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DC-DC Converters

International Rectifier's HTA family of high-temperature dc-dc converters is for high-power subsurface and high-temperature applications up to 185°C. They are well suited as building blocks and intermediate bus converters for power systems. Available as commercial off-the-shelf, the converters significantly reduce design-cycle time, size and design costs associated with high-temperature applications.

The HTA family of devices is capable of providing up to 20 W of output power over extreme case temperatures. The converters have an input-voltage range of 150 V to 250 V and are offered in single- and dual-output configurations. The input and output are galvanically isolated to protect the output loads from catastrophic system failures at the input side and provide the flexibility of stacking several converters to achieve a higher output voltage. The HTA20005S converter, specifically, is priced starting at $4450.
International Rectifier
El Segundo, Calif.


MOSFET Switches

The third generation of Freescale Semiconductor's eXtreme Switch portfolio of four high-side power switches is tailored for automotive lighting applications. The switches are able to drive high-intensity discharge xenon, halogen and light-emitting diode light sources with a single device, and are engineered to allow automakers to improve lighting efficiency, extend bulb life and reduce bill-of-material costs.

The eXtreme Switch Gen III models are n-channel MOSFET switches with on-resistances ranging from 10 mV to 35 mV per channel that can simultaneously control the high sides of up to four light sources. The devices' ability to accommodate multiple types of light sources enables vehicle manufacturers to employ a single common-body module design throughout their vehicle lineup. The four eXtreme Switches are sampling now.
Freescale Semiconductor
Austin, Texas


Ultrafast Recovery Rectifier

From Central Semiconductor, the CPR5U-040 is a 5-A, 400-V ultrafast recovery rectifier with a switching speed of 25 ns. Packaged in the GPR-4AM voidless glass-bead axial-leaded case, the CPR5U-040 is manufactured with a 660°C metallurgical bond and is encapsulated in solid glass for maximum protection and passivation of the silicon chip.

The CPR5U-040 is most commonly used for ultrafast rectification in switch-mode power supplies and half- and full-wave bridge rectification, where a highly reliable hermetically sealed device is required. The axial-leaded GPR-4AM package has a nominal body diameter of 0.15 in. and a nominal lead diameter of 0.040 in. In addition to the 400-V version, the 200-V CPR5U-020 is also available, and the 600-V CPR5U-060 can be special ordered. The CPR5U-040 is available in bulk or 1600 pieces on axial tape and reel. Requests for special requirements also can be made.
Central Semiconductor
Hauppauge, N.Y.


Switching DC-DC Converter

The MAX15022 is a highly flexible quad-output dc-dc converter from Maxim Integrated Products. The converter integrates dual synchronous dc-dc regulators (4 A and 2 A) and dual linear controllers to provide four outputs from a single IC. The integration of these regulators and controllers reduces the number of discrete components required by traditional designs. Overall board space and cost are reduced, while the overall design is greatly simplified. Offered in a thermally enhanced 28-pin, 5-mm 3 5-mm TQFN, the MAX15022 is priced starting at $3.07 each in quantities of 1000.
Maxim Integrated Products
Sunnyvale, Calif.


Low-Dropout Regulator

Linear Technology's LT3085 is the latest member of a family of next-generation npn low-dropout regulators that can be paralleled for heat spreading and are adjustable down to 0 V with a single resistor. The regulator uses a current reference rather than a conventional voltage reference to allow sharing between multiple regulators by directly paralleling the pins. Current sharing is set with a small length of PC trace as ballast, enabling multi-amp linear regulation in all surface-mount systems without heatsinks.

Featuring 500-mA output current and input-voltage capability from 1.2 V to 36 V, the LT3085 has a voltage of 275 mV at full load. The output voltage is adjustable, spanning from 0 V to 35 V, and the on-chip trimmed current reference achieves an accuracy of ±1%. The LT3085 is offered in a low-profile 6-lead DFN and an 8-pin thermally enhanced MSOP. Pricing starts at $1.73 each in quantities of 1000.
Linear Technology
Milpitas, Calif.


DC-DC Boost Converter

From austriamicrosystems, the AS1343 high-voltage dc-dc boost converter is optimized for liquid-crystal display or organic light-emitting diode display bias from low-voltage inputs of single-cell battery-powered applications. The boost converter delivers 40 mA at 24 V from two AA cells or 30 mA at 12 V from a single AA cell, and can provide adjustable output voltages in the range of 5.5 V to 42 V. The AS1343 operates from a single 0.9-V to 3.6-V supply. The 1-MHz fixed switching frequency minimizes the pc-board footprint by allowing the use of tiny, low-profile inductors and capacitors. Available in a 3-mm 3 3-mm 3 0.8-mm 10-pin TDFN, the AS1343 is priced at $1.30 each in 1000-unit quantities.
Unterpremstaetten, Austria


LED Drivers

Diodes Inc. has extended its Zetex LED Driver Series with three miniature LED drivers that improve accuracy and thermal performance. The drivers are continuous-mode, inductive stepdown converters, specifically designed for driving single or multiple high-brightness LEDs, and are characterized by their ease of configuration and operation. Nominal output current, set by a resistor, is easily adjusted by applying a pulse-width modulation (PWM) or dc-voltage control signal, and allows precise matching of brightness requirements. A low-level control signal turns the output off and puts the driver into standby.

