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Intelligent Power Modules

Infineon Technologies Industrial Power's highly integrated intelligent power modules contain nearly all of the semiconductor components required to realize electronically controlled variable-speed electric motors. The CiPoS modules are designed to enable energy-efficient operation of consumer appliances, such as washing machines and air conditioners, offering efficiencies up to 94%.

The CiPoS modules incorporate a three-phase inverter power stage with a silicon-on-insulator gate driver, boot-strap diodes, capacitors, a thermal sensor and auxiliary circuitry in a compact high-performance, fully isolated package. Based on a combination of Infineon's TrenchStop insulated gate bipolar transistor and EmCon emitter-controlled diode technology, the CiPoS modules eliminate as many as 23 discrete components compared to a design based solely on discrete components.

With a basic drive system requiring only nine external components and one microcontroller, the CiPoS modules represent ready-to-use solutions for motor-drive systems with a power rating of up to 3 kW.
Infineon Technologies
Lebanon, N.J.


Punch-Through IGBTs

Microsemi's family of Power MOS8 high-speed insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) feature punch-through technology in 600-V and 900-V devices. The Power MOS8 IGBTs target applications including solar inverters, high-performance switch-mode power supplies and industrial equipment such as welders, battery chargers and induction heaters.

The series exhibits low conduction losses, and low switching losses enable operation at frequencies over 100 kHz — approaching the performance of power MOSFETs but at a lower cost. The IGBTs are available as single devices or packaged with the company's DQ series of fast soft-recovery diodes. Power MOS8 devices are priced starting at $2.09 each in quantities of 1000.
Irvine, Calif.


N-Channel MOSFETs

International Rectifier has expanded its portfolio of 60-V, 75-V and 100-V MOSFETs for switch-mode power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies and industrial applications. These n-channel devices feature low on-state resistance and high switching capability, while the rugged TO-247 package provides a larger area for heatsinking. The devices are offered lead free and are RoHS compliant. Pricing begins at $1.04 each for the IRFP3306PbF and IRFP4410ZPbF and $1.58 each for the IRFP3077PbF, all in 1000-unit quantities.
International Rectifier
El Segundo, Calif.


Slow-Blow Fuses

Kamaya has expanded its fuse product line with the addition of the SBF32 series of slow-blow fuses. The SBF32 series is available in a 1206 package with current ratings of 2.5 A to 8 A and an interrupt rating of 32 Vdc at 50 A. The SBF32 is well suited for secondary fusing applications. Priced at $0.50 each, the packaging is 5000 pieces on a 7-in. reel.
Fort Wayne, Ind.


Medical-Grade Power Supplies

Designed to meet the space and performance parameters needed in medical and dental instrumentation and systems, Astrodyne's PMMK320 line of high-density switching power supplies provide output power of 320 W with active power factor correction. All models accept a universal input from 90 Vac to 264 Vac, and six models are available that provide single outputs from 5 Vdc to 48 Vdc.

The PMMK320 series is approved for medical safety specifications. Using high-density surface-mount construction and providing power densities of up to 6 W/cu in., the PMMK320 offers a rugged aluminum enclosure with a fan included and screw terminals for input/output connections. The PMMK320 series has two mounting options, fully enclosed or fully enclosed with DIN rail mounts. The PMMK320 series is priced at $112 each in OEM quantities.
Mansfield, Mass.


Voltage Supervisors

Catalyst Semiconductor has added a five-channel device to its supervisor product line. The CAT885 gives designers high reset threshold accuracy and very low power consumption for monitoring the power-supply status of a microprocessor, microcontroller, ASIC or other system processor. The device features an open-drain output, active low function with manual reset to perform comprehensive system reset and monitoring functions for a wide range of electronic products.

The CAT885 monitors up to five system voltages by maintaining a reset output active until all the power-supply voltages exceed the specified trip values. The device then maintains the reset output in an active condition until the internal timer times out. Two of the five voltage detectors are factory set for standard supplies, while the threshold voltages of the third, fourth and fifth voltage monitors can be adjusted for specific requirements using external resistors. The CAT885 is priced at $1.17 each in 10,000-piece quantities.
Catalyst Semiconductor
Santa Clara, Calif.


Schottky Diode

From Central Semiconductor, the CMASH-4 Schottky diode comes in the ultra-tiny SOD-923 package. The “FEMTOmini” device is a high-quality 40-V, 200-mA Schottky diode with a forward-voltage drop of 0.38 V maximum at 1 mA and a switching speed of 5 ns maximum. Designed for applications requiring an energy-efficient, fast switching diode in an ultrasmall package, the CMASH-4 in the SOD-923 uses 55% less board space as compared to the SOD-523 package and has a 48% lower package profile. Prices start at $0.09 each in quantities of 8000 for 7-in. tape and reel.
Central Semiconductor
Hauppauge, N.Y.


