E (pnp) low VCESAT transistors come packaged in the SOT-953 surface-mount package. The SOT-953 has a maximum package profile of 0.5 mm and uses 33% less board space than the SOT-523.

The CMNT3904E and CMNT3906E transistors are designed with enhanced specifications including: a maximum collector-base voltage of 60 V, a maximum emitter-base voltage of 6 V and a maximum VCESAT of 0.2 V at 50 mA. The transistors are ideal for portable battery-powered applications requiring an energy-efficient transistor in an ultrasmall package. Available in 7-in. tape and reel, prices start at $0.08 each in quantities of 3000.
Central Semiconductor
Hauppauge, N.Y.


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