The ZXLD1356 and 1366 drivers provide an output-current accuracy of typically better than 1%, providing users with highly precise current matching at working voltages up to 60 V. Capable of producing output powers of 30 W and 48 W, respectively, these 3-mm 3 3-mm TSOT23-5/DFN63 drivers support up to 15 LEDs.

The ZXLD1352 driver operates from a 7-V to 30-V supply, and is capable of producing an output current of up to 350 mA. This 2.8-mm 3 2.9-mm TSOT23-5 driver provides up to 8 W of power for driving chains of up to 10 LEDs. With a large PWM dimming ratio of 1000:1, the driver offers highly flexible brightness control and accurate color mixing. In quantities of 1000, the ZXLD1352 is priced at $0.98 each, the ZXLD1356 at $1.32 each for TSOT23-5 and $1.40 each for DFN6, and the ZXLD1366 at $1.82 and $1.92 for the respective package options.
Diodes Inc.


Current-Sense Resistors

The CSS/CSSH Series of ultra-stable metal element current-sense chip resistors from Stackpole Electronics use unique manufacturing processes and a special resistive alloy to provide tight tolerances, low TCRs and high power ratings. These improvements allow design engineers more accurate control of their power systems and the ability to downsize their designs or lower board temperatures.

The resistors are available in sizes from 1206 up to 2728 and power ratings from 0.5 W to 4 W. This series offers a 3-W 2512 chip size and a 4-W device in a 2725 or 2728 package depending on the resistance value. The all-metal construction eliminates the issue of part or solder-joint cracking, which might normally be a concern for larger chip sizes. This series is capable of resistance tolerances down to 0.5% and TCRs down to 15 ppm.

Available in standard 7-in. reels, the pricing for the CSS/CSSH Series varies with size and tolerance, but generally ranges from $0.50 each to $0.70 each in full reel quantities.
Stackpole Electronics
Raleigh, N.C.

Hot-Swap Controller

Micrel's MIC2310 is a single FET, constant-power-limit hot-plug controller. The device is ideally suited for 240-VA system applications specified by the UL60950, EN60950 and CSA1950 standards.

The MIC2310 features patent-pending adaptive circuit-breaker threshold control circuitry that maintains constant power product (volt × amps) at the output over the device's full operating voltage range. The power product is externally programmable for various power applications (50 W to 600 W) and the voltage is monitored at load (output of the MIC2310) to provide true power limiting. Integration of inrush-current control circuitry lowers the external component count, and a steady-state load-current monitor allows the system manager (microcontroller) to allocate and/or prioritize available power for the downstream system circuits or modules. The integrated solution comes in a 24-pin TSSOP. The IC is currently available in volume quantities, with pricing starting at $2.69 each in quantities of 1000.
San Jose, Calif.


Bus Converter

From V•I Chip, a subsidiary of Vicor, the VIB0101THJ Bus Converter Module has a 120-W, 1/32-brick footprint. The 48-V to 12-V surface-mount, nonregulated converter offers 94.5% efficiency and may be used to power nonisolated point-of-load converters or as an isolated voltage source. The VIB0101THJ uses V•I Chip's proprietary Sine Amplitude Converter for a power density of 840 W/in3.

The ½-in2 “half-chip” package enables a low-impedance interconnect to the system board and reduces the power system volume by 75% compared to similar power-level converters. The package is compatible with standard pick-and-place and surface-mount assembly processes. It is priced at $19.85 each in OEM quantities.
V•I Chip
Andover, Mass.


Surface-Mount Resistor

TT electronics IRC's SC-3 Series resistor, a 3-W device in a 1-W (1225) chip size, now features a resistance range from 1 V to 100 kV and a maximum voltage-rating increase from 50 V to 100 V. The power dissipation is 3 W at 70°C. The absolute tolerances are to ±1% with TCRs of ±100 ppm/°C. The maximum voltage rating is 100 V. Standard tin/lead terminations and matte tin (lead-free) terminations are available. Pricing for the SC-3 Series resistors is approximately $0.30 each in quantities of 10,000.
TT electronics IRC
Corpus Christi, Texas


Thin-Film Chip Fuses

Bourns' SinglFuse SF Series of thin-film chip fuses provides highly reliable overcurrent protection in three surface-mountable footprint sizes. Each product size features two series to cover the fusing types of fast acting and slow blow. The fuses protect against a wide range of overcurrent events and feature current ratings from 500 mA to 7 A. The SinglFuse SF Series is priced starting at $0.32 each in quantities of 5000.
Riverside, Calif.


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