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Low-Dropout Regulator

The FAN1654 low dropout (LDO) regulator handles transient loads up to 1.5A, with peak currents meeting the loads of most double data rate (DDR) bus termination applications. VTT outputs include force and sense pins to maintain accurate voltage levels on the bus — assuring the highest possible bandwidth. The LDO meets the JEDEC specification for DDR memory interface levels. A buffered VREF output capable of ±5mA is provided for SSTL-2 interface devices.
Fairchild Semiconductor, San Jose, Calif.
Circle 320

R/2R Ladder Network

These 8- and 10-bit tantalum nitride R/2R ladder networks are in a QSOP package. The QS009 and QS014 Series networks feature output accuracy to ±1 LSB in a surface mount design. Constructed with tantalum nitride on silicon, it's resistant to corrosion and reliability problems associated with nichrome resistor networks. The Tansil® manufacturing process offers long-term stability under heavy loads and high temperatures.
IRC, Corpus Christi, Texas
Circle 302

Subminiature Relay

The AZ939 Series relay has a footprint of 0.22 in.2 and can switch 3A. By combining a small footprint with a sensitive coil, it solves the p. c. board space problem and reduces power consumption compared with other popular 3A relays. It can also withstand 4kVrms.
American Zettler Inc., Aliso Viejo, Calif.
Circle 316

Lead-Free Resettable Fuses

Polymetric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) battery strap devices help protect battery technologies. Multifuse® replaced solder with a lead-free product — without affecting the overall performance or quality.
Bourns, Riverside, Calif.
Circle 327

Stepping Motor Drivers

The IB462 and IB463 bipolar stepping motor drivers have sinking inputs that eliminate the need for additional circuitry when interfacing to control devices with sinking outputs. The IB462S packs 160W of output into a compact package less than 3 in.3, and the slightly larger 3.6 in.3 IB463S boosts the output power rating to 230W. Operating from a single dc supply from 12V to 40V, the IB462S can supply up to 2A per phase/3.5A for the IB463S. Use for p. c. board mounting or frame/chassis mounting with optional terminal strips. Both drives offer full- or half-step and a step clock rate of up to 40 kHz.
Intelligent Motion Systems Marlborough, Conn.
Circle 318

Step-Down Controller

The LTC3701 is a dual, 550 kHz PolyPhase step-down controller that converts an input supply of 2.5V to 9.8V to two lower output voltages at up to 4A each. Its high-frequency operation permits the use of tiny inductors, while its PolyPhase operation can save up to 50% on input capacitor requirements when compared to a single-phase solution. It consumes 500mA and allows continuous operation in dropout as the input voltage decreases to the output voltage. You can externally synchronize the frequency from 300 kHz to 750 kHz for noise-sensitive applications.
Linear Technology Corp., Milpitas, Calif.
Circle 319

110A Schottky Diodes

These 15V, 30V, 45V, and 100V high-current Schottky diodes are rated at 110A in surface mount and thru-hole D-61 packages. The CNQ series offers more than 35% higher current carrying capability than previous generation devices in the same package and more than a 100% increase in current density (A/in.3). They're suitable for output rectification in SMPS systems and for ORing in N+1 redundant power supply systems. The improved D-61 package has a thicker baseplate and heavy-duty leads for increased current handling capability.
International Rectifier, El Segundo, Calif.
Circle 306

Dual Regulator

The ISL6529 dual regulator includes one synchronous-buck PWM controller for high-current supply and a lower-current linear regulator to supply power to other circuits. Both drive N-channel MOSFETS. Other features include 0.8V to 3.3V adjustable outputs, a 600 kHz operating frequency, and 2% voltage regulation accuracy over temperature.
Intersil Corp., Palm Bay, Fla.
Circle 321

4-Conductor Terminal Block

The 880 Series includes a 4-conductor terminal block that's 5 mm wide — ideal for front entry wiring in small spaces or when DIN rail space is a concern. Part numbers 880-831-834 and -832 are available without shield contact, and are UL-rated at 600V, 20A. They also feature 2- and 3-conductor through terminal blocks and are UL-rated at 600V, 20A. Features include separate test openings for test plugs.
WAGO, Germantown, Wis.
Circle 311

Portable Transistor Tester

The Model 520C transistor tester is used with in- and out-of-circuit transistor testing. It provides a minimum amount of control manipulation making for rapid testing of most devices. It's ideal for determining good or bad transistors, FETs, SCRs, or diodes. When first turned on, the front-panel mounted LEDs will cycle on, allowing a check of LED functions. It also permits in-circuit testing in the presence of a high-current, low-duty cycle pulse. A low current drive system enables the user to identify the terminals of the device in most in- and out-of-circuit tests.
B&K Precision Corp., Placentia, Calif.
Circle 317

