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Bidirectional IGBT Switches

These bidirectional IGBT modules are for use in matrix converters. Mode of operation is similar to the cyclo-converter, but with a higher quality output waveform. Using high-frequency PWM, variable frequency sinusoidal output waveforms are possible. One benefit of this converter stems from the absence of dc link rectifier diodes or decoupling capacitors.
Dynex Semiconductor, Ottawa, Canada
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Trench MOSFETs

UltraFET N-channel trench MOSFETs, FDB045AN08A0, FDP047AN08A0, and the FDD16AN08A0 cover a 75V range. They're designed for 42V systems that will appear in 2003 car models. The FDB045AN08A0 has a total gate charge of 138nC, combined with an ultralow RDS(on). For inductive load switching, it has an unclamped inductive surge capability for single and repetitive pulses.
Fairchild Semiconductor, San Jose, Calif.
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Precision Chip Resistor

Model CHR2520FC is a flip-chip style, high-resistance, low TC, chip resistor for use in precision electronics applications. It comes in eight standard values from 10 Meg to 100 Meg with 1% tolerance. The TC is ±25ppm/°C from 10°C to 40°C — ideal for process instrumentation and advanced measurement applications and standard SMT reflow solder processes.
Caddock Electronics Inc., Roseburg, Ore.
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Water-Cooled Electronic Loads

The PLW Series of high-density programmable electronic water-cooled loads is for fuel cell, power supply and high-power/high-current battery testing. The 3.5-in. (2U) tall 6kW units are the smallest water-cooled electronic loads available and can be paralleled with 1.75-in. (1U) tall slave units to maximize power capabilities. Models range from 6kW to 22kW. Using master/slave capabilities, they can achieve power levels up to 700kW.
American Reliance Inc., Arcadia, Calif.
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Higher Efficiency IGBTs

These 600V and 1200V IGBTs use an advanced POWER MOS 7 technology. Internal chip gate resistance is one to two orders of magnitude lower than comparable polysilicon gate devices. The 600V IGBTs can replace 500V/600V MOSFETs, and the 1200V IGBTs can replace 1000V/1200V MOSFETs in SMPS, power factor correction, and other high-power applications.
Advanced Power Technology, Bend, Ore.
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Chip Resistors

These miniature, high-reliability chip resistors come in thick and thin film designs. Resistors range in size from 0202 (0.020× .020 in.) to 0705 (0.075×0.050-in.), with tolerances from 0.1%, power ratings from 20mW to 200mW, temperature coefficients of resistance as low as 25ppm, and voltage ratings from 15V to 50V. Operating range is from -55° C to 125° C.
State of the Art Inc., State College, Pa.
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POL Converters

The SIL06, SIL15 and SIL30 families of single-output, nonisolated point-of-load (POL) converters are for use in cost-critical applications. They employ an open-frame single-board construction to minimize cost, weight, and thermal management issues, and use fixed-frequency switching technology to maximize conversion efficiency, handling output up to 6A (SIL06), 15A (SIL15) and 30A (SIL30).
Artesyn Technologies, Eden Prairie, Minn.
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180A Bus Bar Contact

These 180A bus bar contacts are for use with the APP PowerPole® 180 and SB®175 family of housings. Ideal for use in cabinet settings, they attach directly to a copper bus, allowing quick connect/disconnect of cables. Their quick-disconnect design minimizes system assembly, replacement, or repair expenses. They also reduce assembly costs by facilitating the use of plug-in subsystems and subsystem testing for field site service and repair.
Anderson Power Products, Sterling, Mass.
Circle 302 freeproductinfo.net/pet

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