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Automotive-Grade IC

Allegro's A4935 is an automotive-grade three-phase MOSFET predriver IC that includes enhanced performance and operational features over its predecessors. This new device integrates a regulating charge pump that provides full gate-drive capability for battery voltages down to 7 V and reduced gate drive for battery voltages as low as 5.5 V. It also includes performance enhancements of the current-sense amplifier, as well as better fault diagnostics and reporting to decode and identify faults.

Features such as top-off charge pump and boot-strap charge management make A4935 much easier to manage in terms of ensuring an adequate boot capacitor charge under varying PWM conditions. The device is supplied in a 48L eLQFP small-profile, thermally efficient exposed pad package.
Allegro MicroSystems
Worcester, Mass.


Synchronous Buck Converters

International Rectifier's 25-V synchronous buck converter DirectFET MOSFET chipset combines the company's latest-generation HEXFET MOSFET silicon and benchmark DirectFET packaging technology to deliver a high-density, single control and single synchronous MOSFET solution in the footprint of an SO-8 and with a 0.7-mm profile.

The IRF6710S2, IRF6795M and IRF6797M devices are characterized with very low on-resistance gate charge and gate-to-drain charge to achieve increased efficiency and thermal performance, and enable operation in excess of 25 A per phase. Pricing starts at $0.66 each in quantities of 10,000.
International Rectifier
El Segundo, Calif.


MOSFET Drivers

From Microchip Technology, the inverting MCP1415 and noninverting MCP1416 single-output MOSFET drivers are rated for a peak output current of 1.5 A, over an operating voltage range of 4.5 V to 18 V. Both devices have excellent latch-up immunity and are available in a miniature five-pin SOT-23 package.

Designers can position the MCP141X MOSFET gate driver close to the MOSFET's physical gate connection, which minimizes gate bounce. This also minimizes gate rise and fall times, propagation-delay times and shoot-through current. Both devices are priced at $0.44 each in quantities of 10,000.
Microchip Technology
Chandler, Ariz.


Programmable Buck Charger

From Texas Instruments, the bq24150 is a 3-MHz switch-mode battery-charge management IC for portable electronics that can be charged from an adapter or a USB port. The 20-ball, 2-mm × 2-mm chip-scale-packaged switching charger significantly improves charge time, reduces power dissipation and cuts board space in half, compared to typical implementation with linear chargers.

The 3-MHz charger only requires the use of a 1-µH inductor and small ceramic capacitors, resulting in a solution size of 7.6 mm × 10.4 mm. The bq24150 also features a reverse boost USB on-the-go mode that generates a voltage supply to power accessories that are plugged into a mini-USB port, eliminating the need for another discrete device. Suggested pricing starts at $2 each in 1000-piece quantities.
Texas Instruments


Aluminum Capacitors

Vishay Intertechnology has extended the capabilities of its 150 CRZ series of surface-mount aluminum capacitors to offer low impedance values, high capacitances and ripple currents, and four-pin versions for high-vibration capability.

The 150 CRZ devices are available in five case sizes, ranging from 8 mm × 8 mm × 10 mm to the larger 12.5 mm × 12.5 mm × 16 mm. For enhanced performance and reliability, the capacitors offer an impedance specified as low as 60 mΩ at 100 kHz, a high-rated ripple current of 1007 mA at 105°C and a capacitance range from 33 µF to 2200 µF over a voltage range of 6.3 V to 63 V. The 150 CRZ devices are supplied in blister tape-on-reel packaging. Pricing per piece ranges from 0.20 euros to 0.40 euros.
Vishay Intertechnology
Malvern, Pa.


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