Overmolded Transducers

Because current transducers are often washed after the soldering process onto p. c. boards, protection with overmolding technology against high humidity is essential. The two first transducers available with this technology are the LA 55-P/SP32 and LA 55-P/SP33. (These transducers are the overmolded versions of the well-known LA 55-P and LA 55-p/SP1 closed-loop transducers.) They meet the high requirements for current measurements in power electronics, attractive price, high performance, compact size high EMC immunity, and isolation.
LEM U.S.A. Inc., Milwaukee
Circle 322

Integrated Component/Board Thermal Analysis

The BETAsoft series for thermal analysis allows simultaneous thermal design of the component and analysis of the board environment. The component design includes material variations, configuration, and the use of heatsinks. The analysis considers component placement, board structure, air speed, and cooling enhancements.
Dynamic Soft Analysis Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Circle 315

Current Monitor

This CM-100-6L Model wideband current monitor has a sensitivity of 1V/A and high- and low-frequency response. It measures ac and pulsed currents. By placing the monitor — without physical contact — around the current carrying conductor, it senses the magnetic field associated with the current and accurately measures the current. This helps eliminate ground loops and interference noise. The monitor's 3 dB bandwidth extends from 10 Hz to 30 MHz and the maximum allowable saturation value (Ipeak/frequency) is 0.15A. The monitor has a maximum droop of 7%/ms and a usable rise time of 10 ns.
Ion Physics Corp., Fremont, N.H.
Circle 303

2.5A Rectifiers

Model 51000 rectifier is rated at 24,000V PIV at 2.5A, with 300 FPM airflow. It's used in dc pulse blocking, snubbing applications, RF power generators, radar applications, and to replace epoxy-encapsulated rectifiers. A p. c. board optimizes thermal conditions, allowing a maximum current at a safe temperature. A center tap adds utility as a doubler. Joining two rectifiers provides a full-wave bridge for output voltages up to 6KV, and joining three produces a 3-phase, full-wave output to intermediate stages.
Electronics Manufacturing, Semmes, Ala.
Circle 312

Mini CMOS Optocoupler

HCPL-0738 dual-channel 15 MBd CMOS optocoupler is housed in an SO8 (SOIC-8) 8-pin, surface-mount package. It is 3.2 mm × 4 mm × 5 mm, with 16mA power consumption at 5V nominal, 10 kV/µsec common-mode rejection, and operation over a -40°C to +100°C range. It interfaces with conventional 5V CMOS logic circuitry.
Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, Calif.
Circle 301

SMD Power Inductors

The CSN0410H magnetically shielded SMD power inductors have an inductance of 2.2 µH (0.95A) to 100 µH (0.10A) and are 1.2-mm high. The CSN042A ranges 1 µH (2.3A) to 1000 µH (0.08A) and is 2-mm high. The 1.3-mm high CST0413H series offers inductance ranging from 220 µH (110mA) to 56 µH.
Frontier Electronics, Simi Valley, Calif.
Circle 304

Current Sensing Resistors

These flameproof LR72A/B/C current sensing surface-mount resistors allow less thermal expansion/contraction. They offer a tolerance of ±5%, an inductance under 10 nH, and a resistance rating at 0.0020Ω. Types A and B feature a TCR of ±100ppm/°C and ½W at 25°C and ¼W at 25°C. Type C features a TCR of ±350ppm/°C and 1W at 70°C and 2W at 25°C.
KOA Speer Electronics, Bradford, Pa.
Circle 308

Radial Resistors: 1Ω to 100MΩ

The MK132V/MK632V non-inductive, precision power film resistors are available in a compact CK06 package over a range of 1Ω to 100MΩ. A 1% tolerance is standard, and TC is 50 ppm/°C from 5Ω to 5MΩ. With 0.75W and 400V ratings, they replace different sizes of RN style axial lead resistors. They're ideal for use in industrial controls, avionics, power supplies, amplifier circuits, and general test equipment.
Caddock Electronics Inc., Roseburg, Ore.
Circle 307

DC-TO-AC Inverter

Series 1600 dc-to-ac inverters are for use in 19-in. and 23-in. equipment racks and for powering electronic equipment, including high-surge or nonlinear loads. They're 3.5-in. high, convection-cooled, 90% efficient, and provide an isolated, regulated, quasi-sine wave output. Standard input voltages are 24Vdc, 48Vdc, and 130Vdc — with outputs of 120Vac/60 Hz and 230 Vac/50 Hz.
Wilmore Electronics Co. Inc., Hillsborough, N.C.
Circle 305

50A Power Connectors

These 2-pole, 50A 600Vac/dc power connectors employ a genderless mating design that provides vibration resistance. Rated for 10,000 mating cycles, they're ideal for use in electric vehicles, material handling equipment, industrial trucks, and power supplies. They employ an impact resistant UL 94V-0 polycarbonate housing — keyed and coded to prevent mismating.
Tyco Electronics, Harrisburg, Pa.
Circle 310

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