Battery-Charger ICs

Maxim Integrated Products' MAX17005/MAX17006/MAX17015 are high-frequency multichemistry battery-charger ICs. The devices employ a high-frequency current-mode architecture. Designed to operate at a 1.2-MHz switching frequency, the ICs enable the use of a smaller output filter than required by other battery-charger ICs. They also allow the use of n-channel power-selection switches.

The MAX17005 charges three to four cells with a cell voltage of 4.2 V to 4.4 V; the MAX17006 charges two to three cells with a cell voltage of 4.2 V to 4.4 V; and the MAX17015 adjusts the charge-voltage setting and number of cells through a feedback resistor-divider at the output. All the devices provide a high-accuracy analog output that is proportional to the adapter current. In the MAX17015, current monitoring remains active to monitor the battery's discharge current when the adapter is absent. Available in a 4-mm × 4-mm × 0.8-mm lead-free, 20-pin TQFN package, the ICs are priced starting at $5.66 each in quantities of 1000.
Maxim Integrated Products
Sunnyvale, Calif.


Chip Resistors

From International Manufacturing Services the LCI Series of thin-film, surface-mount current-sensing chip resistors is a simple and cost-effective solution for applications requiring extremely low resistance. The resistors feature nickel barrier terminals and are available in case sizes 0402 through 2512. With a standard value range for from 0.003 Ω to 1 Ω with tolerances to 1%, the resistors are power rated to 3 W at 70°C ambient air temperature in a 1225 case size.
International Manufacturing Services
Portsmouth, R.I.


Floating Hot-Deck Power Supply

UltraVolt's EFL Series modules are isolated power supplies featuring isolation up to 15 kV, along with analog and digital I/O. Therefore, the modules create a completely integrated floating hot-deck subsystem. Floating hot decks operate multiple bias supplies, pulse generators and control systems in E-beam, I-beam and mass-spectrometer systems. While UltraVolt's FL Series provides one analog up channel, the new EFL Series provides a second analog up channel and improved input/output faraday shielding, along with upgraded low-voltage output power and analog channels. The main output is now available at 12 V, 1 A or 24 V, 1 A/1.5 A. The upgraded analog channels auto-zero and auto-correct for linearity errors and full-scale gain. This provides a control and monitor capability of 0 Vdc to 10 Vdc with a temperature coefficient of less than 10 ppm/°C.
Ronkonkoma, N.Y.


D-Sub Connectors

ERNI Electronics' range of D-Sub connectors have precision-stamped high-current contacts to meet the needs of surface-mount through-hole reflow and press-fit applications. Expensive screw-machine power contacts are no longer necessary to achieve high-current demands. The angled high-current D-Sub connectors are available in 3W3, 3WK3 and 7W2 configurations and can be fitted with a maximum of three power-supply contacts. Partial assembly also is possible.
ERNI Electronics
Adelberg, Germany


Programmable ICs

The SMB119 from Summit Microelectronics is targeted at portable consumer equipment and integrates seven precision programmable regulators and a wide range of digital power control functions. The pc-based graphical development environment lets system designers digitally program the entire multiple output power supply and associated power management functions with a few clicks of a mouse.

The IC incorporates three synchronous stepdown converters, two stepup converters, one configurable stepup or stepdown converter, and one low-dropout linear regulator. A fully programmable system supervisor monitors all channels for undervoltage/overvoltage events. The device is priced at $3.74 each in quantities of 10,000.
Summit Microelectronics
San Jose, Calif.



The LTC4446 from Linear Technology is a high-frequency, high-input-supply voltage MOSFET driver designed to drive upper and lower n-channel power MOSFETs in a two-transistor forward converter. The driver, combined with power MOSFETs and a dc-dc controller, forms a high-efficiency two-transistor forward converter or can be configured as a fast-acting high-voltage dc switch.

This driver can source up to 2.5 A with a 1.2-Ω pull-down impedance for driving the top MOSFET and can source 3 A with a 0.55-Ω pull-down impedance for the synchronous MOSFET, making it ideal for driving high-gate-capacitance, high-current MOSFETs. The LTC4446 also can drive multiple MOSFETs in parallel for higher-current applications. Offered in a thermally enhanced MSOP-8 package, the LTC4446EMS8 and LTC4446IMS8 are priced starting at $1.69 each in 1000-piece quantities.
Linear Technology
Milpitas, Calif.


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