Power Electronics


Flexible Cable

This power cable withstands the environment with its flexible thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) jacket. It resists UV light, abrasion, and extreme cold. It's UL listed, CSA certified, and meets UL62 tensile strength requirements. Standard- or custom-length cables are available in 2- and 3-wire constructions. Current ratings range 13A and 25A, with a voltage rating of 300V to 600V. Conductor sizes range 16 A.W.G. to 12 A.W.G., and temperatures range from -50°C to 105°C.
Interpower, Oskaloosa, Iowa
Circle 304

Closed-Loop Sensors

The LS-300/LS-1000 current sensors and VS-1000 voltage sensors are comprised of rugged industrial transducers, providing high accuracy over a full operating temperature range. The closed loop methodology and optimum thermal/mechanical housing construction make these sensors suitable for harsh environments. The LS and VS Series allow continuous operation at maximum ratings over the range of -40°C to +85°C. The LS current sensors operate from dc to 100 kHz. The initial current sensors are rated at 300A/640A and 1000A/2400A and voltage sensor ratings are 1000V/1500V.
F. W. Bell, Orlando, Fla.
Circle 302

Hermetic MOSFETs

This series of hermetic-packaged, high-power MOSFETs is specially designed for linear applications. Rated at 525W, total power dissipation 500V and 1000V, these parts have an extended forward biased safe operating area (FBSOA). The package provides protection for harsh environments and military applications and is available with and without MIL-PRF-19500 screening. Linear applications, like electronic loads, using constant operation in the linear region require high dissipation and FBSOA.
Advanced Power Technology Bend, Ore.
Circle 311

Custom Transformers

This range of custom-designed transformers include power and switching types and inductors and coils. Designers benefit from engineers with more than 75 years combined experience in designing for domestic and international safety requirements — including UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, and BSI. Quick delivery on prototypes is available. Design and manufacturing include magnetic components configurations with printed circuit transformers, surface-mount designs, through-hole designs, and chassis mount varieties.
TransMagnetics Johnsburg, Ill.
Circle 313

Low Noise LDO

The NCP500 is a CMOS low noise LDO voltage regulator featuring low dropout voltage and a five-lead SOT-23 package. It provides space and cost savings ideal for applications requiring low noise operation, fast enable response times, and low dropout. It's optimized for use in cellular handsets, achieving its low noise performance without an external noise bypass capacitor. Operating within a voltage range of 1.8V to 6V, it has an enable pin and current and temperature limit protection circuits.
ON Semiconductor, Phoenix
Circle 309

Gate-Drive Optocoupler

The HCPL-0314/3140/T251 gate-drive optocoupler can reduce manufacturing costs, while delivering performance in the price-sensitive home appliance market. The optocoupler targets IGBT motor drives and is designed for low power industrial applications. It's available in the small-outline SO-8 package — making it 60% smaller in size than optocouplers in the conventional 8-pin DIP. Its smaller size helps reduce manufacturing costs.
Agilent Technologies Palo Alto, Calif.
Circle 310

PCMCIA Isolation Transformers

The TTC-313 and TTC-317 isolation transformers are designed for set-top box applications. The isolation transformers occupy small real estate, have ultra-low profile packaging with a 2.49-mm height, 9.91-mm length, and 12.45-mm width, and meet the UL1950 third-edition safety standards. TTC-313 and TTC-317 have a 3kV high voltage isolation, and the surface mount devices withstand IR reflow profile process allowing the design engineer the flexibility in designing a set-top box application.
Tamura, Temecula, Calif.
Circle 312

Bipolar Power Transistor

This family of high-gain bipolar power transistors features low saturation voltage, making the transistors suited for low-voltage switching applications. Typical uses for the STT818A/B transistors include power management in portable equipment and switching regulators in battery chargers. The high-gain PNP power transistor has an inter-digitated layout, exhibiting a typical collector-emitter saturation voltage of 0.25V (for IC=2A and IB=20mA). They have a minimum dc current gain of 100 and a value of 200.
STMicroelectronics, Inc.
Lexington, Mass.

Circle 306

Thermal Gap Fillers

The T-flex 600 Series of highly compressible gap fillers alleviates tolerance problems incurred when multi-chip components are mated to a universal heat-spreading device. This ultra-soft interface pad conforms with minimal pressure, resulting in little or no stress on the mating parts. It has a high thermal conductivity of 3W/m°C and low thermal resistance. It's compressible at 16% at 5 psi (for 40 mil material), and 46% at 50 psi (for 40 mil material). Material recovery (more than 90%), and a naturally tacky surface makes it reusable and easy to rework.
Thermagon, Inc., Cleveland
Circle 305

Flexible Power Converters

The flexible, POW-R-PAK family of configurable IGBT-based power assemblies is intended for use as a converter, chopper, half- or full-bridge, or 3-phase inverter for motor control, power supply, UPS, or similar applications. Key benefits of the POW-R-PAK line are product design time savings, wide product design flexibility, high reliability, and more effective deployment of customer resources — all translating into direct customer benefits. The line is available in power levels ranging from 25KVA to 500KVA, with air or liquid-cooled configurations.
Powerex, Youngwood, Pa.
Circle 303

N-Channel MOSFET

The PowerTrench® n-channel MOSFETs deliver high efficiency in dc-dc converter applications with a substantial reduction in die size. The QG×RDS(ON) figure-of-merit provides excellent cost-performance. The FDS6694, SO-8 packaged, 30V fast-switching trench MOSFET fits applications in synchronous and conventional dc-dc converters for notebook and desktop computers. This technology is the force behind dc-dc converter design advances.
Fairchild Semiconductor
San Jose, Calif.

Circle 301

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